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Kimbra Cutlip


This salty old twist on a classic Christmas tale was written as an answer to curious children who visited me on my boat with their parents. I had been living on my boat near the Chesapeake Bay for nearly five years, and children who visited in the summer time would always inquire: “If you really live here all year, How does Santa get in?”

Well this book is my answer: With a Yo, Ho, Ho, and a tide full o’ Yule of course! Cap’n Clause rides in on a great squall that swells up from the sea, in a tiny tug pulled by eight giant sea horses. He’s a grumblin, “Argggin’” sea Captain with a twinkle in ‘is eye. His appearance so shocks the first mate, he nearly falls over the rail! But the rest of the sleeping crew won’t be accusing him of telling sea tales when they see all the booty the Ol’ Cap’n left in their ditty bags. He even remembered the ship’s cat!

The book has enjoyed a great reception among children eight and up, and even adults are giving it as gifts to their boating friends!

I live in a small country waterfront town, and since everyone here either works or plays on the water, we’ve all had a real blast with the book.

Kimbra Cutlip

I’m a magazine writer living near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I most enjoy writing about natural history, nature, outdoors, and active lifestyles for both adults and children. I lived on my sailboat for nearly six years, although I have now moved into a house with my husband, Mike, and daughter, Sienna. I am expecting my second Child in February. We still own all of our boats--my husband’s, mine, and a variety of small wind and water toys--and plan to always stay as close to the water as possible.

I’m the associate editor of Weatherwise Magazine (, and I’m a former member of the board of directors of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences. Before moving to Weatherwise, I was the assistant scientific diving officer for the Smithsonian Institution, a position which enabled me to SCUBA dive around the world. I have also produced and directed videos for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. After graduating from Syracuse University with degrees in Anthropology and Journalism, I spent three years in Niger, West Africa--first as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then working with the State Department.

Kimbra Cutlip and her mother in the galley her boat (named Mai Shan Iska which means "one who drinks wind" or "one who feels spirit"s in Hausa -- the language of the people she lived with in Niger.)

"I send the picture of my mom and I because Embracing the child is a family page where, I assume, a lot of parents will be looking for resources with which to enrich their childrens' lives. And as parents, it's nice to remember how important our own families have been in our lives, even in our adulthood. Of all people, my mother has made everything I've done possible.

Both of my parents always supported and encouraged me, and while my husband is both the wind in my sails and my strongest anchor in rough seas, my mother is the one who has always made it possible for me to do anything I wanted. She is as much a part of the book as I am.