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Bridge To Terabithia
Katherine Paterson
1978 Newberry Award
Ages 10 and up

Finally, the first day of school had arrived at Lark Creek Elementary. Jess had been preparing for this day all summer. On your mark, get set "Bang ", he would say to himself every morning as he ran with the determination of an athlete. He wanted to be the fastest kid in the 5th grade. That was just about the most exciting reason to go to school, and the big day was here.

The boys were getting impatient with all the waiting, the rules and the entire elimination process, but the races were beginning. During all the confusion a girl showed up on the boys lower field and quietly said, "I want to run". She was the new girl, Leslie Burke, whose family had just moved into the Perkinís old place. It wasnít a rule that girls couldnít run, they just didnít. But they let her run, what could it hurt. Leslie became the fastest kid in the 5th grade.

Running just wasnít the same anymore. But soon , nothing was the same for Jess. His new friendship with Leslie let him see part of himself that he liked, and it was exciting. Leslie introduced him to Terabithia, the world of ceremony and magic.

One swing on the enchanted rope that hung from the old crab apple tree whisked them into this mysterious land. Terabithia was not an ordinary place, it was a mystical place where everything seemed possible and imagination was supreme. Stories came alive, hostile savages could be conquered and time did not exist. They were the Rulers of Terabithia.

Their journey, into the worlds beyond and the sacred pine forests of great sorrow and great joy, had changed their lives forever.