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Virginia L. Kroll
With Love, to Earth's Engangered Peoples

All over the world, groups of people, like species of animals, are endangered. Their age-old ways of living are in danger of being lost forever. Often these people have a beautiful, meaningful relationship with the Earth, and with each other. This book portrays a few of them, with love.

Ages: 9-12

Multi-cultural awareness

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In rhyming verse this book captures the many special qualities of motherhood-in animals as well as humans.


"Some 'moms' needn't even be mothers at all, but grannies or friends, even aunties.

But however they're known, they put heart into homes whether houses or castles or shanties."

At the bottom of each page is a reference to species:

"Certain species, like bats, wolves, whales, and humans, of course, will adopt orphaned or needy young as their own. Foster mothers and adoptive mothers can be as loving and caring as biological mothers."

Age: Preschool

ORDER: Hardcover
ORDER: Paperback