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Schim Schimmel
The Family of Earth



"We are the earth come to life."

The Family of Earth, a treasure book of words and images, is guaranteed to make you view the world in a whole new way.  Author/artist Schim Schimmel reminds us that even though the world may look different to each of us - from the vast, green forests of the gorilla, to the endless grassy plains of the lion - we are all part of the same family of earth. Through simple, poetic  text and lush artwork, The Family of Earth will touch young and old alike. 

Children of the Earth, Remember



"There are many worlds spinning through space,
but this world is special.
This is no ordinary world.
Billions of animals.
More animals that all the twinkling stars in the night sky.
And all of these animals are the children of this world.
For this world is their mother.
And we call this world Mother Earth."

Powerful book.

Ages: 4 - 8

Dear Children of the Earth


Nature Awareness
Artistic Expression

Dear Children of the Earth : A Letter from Home

Mother Earth asks that we take care of her....for us..
all of us. Here is an excerpt:

"Dear Children of the Earth"

"I am the boulders and trees you love to climb.
I am the wet sand at the beach that squishes
under your bare feet.
I am the cool green forests, the hot red deserts,
and the cold white glaciers.
I love to hug you with my warm sunshine,
tickle you with my wind, and kiss you with my rain."

Mother Earth 

Ages: 4 - 8

Also by Schim Schimmel

The Butterfly's Treasure - It is easy to forget that this planet with its abundance of life is truly a unique treasure in the universe. But this is exactly what an old, world-wise monarch butterfly has learned. Now he wants to pass his wisdom along to a young caterpillar. (2009)