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9-12 Fagan, Deva Circus Galacticus [Trix can deal with being an orphan charity case at a snotty boarding school. She can hold her own when everyone else tells her not to dream big dreams. She can even fight back against the mysterious stranger in a silver mask who tries to steal the meteorite her parents trusted her to protect. Now the dazzling but enigmatic young Ringmaster of Circus Galacticus has offered Trix the chance to be a part of it. Soon Trix discovers an entire universe full of deadly enemies and potential friends, not to mention space leeches, ancient alien artifacts, and exploding chocolate desserts. And she just might unravel the secrets of her own past if she can survive long enough.]
Farjeon, Eleanor Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep
Morning Has Broken
10 up Fehler, Gene BEANBALL [It's the last inning of a high school baseball game between arch-rivals Oak Grove and Compton. Center fielder Luke "Wizard" Wallace steps up to the plate--and is hit by a beanball, a wild pitch that shatters his skull, destroys the vision in his left eye, and changes his life forever. In this riveting novel, the events surrounding this pivotal moment are recounted through free-verse monologues by 28 different voices] @AMAZON
9-12 Fenner, Carol Yolonda's Genius - 1996 Newbery Honor @AMAZON
9-12 Fergus, Maureen Ortega [Raised in a laboratory, Ortega might seem nearly human to his scientist-caregivers, but to the children at his new school, a talking gorilla is nothing but a freak. Unless he wants to spend the rest of his life locked in a cage, Ortega is going to have to change people s minds. Ortega asks the reader to reflect upon the limits of science, imagine how it feels to be profoundly different from those around you and, most of all, consider what it really means to be human.]
8-12 Ferrari, Michael Born to Fly [WWII adventure. Tackles the difficult subject of war and bigotry] @AMAZON
10-13 Ferris, Jean Once Upon a Marigold [A young man with a mysterious past and a penchant for inventing things leaves the troll who raised him, meets an unhappy princess he has loved from afar, and discovers a plot against her and her father.]
Twice Upon a Marigold (Sequal) [Since Queen Olympia's fateful fall into the river, newlyweds Christian and Marigold have been living happily ever after. And they had every intention of keeping it that way--until they find out that Olympia may not be as gone as they thought.
9-12 Fitzhugh, Louise Harriet The Spy @AMAZON
9-12 Fitzmaurice, Kathryn The Year the Swallows Came Early [After her father is sent to jail, eleven-year-old Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson must decide if she can forgive the failings of someone she loves]
9-12 Flavin, Teresa The Blackhope Enigma [This action-packed debut follows Dean, Sunni, and her friend Blaise on a journey to the heart of an age-old mystery.]


Fleischman, Paul By the Great Horn Spoon
Whirlygig [Lesson Plan] [Lesson Plan]
Bull Run [Lesson Plan]
7 Up
Fleischman, Sid
[See Newbery]
A Carnival of Animals
The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story
By the Great Horn Spoon
The Giant Rat of Sumatra: or Pirates Galore
9-12 Fogelin, Adrian Summer on the Moon [issues of loyalty, family, community, tenements, gangs,and dealing with economic hardships.]
9-12 Frank, Anne Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl [Study Questions] @AMAZON
10 up de Fombelle, Timothee Toby Alone [Toby Lolness may be just one and a half millimeters tall, but he’s the most wanted person in his world — the world of the great oak Tree. Toby’s father has made a groundbreaking discovery: the Tree itself is alive, lowing with vital energy, and there may even be a world beyond it. Greedy developers itch to exploit this forbidden knowledge, risking permanent damage to their natural world. But Toby’s father has refused to reveal his findings, causing the family to be exiled to the lower branches.]
Toby and the Secrets of the Tree (Sequel) [A breathless, high-stakes quest to save the miniature world of the Tree — and reunite loved ones lost]
8-13 Forrester, Sandra Leo and the Lesser Lion [Everyone's been down on their luck since the Depression hit. But as long as Mary Bayliss Pettigrew has her beloved older brother, Leo, to pull pranks with, even the hardest times can be fun. Then one day, there’s a terrible accident, and when Bayliss wakes up afterward, she must face the heartbreaking prospect of life without Leo. And that’s when her parents break the news: they’re going to be fostering two homeless little girls, and Bayliss can’t bear the thought of anyone taking Leo’s place. “When you put somebody else’s needs ahead of your own, you just might end up getting something you need in return.” ]
9-12 Fox, Paula One-Eyed Cat @AMAZON
**** Fuhler, Carol Teaching Reading With Multicultural Books Kids Love
10-14 Funke, Cornelia Inkheart
The Thief Lord
10 up Fuqua, Jonathon Scott Darby [In 1926, nine-year-old Darby Carmichael stirs up trouble in Marlboro County, South Carolina, when she writes a story for the local newspaper promoting racial equality.] @AMAZON
4-9 Gannet, Ruth Stiles My Father's Dragon Trilogy:
My Father's Dragon
Elmer and the Dragon (Book 2)
The Dragons of Blueland (Book 3)

11 Up

Gantos, Jack Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key (1998)
Joey Pigza Loses Control (Newbery Honor Book, 2001)
What Would You Do Joey? (2002)
I Am Not Joey Pigza (2007)
Jack on the Tracks: Four Seasons of Fifth Grade
Jack Adrift: Fourth Grade Without a Clue (Prequel to Jack Henry Series)
Dead End in Norvelt [Melding the entirely true and the wildly fictional, Dead End in Norvelt is a novel about an incredible two months for a kid named Jack Gantos, whose plans for vacation excitement are shot down when he is "grounded for life" by his feuding parents, and whose nose spews bad blood at every little shock he gets. ]
9-12 Gardiner, John Reynolds  Stone Fox [Lesson Plan Activities] @AMAZON
6-10 Gates, Doris Blue Willow @AMAZON
10-14 Gavalda, Anna. 95 Pounds of Hope [march to a different beat/reluctant students] @AMAZON
8-11 George, Jessica Day Tuesdays at the Castle [Tuesdays at Castle Glower are Princess Celie's favorite days. That's because on Tuesdays the castle adds a new room, a turret, or sometimes even an entire wing. No one ever knows what the castle will do next, and no one-other than Celie, that is-takes the time to map out the new additions. But when King and Queen Glower are ambushed and their fate is unknown, it's up to Celie, with her secret knowledge of the castle's never-ending twists and turns, to protect their home and save their kingdom. This delightful book kicks off a brand-new series.]
8-11 Gephart, Donna Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen [Olivia Bean loves trivia andwatches Jeopardy! every night.She usually beats at least one of the contestants. If she were better at geography, she would try out for the show’s kids’ week. Not only could she win bundles of money, she’d get to go to the taping in California, where her dad lives with his new family.
9-12 Giff, Patricia R. Lily's Crossing @AMAZON
8-11 Gifford, Peggy Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the Piano: But She Does Love Being in Recitals @AMAZON
9-12 Gilchrist, Cherry A Calendar of Festivals @AMAZON
10-12 Glover, Savion Savion: My Life in Tap @AMAZON
Godden, Rumer (1907-1998)
[beautiful biography]
Rumer Godden: A Storyteller's Life by Anne Chisholm
Miss Happiness and Miss Flower
Gypsy Girl
Doll's House
A House With Four Rooms
In This House of Brede
An Episode of Sparrows
Thursday's Children
The Fairy Doll
A Candle for St. Jude
8-12 Gorman, Carol Dork in Disguise
A Midsummer Night's Dork [hosting an Elizabethan festival] 2004
9-12 Graham, Mark Llama in the Library @AMAZON
9-12 Gray, Margaret The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool [the humorous side of self-discovery] @AMAZON
8-10 Greenburg, Dan Secrets of Dripping Fang Series - A witty combination of comedy, horror, action, and adventure.
9-12 Greene, Bette Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon, Maybe
Summer of My German Soldier
8-11 Greenwald, Sheila Rosy Cole's Memoir Explosion: A Heartbreaking Story about Losing Friends, Annoying Family, and Ruining Romance @AMAZON
FAM Greer, Colin A Call to Character : A Family Treasury of Stories, Poems, Plays, Proverbs, and Fables to Guide the Development of Values for You and Your Children. @AMAZON
10 up Gregory, Kristiana My Darlin' Clementine [historical novel, based on the popular song "Oh My Darling, Clementine," shows how one teen discovers the power of her own choices.] @AMAZON
9-12 Griffin, Adele
Sons of Liberty [the dark side of loyalty and love within a family]
Overnight [Gray hopes a slumber party with the "Lucky Seven" at will take her mind off her mother's cancer, but when she is taken from the party by a deranged woman, both she and the other girls discover things about themselves and each other. preteen manipulation/ostracism/self-absortson.]
9-13 Grimes, Nikki Planet Middle School [short poems that perfectly capture the crazy feelings of adolescence and first crushes. Basketball.]
9-12 Grover, Wayne Dolphin Freedom
Dolphin Adventure
Gutman, Dan
See books Ages 7-10
The Million Dollar Putt [Blind golf is a teen sport/more than golf]
The Million Dollar Shot
The Million Dollar Goal
The Million Dollar Kick
The Homework Machine [Meet the D Squad, a foursome of fifth graders at the Grand Canyon School made up of a geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker. They are bound together by one very big secret: the homework machine. Because the machine, code-named Belch, is doing their homework for them, they start spending a lot of time together, attracting a lot of attention. And attention is exactly what you don't want when you are keeping a secret.] (don't miss this great read).
Return of the Homework Machine (2009) [Snik, Brenton, Judy, and Kelsey haven't stayed in the best touch since last year's big homework-machine scandal. But they are all pulled back together again when Brenton realizes that the most powerful part of the machine -- the one that lets you cheat on homework -- was never really destroyed. And there is someone out there who wants to use it for a lot more than cheating.]
Take Me with You (Ages 10-13)[When Stosh travels into the past to meet Roberto Clemente, a legendary ballplayer and a beloved humanitarian, he's got only one goal: warning Roberto not to get on the doomed plane that will end his life in a terrible crash. In the sixties, Stosh meets free-spirited Sunrise, and together they travel across the country to a ball game that leaves them breathless—and face-to-face with Roberto. But when the time comes for Stosh to return to the future, he finds that the adventure has only just begun.]
Abner & Me (A Baseball Card Adventure) - Time travel to the Civil War era/assassination of Lincoln/Doubleday, a Civil War General/Who really invented baseball?/fact/fiction in Author's notes]
Nightmare at the Book Fair [Trip Dinkleman hates to read. Hates, hates, hates it. All he wants to do is play lacrosse. So when he's asked to help set up for the book fair, he is not happy. He's less happy when a stack of books tumbles onto his head and knocks him out cold. When he wakes up and has absolutely no idea where he is. Silly, fun, and action-packed.
9-12 Hahn, Mary Downing Stepping on the Cracks [WWII/Margaret and Elizabeth support everything about the war: the troops, the reasons for going to war, even the food rations. After all, this is the good war and the Americans are the good guys. But when the girls stumble upon a classmate’s secret, their feelings about the war begin to change. Is it really a good war? Is there ever such a thing?
Closed for the Season [ Two 13-year-old boys, Arthur and Logan, set out to solve the mystery of a murder that took place some years ago in the old house Logan's family has just moved into. The boys' quest takes them to the highest and lowest levels of society in their small Maryland town, and eventually to a derelict amusement park that is supposedly closed for the season.]
The Ghost of Crutchfield Halll [Blending elements from classic ghost stories of the past, Hahn pays homage to such renowned writers as Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens while creating a bone-chilling new story of her own.]
Mary Downing Hahn's Haunting Tales Boxed Set [Includes: Wait Till Helen Comes, All the Lovely Bad Ones, and Deep and Dark and Dangerous] (September 2011)
9-12 Hamilton, Virginia [author site]
[Links and Lesson Plans]
Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales
In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World
M.C. Higgins, the Great
Many Thousand Gone: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom
The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales
10-13 Han, Jenny SHUG [Life is growing up all around Shug, and all she wants is for things to be like they used to be. How is a person supposed to prepare for what happens tomorrow when there's just no figuring out today? @AMAZON
9-12 Hansen, Joyce I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Reconstruction Era Movement Diary of Patsy
Which Way Freedom
Black Pioneers: Home Is with Our Family
10 Up Hardinge, Frances Fly By Night [Twelve-year-old Mosca has one small, rare thing: the ability to read. She doesn't know it yet, but in a world where books are dangerous things, this gift will change her life.] @AMAZON
9-12 Hart, Alison Racing to Freedom Trilogy - historical fiction
Gabriel's Horses - Book 1 - In the first book of this engrossing middle-grade trilogy set during the Civil War, a young Kentucky slave dares to pursue his dream of becoming a jockey.
Gabriel's Triumph - Book 2 - The year is 1864 and twelve-year-old Gabriel, a recently freed slave, is making a name for himself throughout the state of Kentucky riding in high-stakes horse races. Gabriel learns that being freed is not the same as being free. Background historical material and photos included.
8-12 Hasak-Lowy, Todd 33 Minutes [Sam Lewis is going to get his butt kicked in exactly thirty-three minutes. He knows this because yesterday his former best friend Morgan Sturtz told him, to his face and with three witnesses nearby, “I am totally going to kick your butt tomorrow at recess.” ...even the best of friendships can change forever.]
9-12 Haven, Paul Two Hot Dogs With Everything @AMAZON
10 up Hawkins, Aaron The Year Money Grew on Trees [With frostbitten fingers, sleepless nights and sore muscles, 14-year-old Jackson Jones and his posse of cousins discover the lost art of winging it when they take over an orchard of 300 wild apple trees. They know nothing about pruning or irrigation or pest control, but figure it out they must—if they are to avoid losing $8,000 (because of an unfair contract). Can-do spirit]
8 up Hawking, Lucy & Stephen George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt [George is heartbroken when he learns that his friend Annie and her father are moving to the US. Eric has a new job working for the space program, looking for signs of life in the Universe. Eric leaves George with a gift—a book called The User’s Guide to the Universe. But Annie and Eric haven’t been gone for very long when Annie believes that she is being contacted by aliens, who have a terrible warning for her. George joins her in the US to help her with her quest—and before he knows it, he, Annie, Cosmos, and Annie’s annoying cousin Emmett have been swept up in a cosmic treasure hunt, spanning the whole galaxy and beyond.]
9-12 Haworth, Danette Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning [the conflicts and triumphs of middle school friendships] @AMAZON
9-12 Henham, R. D. For fans of The New York Times best-selling A Practical Guide to Dragons, a new series of fantasy fiction focusing on the power of dragonkind. The Dragon Codices chronicle adventures with each of ten dragons of Krynn. From the fiery, evil red dragon to the playful copper, each dragon's tale is unique. Sindri Suncatcher, narrator of A Practical Guide to Dragons, shared these tales from his travels with library scribe R.D. Henham.
Red Dragon Codex (Bk. 1)
9-12 Henkes, Kevin [Teacher Resource]
[See Picturebooks]
[See YA]
The Birthday Room
Words of Stone [overcoming fear]
Sun & Spoon
Protecting Marie [Father/daughter… trust]
9-12 Hess, Nina A Practical Guide to Monsters [If you want to earn the robes of a wizard, you must know the habits and habitats of the monsters in this book backward and forward. Only then will you be prepared to defend yourself on a quest of your own.] @AMAZON
9-12 Hesse, Karen Out of the Dust [See Newbery]
Letters from Rifka
Phoenix Rising
The Music of Dolphins
Brooklyn Bridge [Jewish immigrant family 1900s, abandoned children finding shelter under the Brooklyn Bridge/invention of Teddy's Bear.]
9-12 Hiaasen, Carl FLUSH [Noah tackles the root of destruction of Florida's natural resources]
HOOT (Newbery Honor) [mystery vandal is sabotaging the site of a future pancake restaurant.]
9-12 Hicks, Deron R. Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave [Twelve-year-old Colophon Letterford has a serious mystery on her hands. Will she discover the link between her family’s literary legacy and Shakespeare’s tomb before it’s too late? Antique paintings, secret passages, locked mausoleums, a four-hundred-year-old treasure, and a cast of quirky (and some ignoble) characters all add up to a fun original adventure. Readers will revel in a whirlwind journey through literary time and space in real-world locales from Mont St. Michel to Stratford-Upon-Avon to Central Park!]
12 Up
Hite, Sid A Hole in the World [small lie/a summer of maturity]
The King of Slippery Falls
10-12 Hirsch, Odo Something's Fishy, Hazel Green
Have Courage, Hazel Green
7-10 Hobbs, Valerie Sheep [told in the dog's simple, first-person voice/struggle for food, shelter, and love, as well as the suffering of the homeless pair awaiting adoption.] @AMAZON
7-10 Hoffman, Mary [See also] The Barefoot Book of Brother and Sister Tales @AMAZON
10 Up Holm, Jennifer L. Boston Jane: An Adventure - Bk. 1 of Trilogy
Boston Jane: Wilderness Days - Bk. 2 of Trilogy
Our Only May Amelia
10-13 Holmes, Sara Lewis Letters from Rapunzel ["In the real world, you can only understand your life backwards" Once upon a time, there was a girl. Let's call her Rapunzel. A modern-day version. Abandoned. Alone. She was trapped. Not in the conventional fairy-tale way—this was the dreaded after-school Homework Club. A desolate place, where no gum could be chewed, and where Rapunzel sat day after day, cursing the evil spell that had been cast over her father. The doctors called it something else...clinical depression.] @AMAZON
10 up Horowitz, Anthony That Gatekeepers Series - Horror and fantasy set in modern times.
Raven's Gate (Book One) [As punishment for a crime he didn't really commit, Matt was given a choice: Go to jail or go live with an old woman named Mrs. Deverill in a remote town called Lesser Malling.]
Evil Star (Book Two) [Matt thought his troubles were over, but, in fact, they were just beginning. Evil forces will stop at nothing to track him down and destroy him.]
Nightrise (Book Three) [An evil group called Nightrise has taken an interest in Scott and Jamie and wants to imprison them and neutralize their abilities....the fate of the world hinges on their survival.]
9-12 Horvath, Polly The Trolls   [Interview with Polly Horvath about The Trolls] @AMAZON
9-12 Hostetter, Joyce Moyer BLUE [With her father away at war to fight Adolf Hitler, a young girl gains strength by joining her community in battling polio in this story based on the 1944 epidemic and the "Miracle of Hickory" Hospital in Hickory, North Carolina.]
COMFORT Sequel to Blue [Postwar (WWII) trauma in rural America/polio/veterans]
9-12 Houston, Jeanne Farewell To Manzanar
(Info on Japanese Internment)
9-12 Howe, James The Celery Stalks at Midnight
Bunnicula : A Rabbit Tale of Mystery
Tales From The House of Bunnicula Series
Addie on the Inside (Ages 10-14)[loss of a beloved pet, first heartbreak, teasing,friendship, love,confidence in one’s self.]
9-12 Hughes, Pat The Breaker Boy [PA coal miners/mining conditions/brutality of management/strike] @AMAZON
9-12 Humphrey, Margo The River That Gave Gifts @AMAZON
9-12 Hulme, Joy N. Climbing the Rainbow [historical fiction/early 1900s/homesteading/schooling] @AMAZON
9-12 Hunter, Mollie The Walking Stones @AMAZON
8-10 Hurwitz, Johanna Squirrel World [Lexington (Lexi) and Lenox decide to visit the New York City streets they were named after. Lexi is worried about leaving Central Park, but Lenox is confident that their streets will be beautiful places, maybe even better than the park! When the two squirrels venture into the city, they soon realize that the human world is stranger and more dangerous than they'd ever imagined.]
I Fooled You: Ten Stories of Tricks, Jokes and Switcheroos [Anthology of stories (ten authors) ranges from a comic graphic tale to thought-provoking explorations of fairness, empathy, eccentricity, and the power of imagination.
10 Up Ives, David Monsieur Eek [mythical town in 1609] @AMAZON
8-12 Jaffe, Nina Tales for the Seventh Day : A Collection of Sabbath Stories @AMAZON
9-12 Jacques, Brian The Redwall Adventures
The Legend of Luke 2000
Martin The Warrior
Outcast of Redwall
Mariel of Redwall
The Bellmaker
The Pearls of Lutra
The Long Patrol: A Tale from Redwall - Released 2/98- REVIEW
Redwall Map & the Redwall Riddler - Released 2/98 - REVIEW
9-12 Jean, Mark and Christopher C. Carlson Puddlejumpers [Ernie Banks, named for the legendary Chicago Cubs shortstop, is a troubled, thirteen-year-old juvenile delinquent. Abandoned on the doorstep of the Lakeside Home for Boys when he was three years old, his only proof that he once belonged to somebody is a vintage Ernie Banks baseball card, a crystal acorn he wears on a string around his neck, and a strange spiral birthmark on the bottom of his right foot.]
6-10 Jenkins, Emily Toys Go Out: Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable Stingray, a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic [Lumphy is a stuffed buffalo. StingRay is a stuffed stingray. And Plastic... well, Plastic isn't quite sure what she is. They all belong to the Little Girl who lives on the high bed with the fluffy pillows. A very nice person to belong to. But outside of the Little Girl's room things can be confusing. Like when Lumphy gets sticky with peanut butter on a picnic, why is he called "dirty"? Or when StingRay jumps into the bathtub, what will happen to her fur? And where in the house can they find the Little Girl a birthday present that she will love the most? Together is best for these three best friends. Together they look things up in the dictionary, explore the basement, and argue about the meaning of life. And together they face dogs, school, television commercials, the vastness of the sea and the terrifying bigness of the washing machine.
Toy Dance Party Being the Further Adventures of a Bossyboots Stingray, A Courageous Buffalo, & a Hopeful, Round Someone called Plastic. (Book 2) (2008)
8 -12 Johnson, Jane The Secret Country (Eidolon Chronicles) @AMAZON
8 Up Jones, Diana Wynne The Ogre Downstairs
The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Volume 1: Charmed Life
Joseph, Lynn A Wave in Her Pocket : Stories from Trinidad
The Color of My Words
8-12 Jordan, Rosa Lost Goat Lane [adolescent girl's first glimpse into the problems of prejudice and the redeeming power of friendships] @AMAZON
9-12 Juster, Norton Phantom Tollbooth  [excerpts]   [Study Questions] @AMAZON