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Big Lips and Hairy Arms
by Jean Jackson

Big Lips and Hairy Arms
Brrrrrrrrrr-a-ling-ling! Thorndike answers his cell phone and barely makes out the raspy voice saying, "I have big lips and hairy arms, and Iím only five blocks away." Neither he nor his friend Nelson, over for an evening of caterpillar crisps and tentacle stew, feel too frightened. At first. But the caller keeps calling, and the safe five-block distance becomes three, then one, then the scary voice is "right across the street." And the two monsters are shrieking with self-induced panic.

Thereís a bump on the front porch, then a doorknob turningÖand then a wildly funny surprise.

The illustrations catch every nuance between these critters and their comical fantasy lives, first introduced in 1997 in Thorndike and Nelson.

Ages 3-6 and anyone who owns a cell phone (1998)

Order: Hardcover

Thorndike and Nelson : A Monster Story

Thorndike and Nelson:  A Monster Story
Hilarious (and truth to it) how childhood fights begin. Meet Thorndike and Nelson for the first time. They are really characters.

Ages 3-6 (1997)

Order: Hardcover

Jean Jackson lives in Seattle, Washington. Her first picture book was Thorndike and Nelson, and her third is Mrs. Piccolo's East Chair (to be published in 1999)

Vera Rosenberry has illustrated many fine books, among them Together and The Outside Inn by George Ella Lyon. She lives in Salt Lake City and is at work illustrating two of her own stories.