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Elisha Cooper is at his best setting out on trips with sketchbook and watercolors hanging out in ballparks and country fairs. So that's what he writes about. "There's a lot of cool stuff out there."
Farm by Elisha Cooper

Elisha Cooper, captures the smell, taste, and feel of the changing seasons on a farm.

There is so much to look at and learn about on a farm - animals, tractors, crops, and barns. And children feeding animals for morning chores! With lyrical writing and beautiful illustrations that capture the rhythms of the changing seasons, Elisha Cooper brings the farm to life.
Ages 5-8
--Orchard Books 2010

Elisha Cooper takes the reader step by step from a trashy vacant lot to a finished building introducing the contractors, equipment, sights, sounds and even smells of the building process.

This book is an excellent example for children working with and through a plan to achieve a goal.

Ages 4-8 (April 1999)


Ice Cream

Starting with cows, Elisha Cooper gives the full scoop on the making of ice cream—frm the miling machines, scientists and recipes, mixing tanks and the giant freezers to the special ice cream tasters!

Ages 4 Up (April 2002)


Also by Elisha Cooper

Behind the scenes. A day at the ballpark. Meet the players, coaches, fans, vendors, reporters, umpires and groundskeepers.

Ages 4-8 (March 1998)


The sights, sound and smells of a country fair.

Ages 4-8 (1997)