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Charlene Costanzo, Author

Twelve Gifts of Birth


This book of values begins by revealing what the mythical wise women of long ago yearned to proclaim to all children at birth.. Their message is When you took your first breath a great celebration was held in the heavens and twelve magnificent gifts were granted to you. Among every child’s birthright gifts are Courage, Imagination, Talent and Love. Wishful blessings illustrated by hand-tinted photographs suggest how to use each gift to enrich one’s life. Originally written by a mother for her own children, the tender messages is now available as a keepsake gift for newborns and a tool for parents to foster self-esteem and values in their children. The Twelve Gifts of Birth reminds readers of all ages to see dignity in themselves and others.

Costanzo says, "I am the mother who wrote the story. When my children were teenagers, like many mothers, I recognized with dismay one day that the years had passed quickly. Opportunities to nurture before adulthood were nearly over. As I wondered how to offer guidance for the rest of their lives, the twelve gifts came to me in a dream. As I wrote, I realized the inspiration for it came, in part, from the emotional response I had as a child to the fairy godmothers bringing "royal" gifts to the royal baby in Sleeping Beauty. ‘Don’t all children deserve these gifts?’ I thought."

"A light book not to be taken lightly," said Bea Smith at Worrall Newspapers, (9/10/98). "Every home should have this book. Every family should read it often," said pediatrician Lendon Smith.

The Twelve Gifts of Birth is an exceptional book. It was just released in mid September 1998 and is already in its second printing. I highly recommend it for any age to be read, read aloud, read often and shared. It is an excellent tool to foster values and self-esteem.