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Jamie Lee Curtis, Author
Laura Cornell, Illustrator
BIG WORDS for Little People
Cover may appear with white background in Amazon.
BIG WORDS for Little People

I know some big words. I'll teach them to you.
Although you are small, you can use Big Words too.
Big Words aren't scary. They're big fun to learn.
I was taught once and now it's your turn.

The hilarious, boisterous, and zany family of Big Words for Little People learns that whether they're all shopping for shoes (COOPERATE) or walking the dog (RESPONSIBLE) or waiting on a verrrrry long line (PATIENCE), these BIG words will help them COMMUNICATE with the bigger world around them. Curtis and Cornell give kids the LANGUAGE of good values so that they'll UNDERSTAND what it means to do the right (APPROPRIATE) thing and live their best lives. And once kids learn what these words mean, they'll start to be EMPOWERED in a whole new and fun way. (September 2008)
Ages 4-8

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem I'M GONNA LIKE ME: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem

"I'm gonna like me
wearing flowers and plaid.
I have my own style.
I don't follow some fad."

Written for boys and girls alike. It's a super book for letting off some self-esteem.

Ages: 4-8

Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day TODAY I FEEL SILLY & OTHER MOODS THAT MAKE MY DAY

It's OK to feel ! That's what this books is all about. Silly is just one of the moods that we may experience during a day, or angry, or happy, or joyful or sad. Whatever the mood, this wonderful book encourages us to express how we feel.

"Today I feel silly. Mom says it's the heat.
I put rouge on the cat and gloves on my feet.
I ate noodles for breakfast and pancakes at night.
I dressed like a star and was quite a sight

"Today I am sad, my mood's heavy and gray.
There's a frown on my face and it's been there all day..."

There is a "mood wheel" at the back of the book which allows kids (parents too) to identify their moods with funny faces.

Ages: 4 - 8



A heartwarming story of how one child and a family is born.


Where do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery

Stickers, double page fold-outs and bright watercolors will spark the imagination and may even dry some of those tears when a balloon is accidentally let go.

While balloons are always a special treat, accidents happen.  This book can also be a great opportunity to explain why it is not environmentally wise to have intentional balloon launches.


"Where do balloons go
when you let them go free?
It can happen by accident.
It's happened to me.

A little boy accidentally lets go of his balloon and wonders what happens.

"Are they always alone?
Do they meet up in pairs?
do they ever get married
and make balloon heirs?