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Sandra Hanken, Author
Jody Bergsma, Illustrator
Sky Castle

"Let's build a great castle high up in the sky
We’ll just close our eyes and let ourselves fly
To a bright new world of our own creation,
Full of hopes and dreams and imagination."

Who hasn't gazed up at the clouds and seen playful shapes of animals and angels? In this magical book, three little people let their imaginations soar as they build a dream castle in the sky. Sandra Hanken's poetic vision and Jody Bergsma's vivid illustrations create a majestic abode where all creatures are welcome.

Intriguing Celtic borders twist through each page, adding special touches of mystery and creation. Once it's complete, the entire castle slides down to the Earth "on moonbeams and music and prayers."

"Remember, as long as you think and you feel,
Imagination and love will make YOUR dreams real."

Ages: 4-8

Order: Hardcover