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Mary Hoffman, Author
Marie Cameron, Illustrator

When Katya's father, Ivan, and his wealthy but selfish brother Dmitri disagree about which of them owns a newly born foal, it falls to the Tsar of all Russia to settle the argument. The Tsar has difficulty deciding between them and gives them a week to solve four riddles. As soon as Katya hears the riddle, she knows exactly what to do.

The Tsar is impressed with Ivan's response to the riddles and wants to meet this "wise child." The Tsar tells Ivan that he will give him the foal and a hundred silver ducets if he brings Katya to the palace. "She must be neither on horseback nor on foot, neither naked nor dressed and neither bringing a present nor empty-handed."

The events that follow change all their lives. ORDER: Hardcover (1998)

Amazing Grace AMAZING GRACE AND BOUNDLESS GRACE by Mary Hoffman - Ages: 4-8. Pigtailed Grace wants to be Peter Pan and won't let narrow minded thinking stop her. Boundless Grace is the sequel.

ORDER: Hardcover (1991)

When Grace gets the opportunity to go to Africa and visit with her father and his new family, she feels a little strange. But Nana says families are what you make them, and Grace is going to make the most of hers! Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch bring their spunky heroine to brilliant life in this charming sequel to the award-winning Amazing Grace.

ORDER: Hardcover (1995)

Encore Grace! ENCORE GRACE
There's no one quite like Grace, the irrepressible girl whose imagination always works overtime. The widely popular heroine of Amazing Grace (an ALA Notable and Reading Rainbow selection) now makes her second appearance in an illustrated chapter book.

School's started again, and there's a new girl in her class who makes Grace feel jealous. When the teacher assigns them to work together on the upcoming school play, Grace isn't sure what to expect. Meanwhile she is still worried that her mother might remarry, but she also learns how it feels to lose someone forever. And it looks as if a friend might have to move away, while a new friend is about to be gained. As always, Grace bravely meets these changes head-on, while also managing to find her way onstage for another exciting dramatic performance!

ORDER: Hardcover (2003)
Ages: 7-10

Bravo, Grace! BRAVO, GRACE!
Eight more stories about Grace's gang, the changing friendships, her Ma's marriage to Vincent, their new living arrangements and in some ways the biggest change of all.

ORDER: Hardcover (2005)
Ages: 7-10

Also by Mary Hoffman

The Barefoot Book of Brother and Sister Tales - Ages 7-10