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Books by Kids for Kids...

Written by: Mrs. Richardson's & Mrs. Doyle's Fifth-grade Class
Memorial School, Taylorville, Illinois
Illustrated by: Olu-Jimi Adeniyi
PRISON - Not Me!

Ages 9-12


Through the eyes of children, PRISON - Not Me! describes:
  • What happens in a child's life when a child faces a crisis
  • Revealing family secrets
  • Effects upon families, when we make bad choices
  • Pointers for making good choices in life
Excerpt from PRISON-Not Me!

"...He stopped and took a deep breath. "..well, I went to jail because I did something wrong."... "It was stupid but I thought that was the only way to take care of my family. I thought I was slick and I'd never get caught. I figured it couldn't happen to me. I thought I was good."

These students arrived at "Ten Rules to Keep Straight"

"I know! Rule Number one! When you're in a situation, just stop and think.

"Rule Number Two. Live with what you have and be happy."

You'll be amazed by their wisdom.

Excellent for parenting classes, inmates, family members, and KIDS!

PRISON-Not me! is produced and created by the We Write Corporation and the students in the fifth-grade class at Memorial School; sponsored by Taylorville Community Credit Union, Taylorville Kiwanis Club through the combined efforts of Taylorville Correctional Center and the Memorial School PTA, all of whom believe that education and literacy are the foundation of tomorrow's leaders...our children.

For more information about WeWrite or to create a project in your area, email Dolores Palmer