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Allen Say    [See Adoption Section for "Allison"]

DRAWING FROM MEMORY is Allen Say's own story of his path to becoming the renowned artist he is today. Shunned by his father, who didn't understand his son's artistic leanings, Allen was embraced by Noro Shinpei, Japan's leading cartoonist and the man he came to love as his "spiritual father." As WWII raged, Allen was further inspired to consider questions of his own heritage and the motivations of those around him. He worked hard in rigorous drawing classes, studied, trained--and ultimately came to understand who he really is.

Part memoir, part graphic novel, part narrative history, DRAWING FROM MEMORY presents a complex look at the real-life relationship between a mentor and his student. With watercolor paintings, original cartoons, vintage photographs, and maps, Allen Say has created a book that will inspire the artist in all of us.

Ages 9 and up

Home becomes elusive in this story about immigration and acculturation, pieced together through old pictures and salvaged family tales. Is is possibe to call two places home? Both the narrator and his grandfather long to return to Japan, but when they do, they feel anonymous and confused: "The funny thing is, the moment I am in one country, I am homesick for the other." Allen Say's prose is succinct and controlled, to the effect of surprise when monumental events are scaled down to a few words: "The young woman fell in love, married, and sometime later I was born."

[Teacher's Guide]

Order: Hardcover
Now in Paperback (October 2008)

Young Emma is a gifted artist whose favorite possession is a small, shaggy rug. Her teachers are astounded by her work.

Everything she paints is praised for its artistry. She wins awards and national acclaim. What is the source of her wonderful talent? What sparks her inner vision?

In thisstory, Allen Say explores the inspirations, both simple and profound, that combine to make up the creative visual mind. Full color.

Ages: 5 to 9

Order: Hardcover

One morning 8 year old Martin looks in the mirror and sees a stranger. Overnight, he has changed.

His parents take him to one doctor after another, only to be told there is nothing wrong with their son. But Martin has grown old in the space of one day; his world will never be the same again.

Ages: 4 to 9

Order Hardcover

A young Japanese boy watches his mother folding up origami paper into delicate silver cranes.

Later he catches her digging up a small pine tree from the yard, and she tells him about her childhood in America and about a joyous time of year complete with brightly decorated trees--a time of goodwill and giving called Christmas.

Ages: 4 to 9

Order Hardcover

The Boy in the Garden [There was a story that Mama read to Jiro: Once, in old Japan, a young woodcutter lived alone in a little cottage. One winter day he found a crane struggling in a snare and set it free. When Jiro looks out the window into Mr. Ozu's garden, he sees a crane and remembers that story. Allen Say creates a tale about many things at once: the power of story, the allure of the imagined, and the gossamer line between truth and fantasy.] Ages 4-8 (2010)

Allen Say's Journey: The Art and Words of a Children's Book Author, the first retrospective exhibition of the art of award-winning children's book author and illustrator Allen Say was exhibited in 2000 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. The exhibit was a comprehensive survey dedicated to the art of Allen Say and featured fifty-five original watercolor paintings and pen-and-ink drawings, including works from Say's Caldecott award-winning book Grandfather's Journey.