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Hugh Lupton
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder

Highly recommended.
Ages: 9 -12

ORDER: Hardcover

Hugh Lupton, Storyteller
Niamh Sharkey, Illustrator

Seven captivating stories each with a different moral and twist and all illustrated in a remarkably peculiar, imaginative and eye catching manner. An excellent “tool” for classroom and family about countries and multicultural awareness and a casual opportunity to open a dialogue about values, gossip, greed and much more.

From “The Blind Man and the Hunter”

“Once upon a time there was a blind man who lived with his sister in a hut in a village on the edge of the forest.Now this blind man was very clever. Even though his eyes saw nothing, he seemed to know more about the world than people whose eyes were as sharp as needles.”

From “The White Rat”

A King and Queen had no children of their own and adopt a white female rate. They dote on her and want only the best for her. When the time came for their daughter to marry they beckon a magician, ”Do you have power enough to transform this charming creature…into a human princess?”

The Magician replies, “I do indeed, but although I have the power to change her outward appearance, I do not have the power to change her inmost secret self”

This is a beautiful tale with an important message.

The Story Tree

Ages 4-8
ORDER: Hardcover

The Story Tree: Tales to Read Aloud

Seven tales from seven cultures: That Magic Porridge Pot (German), Monkey-See, Monkey-Do (Indian), The Sweetest Song (African-American), Little Lord Feather-Frock (Russian), The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Norwegian), The Little Red Hen (English), The Blue Coat (Jewish).

Illustrated by Sophie Fatus

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