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Grandmother's Song

Barbara Soros is a mind-body practitioner and writer and director of the Russian Story Theater. She has written children’s plays and has facilitated workshops worldwide for children and adults on themes of creativity and healing. Barbara divides her time between the hills of Vermont and Canterbury, England.

Jackie Morris trained as an illustrator at Bath Academy of Art. Her recent children’s books include Cities in the Sea (1996), which won the Tir Na n-Og Award, 1997, The Snow Whale (1996) which was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award 1997, and The Greatest Gift (1997). She lives and works in Pembrokeshire, Wales with her husband and two children.


Barbara Soros, Author
Jackie Morris, Illustrator

A grandmother passes the seasons with her granddaughter. As the days and nights come and go, grandmother quiets granddaughter’s many fears with her comforting arms and gentle song. And as she comforts the young girl, she also awakens in her the courage and dignity, trust and skill that are every child’s birthright.

"Oh, my little one, I can feel your young heart beating so. I can feel trembling inside your belly. I can hear fear inside your bones… the world is a frightening place for those who cannot trust. So I am stroking trust into you…"

Granddaughter is transformed from a fearful child to a confident, generous and considerate young woman. During their years together, grandmother has instilled in her granddaughter the wisdom of generations.

As grandmother grows old and frail, granddaughter lovingly attends to her. When grandmother dies, in the midst of her grief, granddaughter must also learn to teach her children one of the central mysteries that courses through the cycle of life and death.

The illustrations are sensitive, delicate and beautiful articulations of the message. This book is ageless and timeless and will beg to be read often.

ORDER: Hardcover (1998)

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