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Gennady Spirin
A Apple Pie by Gennady Spirin A APPLE PIE (2005)
In this spectacular recreation of one of the most beloved alphabet rhymesof all time, New York Times Best Illustrator Gennady Spirin brings to life the delicious and whimsical fortunes of an apple pie—through the alphabet! Look for the tiny butterfly in the picture where B bit it. Find the fox on the page where F fought for it.

Discover hundreds of delightful details in these enchanting pictures each time the book is shared. A timeless celebration of the alphabet, and an incredible work of art by the great artist Gennady Spirin.
Order: Hardcover

The Story of Noah and the Ark THE STORY OF NOAH AND THE ARK (2004)

Mr. Spirin has drawn on his classical training and his Orthodox Christian faith to create a lavish book that people of all ages can enjoy. Includes Poster.
--Henry Holt & Company, Inc

ORDER: Hardcover

The Easter Story THE EASTER STORY (March 1999)

The story of Christ's death on the cross and his Resurrection three days later is the central drama of Christianity. With dignity and beauty, Spirin depicts the events leading up to and following the Crucifixion.

ORDER: Hardcover


The story of the birth of Christ is itself the most beautiful story ever told. Gennady Spirin has created a masterpiece of fine art reminiscent of the Renaissance masters which brings this story to a celestial level. The imagery, symbolism, facial expressions and intricate details will leave a lasting impression for Christmas' to come. This book is exquisite and breathtaking.

ORDER: Hardcover

Also by Gennady Spirin, The Night Before Christmas

ORDER: Spanish
Once There Was a Tree ONCE THERE WAS A TREE

Natalia Romanova, Author
Gennady Spirin, Illustrator

This book weaves together the important relationship among all living things, and our dependence on trees for food, shelter and the air we breathe.

ORDER: Paperback