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The Wheel On The School
Meindert DeJong
1955 Newberry Award
Ages 10 and up

"Do you know about storks?", was the title of a composition by Lina, the only girl in the school. Each year the storks came up from Africa and made their nests on the rooftops of the houses in all the surrounding villages, but there was not one to be seen in their tiny village of Shora. Lina wanted to know why. No one had really given it any thought because how could you think about something you didnít know anything about. Their teacher said, "sometimes when we wonder, we can make things begin to happen". And so they did.

Wandering around wondering Lina encountered Sibble, III, the village Grandmother. Usually Lina would politely say hello or wave, but this time they had a real conversation. And what a conversation it was. Storks had lived in Shora many years ago when Grandmother was a very young child. Grandmother suggested that if she wanted to bring the storks back to Shora, Lina should try and think what a stork might want and how a stork might think .

Delighted with this discovery, Lina told her classmates of her conversation and Grandmotherís suggestions, and endless wild thoughts and suspense followed. There were brave and fearless maneuvers by the most unlikely people in the village, cooperation like never before and an adventure unlike anything the people of Shora had ever seen.