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Jody Bergsma

In the kingdom of Lugin, the fair young queen, Briana, gives birth to her first child, Prince Langilor while in a nearby forest a most unusual hatchling called Saras is born to a beautiful green dragon.

Prince Langilor is a shy and gentle lad, adored by his parents and the peace-loving people of Lugin. The young dragon, Saras, becomes an arrogant bully who terrorizes the dragon clan after learning to fly and breathe fire.

During his twelfth year, Langilor stands before his parents and the Royal Advisors, who will judge his worthiness to be the future king. With increasing threats from enemies to the North as well as the dangerous fire-breathing dragon, how could this peaceful young Prince ever be strong enough to protect the kingdom?

In the quiet of the royal garden, a graceful white swan tells Langilor, “Go in search of the dragon alone. Conquer the dragon and claim your throne.” During the dramatic encounter between the Prince and the dragon, the future of Lugin hangs in the balance.

Langilor discovers that enemies can become friends, weaknesses become strengths, and the darkness of fear is replaced through love, acceptance and respect.

Jody Bergsma’s powerful illustrations feature authentic Celtic imagery, dragons, elves, talking animals and birds. This enchanting story helps us to see that there are many ways to conquer our fears.

Ages 4-8

Jody Bergsma began her artistic career at the age of three when her mother suggested that she draw her nightmares.Jody BergsmaShe soon discovered that monsters drawn with pink and green crayon were not so scary. By her mid-teens, Jody had begun selling her fanciful works of art to an appreciative public and has gone on to become a successful award-winning illustrator and businessperson.

She has two primary artistic styles: the whimsical, elfinlike watercolors found in SKY CASTLE and THE RIGHT TOUCH and the dramatic images of wildlife and nature found DREAMBIRDS

DRAGONS is Jody Bergsma's first written and illustrated children's book.

Jody lives with her husband and two children near Bellingham, Washington.


In Nagala, land of faeries and elves, relentless storms and untold menaces threaten to destroy the elemental worlds. As a last resort, Rhiannon, Queen of the Faeries, sends here unicorn Skyla, and three rainbow faeries to the neighboring land of Lugin to discover what has become of Gryphon and to learn what can be done to dispel a time of looming darkness.