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Denise Brennan-Nelson
Someday is Not a Day of the Week
by Denise Brennan-Nelson
Kevin O'Malley, Illustrator
For Children ages 4-8 and Parents

"Max and Momma sat at the kitchen table together. Max ate blueberry waffles while Momma made a list of the things she had to do that day. It looked very long and boring to Max.

He smiled, thinking of all the things he would like to put on Momma's list.

'Let's go to the fair today!' he said through a mouthful of waffles. Momma had a lot to think about so she didn't answer him right away. Finally, without looking up, Momma softly sighed and said, 'Someday, Max, but not today.'

And so begins Max's story and slow realization that Someday Is Not a Day of the Week. Max is a busy and energetic young beaver (not unlike most children), who wants to make the most of every day and spend time with his family doing really fun things. Unfortunately his mother, father and grandfather are also busy beavers and keep making plans to do things with him someday, but not today. Today, they have errands to run and laundry to do. Crestfallen, Max relents, but consults a calendar

'Momma! Momma!' Max shouted. 'We can't go to the fair someday!'

'Why not?' Momma asked.

'Because someday is not a day of the week! We have to pick one of these!' Max exclaimed, waving the calendar."

And though it takes a little more prodding for Max's family to finally see the light, they finally do. Today becomes it should be. Denise Brennan-Nelson and Kevin O'Malley team to create a wonderful story of appreciating our time and company, no matter how young or old one is.