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Jeff Brumbeau, Gail de Marcken, Illustrator
The Quiltmaker's Journey
All Ages
In this touching tale about the value of generosity and the spirit of community, a brave young girl leaves her village in search of the true meaning of happiness. But once outside her village, she is surprised to discover that there are less-fortunate people in the world. At first she thinks that she is unable to help them, but finally she realizes that she does have something to give. As she unearths the meaning of kindness and love, the young girl finds a strength and peace she never knew before.

All Ages

Quilts from the Quiltmaker's Gift:
QUILTS FROM THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT: 20 Traditional Patterns for a New Generation of Generous Quiltmakers
by Joanne Larsen Line, Nancy Loving Tubesing, Gail De Marcken (Illustrator)

For the Quilters

THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT is a charming fable about the joy of giving and the spirit of community.

In a log cabin high in the blue misty mountains, a generous and wise quiltmaker, with magic in her fingers and a full heart, stitches beautiful quilts and then gives them away.

"Many people climbed her mountain, pockets bursting with gold, hoping to buy one of the wonderful quilts. But the woman would not sell them.

"I give my quilts to those who are poor or homeless…they are not for the rich."

A powerful and greedy king, who owned almost all of the prettiest things in the world, never smiled. Even with all his treasures, he was still not happy.

"Somewhere there must be one beautiful thing that will finally make me happy…And I will have it!"

When the greedy king hears of the magical quiltmaker, he demands that she make him a quilt, believing that it will be the one thing that will finally make him happy.

"Make presents of everything you own," she said, "and then I'll make a quilt for you. With each gift that you give, I'll sew in another piece. When at last all your things are gone, your quilt will be finished."

As the he king gives away his precious possessions, he learns the most valuable lessons and the true meaning of happiness.

The reader will truly experience this fable through the story and exceptionally rich illustrations by Gail deMarcken. Throughout the book are quilt blocks and patterns to enrich the story. Names of the quilt blocks heading each text section and the finished quilts strategically placed in the pictures provide rich subplots.

Miss Hunnicutt's Hat
Ages 3-7
Miss Hunnicutt is wearing her new hat from Paris--and it has a CHICKEN on it! Everyone knows you can't wear a chicken on your head! The prim little town of Littleton is in a tizzy preparing for a visit from the Queen. So when Miss Hunnicutt steps out in her new hat, the stuffy townsfolk are scandalized. The chicken has to go! But plucky Miss Hunnicut stands up for her right to wear what she likes. And when the Queen's arrival prompts a surprising turn of events, the townspeople learn to celebrate the silly eccentricities that make life interesting.
--Orchard Books 2003