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Charlene Costanzo, AuthorCharlene Costanzo is a writer, businesswoman, and the mother of two adult children, Stephanie and Krista. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with Frank, her husband of 29 years. While their daughters were growing up, the family lived in Jamestown, New York. She is originally from Linden, New Jersey.

Charlene holds a B.A. in Philosophy from St. Bonaventure University and has published articles in McCall’s, Ebony, New York Alive, St. Anthony Messenger, Ligourian and Marriage Encounter. As a freelance writer, Charlene wrote reports, manuals, newsletters and advertising materials for various businesses and organizations. She also worked as press secretary for three successful re-election campaigns for U. S. Representative Stan Lundine, who later became New York’s Lieutenant Governor.

At the time Charlene wrote The Twelve Gifts of Birth for her teenage daughters, she co-owned a gift store. She enjoyed providing gifts that helped customers communicate their feelings of congratulations, sympathy and encouragement in truly meaningful ways. Close experience with customers helped influence her to form her own publishing company.

Founded in 1997, Featherfew offers inspirational books and ancillary gift items for the milestone and transition times of life, beginning with birth.

Charlene currently serves as External Vice President for Arizona Book Publishing Association.

Charlene enjoys travel, nature, hiking, music, reading and dancing.

A note about Featherfew Publishing. The company is named after the wildflower featherfew which grows in wastelands and barren soil. Despite inhospitable conditions, they thrive along roadsides, in vacant lots, even through sidewalk cracks. Humbly, perennially, without comfort, fine breeding or cultivation, they bring rich color, sweet fragrance and simple beauty into the world. And, they bring healing. Featherfew, in particular, is known for calming distress and lifting low spirits.

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