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Sharon Creech [See also Newbery] [Bio 2]
Fishing in the Air

For All Ages
Father/Son Relationship


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By Sharon Creech
Illustrated by Chris Raschka

"One Saturday, when I was young, my father and I left the house early in the morning, when it was still blue-black outside. The grass left wet marks on our shoes. In the backyard, under stones, we dug up crawly worms and laid them in a can with lumps of damp dirt."

"'We're going on a journey,' my father said. 'To a secret place. We'll catch the air! We'll catch the breeze!"

And so begins the journey of the memory, the journey of the experience of father and son sharing time, stretching the imagination with artistic metaphors, the childhood memories and the wisdom of a father being gently passed to his son.

Chris Raschka's passionate, Chagallesque illustrations and Creech's poetry in motion, emotionally transport the reader through the book experiencing "the trees which had been trees became, in an instant, tall green soldiers standing at attention,"those streetlamps glowing like tiny moons all in a row," or to "smell a river."

At the end of this glorious day, father and son's ride home find them reminiscing about the day's journey and what they had found--

"And we caught a father,
and we caught a boy,
who learned to fish."