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Dave Cutler in his own words...
When I Wished I Was Alone
Ages 4-8 and grownups too!

Be careful what you wish for…

Sometimes we’re so mad that we wish everyone would just leave us alone!
One night, for a young boy, this wish comes true…
Waking up on a small floating island, he sees the most amazing things.
Rising moons and dancing planets.
Dazzling white stars that shimmer into soaring birds before his very eyes!

Enchanted by the magic of the skies, the boy begins to wish for something else.
He wants to share this beautiful world with his mom and dad—and even his little sister!
Now, if only he could get back home…
--GreyCore Press 2003


Illustration from When I Wished I Was Alone
Illustration from When I Wished I Was Alone

Dave Cutler
I wrote and illustrated When I Wished I Was Alone because unlike any other aspect of my career as an illustrator, I wanted to create something that had a deeper meaning and purpose. Normally I create illustrations that accompany annual reports, magazine articles or ad copy. People view them–maybe smile or think a bit–and then turn the page and go on. Basically they serve a commercial purpose.

But with a children's book, you can create your own little world. A world I hope will entertain both child and adult, and will inspire them to speak about feelings (like anger) that are often hard to talk about. I also hope my book is a place where children—and adults—realize that we all have had the same feelings at one time or another, and that is OK to have those feelings. I simply think it's great when a child realizes that the parents/adult in their life has the same feelings that they do. I think it gives them great comfort to know that.

With Alone, my first children's book, I hope I've created something that will stand the test of time. That it's a book that children reading today will one day read to their children. Something my grandchildren and their children will read and enjoy. In other words, I hope that with this book I'm leaving a small legacy that will remind people that I was once here.
--Dave Cutler, December 2003

Dave Cutler lives with his wife Carol and their two children and dog in Redding, CT. He is a graduate with honors from the School of Visual Arts, a member of the Society of Illustrators and Graphic Artists Guild, and has been a free-lance illustrator for about 18 years.

Dave's illustration clients include most of the major national publications such as TIME, BUSINESS WEEK, FORBES, NY TIMES, LA TIMES, GLAMOUR, NEWSWEEK, WASHINGTON POST, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. His corporate clients include AT&T, IBM, MICROSOFT, COMPAQ, FORD, GM, GE, ADP, NETCOM, BANK OF AMERICA, HBO, EDS, ITT, SPRINT, IPG (the world's largest conglomerate of advertising agencies). His originals are in the private collections of corporations such as MERCEDES-BENZ, IBM, NETCOM, ADP, and the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO HOSPITALS among others.