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Carol Fuhler
Teaching Reading With Multicultural Books Kids Love

Grade Levels: 4-8


This book reflects the changing socio-cultural context in which children learn today, validates all learners as they see themselves reflected in books from a variety of cultures, and gives teachers innovative ways to teach and reinforce critical reading skills.  This rich, new resource, combines the best multicultural children's books with a solid spectrum of reading instruction. 

Each featured book contains sections on materials needed to teach the lesson, a lesson motivator, an in-depth lesson, suggestions for evaluating each student's learning, enrichment activities, and a number of titles for independent reading.

Some examples of lessons:

A Poetic Explanation of Me--Writing an Autobiographical Poem
Sharing Troubles across Cultures:  A Common Thread
Setting and Sequencing Using Sentence Strips
Differentiating between Reality and Fantasy
Working with Comparisons and Contrast in Narrative
Using Biographies and a Positive-Negative Graph to Inspire Writing
Reviewing Synonyms and Antonyms
Using Award-Winning Books by African-American Authors and Illustrators
Put a Poem in Your Pocket and a Picture in Your Mind
Author Study of Patricia Polacco
Strengthening the Language Arts with a Closer Look at Prejudice
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About Carol Fuhler
Carol Fuhler has always been involved with reading and teaching. While her two sons were growing up, she taught in a learning disabilities classroom for thirteen years.  Afterwards, she taught reading and language arts classes to above average 8th graders for the following two years. After completing her doctoral work at Northern Illinois University, she accepted a position in the Center for Excellence at Northern Arizona University. Presently, she teaches literacy, social studies, and children's literature methods courses to elementary and special education majors.  During the summer she teaches Advanced Children's Literature to masters level students. Her love of children's literature goes back to her own childhood, when she herself was a copious reader.  With a nephew and 4 grandchildren to buy for now, she has even more reasons to raid the children's book section.  She currently makes her home in Flagstaff, Arizona.