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Kevin Henkes |Interview with author/illustrator|
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Wemberly Worried

Ages 4-7


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Some children are excited about their first day of school. Some children, as well as grown-ups, suffer from perpetual What-If Syndrome. Some children don't have a care in the world. And then, there's Wemberly. SHE worries about everything. Everything! And the first day of school is her biggest worry so far.

A very astute and loving teacher introduces her to a child who also worries. Wemberly and Jewel learn that they have a lot in common and so do the other children.

And toward the end of the day, "Wemberly worried. But no more than usual. And sometimes even less."

Children's fears are not insignificant. The fear of rejection in particular is a strong emotion. WEMBERLY WORRIED is a poignantly illustrated, compassionate and often humorous book that shows just how significant our children's worries can be.

Suggestion to use with the book. Spend five minutes and "practice worrying" with your child. See how long it takes before laughter erupts.

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

Ages 4-8



Lilly, the indomitable mouse-child from Chester's Way and Julius, the Baby of the World, returns in a story about school. Lilly loves everything about school: the pointy pencils, the squeaky chalk, the fish sticks and chocolate milk in the lunchroom. But one day, Lilly has something to share with her class--and she can't wait until Sharing Time.

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