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Helen Lester
Hooway For Wodney Wat

Ages 4 Up

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by Helen Lester
Lynn Munsinger, Illustrator

"Poor Wodney.
Wodney Wat.
His real name was Rodney Rat, but he couldn't pronounce his r's.
To make matters worse, he was a rodent. A wodent."

Because Rodney is different, he is teased by his fellow rodent classmates. They intentionally ask him questions to embarrass him.

"What's another name for bunny? they asked knowingly.
"Wabbit," he mumbled."

"'And how does a train travel?" They winked at each other.
"A twain twavels on twain twacks," Wodney replied miserably.'"

This made Rodney so shy that he ate lunch alone and would bury his head in his jacket from embarrassment.

But then one day, a mean and very BIG rodent came to school. Her name was Carmilla Capybara and announced to the class that she was bigger, meaner and smarter than all of them. Carmilla would "accidentally-on purpose" bully the other rodents.

But the tables are cleverly turned when Rodney is chosen to lead a game of Simon Says. Rodney shyly, with his head hidden in his jacket, began to call out:

"'Wodney says weed (read) the sign.' While the other rodents read, 'P.S. 142 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR RODENTS,' Camilla began pulling up weeds around the sign...till she was clear up to her teeth in dirt. The other rodents began to smile"

Rodney's shyness was disappearing. He constantly challenged the rodents..."Wake the leaves... play Wing Around the Wosie..." Suddenly Camilla wasn't quite as smart as she thought she was.

But when he says "Go West" (rest) after some really tough games, guess what Carmilla does?

For every child who feels like an "outsider" or "different," Wodney Wat is a must read. And for every child who likes to giggle, really giggle, look no further. Lynn Munsinger's illustrations are superb!

Ages 4 up
Wodney Wat's Wobot
by Helen Lester

When Wodney must face off against that big bully Camilla Capybara for a second time, a talking robot becomes his secret weapon. The meek wodent . . . er, rodent . . . hero with a speech impediment and a heart of gold is back! So is Camilla Capybara—the BIG bully who makes poor Wodney and his classmates tremble. But this time, Wodney has a secret weapon: a robot that helps him pronounce his r’s and seems to be just the thing to scare Camilla away for good. With the second empowering tale about Wodney, Lester and Munsinger use their signature dose of humor to remind us that the little guy can finish first, and it’s often brains—not brawn—that save the day.