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Frank Murphy, writer and second grade teacher!
The Legend of the Teddy Bear
By Frank Murphy
Illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen

"...In those days there lived a strong, adventurous man with a big, bushy mustache. He was the President of the United states of America, and his name was Theodore Roosevelt. The people of America adored their President and they fondly called him "Teddy"... "

Nearly everyone has memories of a favorite teddy bear. The fascinating details about how the teddy bear got its name are revealed in this beautiful picture book. From Teddy Roosevelt's fateful meeting with a defenseless bear to a famous newspaper cartoonist and his cartoon of Roosevelt and that bear to a little couple from Brooklyn, this story takes a historically captivating journey that readers of all ages will read over and over again.

Wildlife painter Gijsbert van Frankenuyzen's beautiful and vivid illustrations capture the nostalgic feel of this legendary tale. Frank Murphy spent over two and a half years researching the details of this incredible story and clearly and accurately brings the story to life.

All Ages


Frank Murphy, a member of the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators, received a BS in Sports Science from Rutgers University and a MS in Sports Science from The United States Sports Academy in Daphne, Alabama. After working as a sports agent for two years, he decided to pursue a career in elementary education. He attended Rider College in New Jersey completing a graduate level program in education. He started teaching in the Council Rock School District in Bucks County, PA in 1991.

While teaching second grade he realized there were far too few picture books about women. He set out to chase after obscure stories about women in history. He started crafting his own books for his students. He stretched out beyond fascinating stories about historical women to untold stories about anything in history. Chasing after these obscure stories led him to a postcard that had a historical anecdote about how the teddy bear got its name. Frank knew that this story would make a great picturebook. He researched the history behind the legend involving Theodore Roosevelt and his refusal to shoot a defenseless bear. His first picturebook, The Legend of the Teddy Bear, was released in September 2000 from Sleeping Bear Press.

Frank is on his way to carving out his niche in the world of children's literature by researching and writing about incredibly interesting stories from the past - stories that breathe life into history. His next two books are about Ben Franklin and George Washington, Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares (Feb. 2001) and George Washington and the General's Dog (Fall 2002) are Random House Step into Reading releases.