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Josephine Nobisso About the Author
Show; Don't Tell!
Innovative yet accessible writing strategies appropriate for both fiction and nonfiction are presented in this enchanting tale of a writing lion who holds court for a cast of animal friends. Aspiring writers learn the essential nature of nouns and adjectives and how to use them to express their individual visions so that they "show and don't tell" every time. Writing lessons are cleverly integrated into a tale that incorporates a sound chip, a scratch-and-sniff patch, and a tactile object to engage the aspiring writer's five senses in fun proofs.
Teachers/Parents/Kids Ages 7-10

Grandma's Scrapbook
All Ages

Grandpa Loved
All Ages

These two lovely books are about the grandparents that we might have known...through whose eyes we saw new wonders, simple pleasures and gentle wisdom. They may also be the grandparents with whom we desire to begin creating these precious memories.

Each of these books chronicles the memories of a child's life experiences with their grandparents and how the little things are the really BIG things and the things that matter most.

Take It to the Queen: A Tale of Hope - With exquisite artwork and evocative text, this original fable explores the events of Jesus' life, and demonstrates the role of the Virgin Mary as the benevolent agent of God's people. Reduced to desolation by a king and prince who feel they have been wronged, the residents of a once-favored village must seek help from the queen, a native of their devastated town. Religious subjects are presented clearly in an allegorical style that proves entertaining, and also serves to provide children with examples of virtue and good behavior. (Ages 7 and up)

Over the past thirty years as a professional writer Josephine Nobisso developed a visionary method for teaching writing with specific and accessible strategies, The Nobisso Recommendations: Guiding Students to Write in Their Authentic Voices.

Miss Nobisso is the author of many children’s books released by several major publishers.

In 1999 she founded Gingerbread House, a press for fine children’s trade books. The press’ launch list, which has received rave reviews, was comprised of three of her beloved, modern classic picture books that had gone out of print with their two former publishers: Grandpa Loved (named “One of the Best Children’s Books of the Year” by Parents Magazine, Grandma’s Scrapbook (selected as an outstanding book by the Parent Council), and Shh! The Whale Is Smiling, an undersea fantasy.

The author’s latest book for children is John Blair and the Great Hinckley Fire, (Houghton Mifflin), the first telling of the harrowing true story of a former slave who helped save the lives of 300 people on a burning train. The American Booksellers Association named it a “Pick of the Lists”. It was one of the results of eleven years of fascinating research for a middle grade non-fiction reader which explores the question of whether or not forest fires should be left to burn, "Forest Fire…Run for Your Life!", (Mondo Publishing).

Spring 2001 sees the release of "The Yawn" (Orchard Books), a young picture book about a contagious yawn that circles the Earth, infecting many cultures with its charm.

The author published the droll For the Sake of a Cake with Rizzoli International, and the catchy Hot Cha Cha with Winslow Press. The latter appears to be about finding the key to a locked playground, “But,” the author says, “it’s actually a playful model for writing a story, using the devise of the ‘5 W’s and How’, answering in literal and figurative terms, all in straight and slant rhyme and impeccable meter.”

She earned a Teaching Certification and degree in Foreign Languages from the State University of New York at New Paltz, studying in Europe for all but three semesters, and graduating cum laude. In 1991, she was the recipient of The Verna Mulholland FRIEND OF EDUCATION AWARD from Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Pi for ‘working significantly toward improving the educational opportunities of others; and for giving outstanding service to promoting quality education.” In 2000, the NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) named her “DISTINGUISHED GRADUATE”. Each year, as an Artist in Education, Miss Nobisso visits over 100 schools and libraries, bringing in her celebrated programs.

Miss Nobisso co-founded the eastern Long Island’s group of the Society of Children’s Book Writers, and was an officer of the Westhampton Writers Festival. She is also a member of The Authors Guild and League, and of The Writers Union. A mentor to many aspiring writers, Miss Nobisso has been acknowledged in the books of several other authors. She holds a key to the John Steinbeck Room at Southampton College, and was selected for a writing award by Miss Phyllis A. Whitney. Miss Nobisso has appeared on numerous local and national TV programs, and is frequently interviewed for radio and the press.

A home-schooling mother, Miss Nobisso and her family live in Quiogue, Long Island, New York. For a comprehensive look at the author and links to many sites that feature her work, visit her lovely web site.