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Phyllis J. Perry [Bio below]

KEEPING THE TRADITIONS discusses the beliefs, stories, recipes, history, holiday celebrations, arts, and inventions contributed by emigrants to the United States. Twenty countries of the world are featured Each chapter has suggested activities for students in grades 4-8 involving math, reading, writing, cooking, and the creative arts. Recipes and folk tales are included as well as suggested sources for further information. @AMAZON

Hide and Seek

Crafty Canines

In the History category, in addition to KEEPING THE TRADITIONS, there is also EXPLORING OUR COUNTRY'S HISTORY and MYTHS, LEGENDS & TALES.

In the Nature/Science category are SEA STARS & DRAGONS for ages 9-12 (about different kinds of sea stars and sea horses), THE FIDDLEHOPPERS (about katydids, crickets, and locusts and how they make music), THE SNOW CATS (about the mountain lion, lynx, Siberian tiger, snow leopard, and bobcat that live in snowy areas,) THE CROCODILIANS: REMINDERS OF THE DAYS OF DINOSAURS (about crocodiles, alligators, caiman, and gavials), ARMOR TO VENOM (how animals protect themselves), HIDE AND SEEK (ways in which creatures camouflage themselves), BATS: THE AMAZING UPSIDE-DOWNERS (describing echolocation and the many different kinds of bats), FRESHWATER GIANTS (about hippos, fresh water dolphins, and manatee), and CRAFTY CANINES (about coyotes, foxes, and wolves.) All of these are 64 page books illustrated with full-color photographs.

Other science books include GETTING STARTED IN SCIENCE FAIRS which gives information on every aspect of the school science fair from planning to judging, SCIENCE FAIR SUCCESS WITH PLANTS, and several books from Teacher Ideas Press, THE WORLD OF WATER, EXPLORING THE WORLD OF ANIMALS; and RAINY, WINDY SNOWY, SUNNY DAYS. These last three titles follow the format of giving a brief summary of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books on the topics along with suggested activities for whole class, small group, and individual student explorations.

Sports-related books include BOARDSAILING about windsurfing, EXPLORING THE WORLD OF SPORTS, BALLOONING and SOARING.

Phyllis PerryPhyllis J. Perry sometimes describes herself as a "Cousin Jenny" because she grew up in a gold-mining town in northern California where many of the residents, including her mother and father, had emigrated from Cornwall, England. It seemed that whenever a Cornishman arrived in town, he no sooner got settled and found a job than he quickly went to his employer and said he had a Cousin Jack or a Cousin Jenny back in Cornwall who would love to come over and have a chance at a new life in a new country.

Although she moved away from that small, close-knit community of Cornish people to attend the University of California at Berkley, Phyllis never forgot those Cornish roots. She remembered scones and how to make Cornish pastys (a very special meat, potato & onion pie) and the stories of Cornish pixies and Tommyknockers who sometimes played tricks on the gold miners deep underground. When she had the opportunity to write KEEPING THE TRADITIONS: A MULTICULTURAL RESOURCE, celebrating the contributions of emigrants from twenty countries of the world, she began with the chapter on The United Kingdom and included her favorite recipes, folktales, and memories.

Phyllis J. Perry's background includes a doctorate degree from the University of Colorado and more than twenty years experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum and educational programs specialist, director of talented and gifted education, and elementary school principal. She has taught at the University level and supervised student teachers.

She is a prolific author, having written 39 books for children, teachers, and parents. These have been on varied topics including language arts (READING ACTIVITIES & RESOURCES THAT WORK and MYTHS, LEGENDS & TALES, Highsmith Press), science (BATS: THE AMAZING UPSIDE-DOWNERS, THE SNOW CATS, HIDE AND SEEK, ARMOR TO VENOM, CRAFTY CANINES, Franklin Watts), social studies (THE WORLD'S REGIONS AND WEATHER, EXPLORING THE WORLD OF SPORTS, and the award-winning EXPLORING OUR COUNTRY'S HISTORY, Teacher Ideas Press) and mathematics (GUIDE TO MATH MATERIALS, Teacher Ideas Press.)

Children's books to be released in 2001 include TRAINS (Enslow), THE BURROWERS and HIBERNATION (Franklin Watts). 2002 releases include two math books, MATH FUN FOR EVERYONE (Instructional Fair/T.S. Denison.)

In addition, Phyllis teaches elementary grade students during the summer in the University of Colorado Science Discovery Program, enjoys hiking with her husband in the Colorado Rockies, and takes an active part in community theatre. She frequently visits schools and shares with teachers and young people her enthusiasm for nonfiction writing.