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Will Smith
Just the Two of Us

Ages 4 Up


Beautiful Father's Day Gift


In an interview, Will Smith was asked, “You’ve dedicated this book to your parents and to the memory of your grandmother. What was the biggest lesson you learned from them?”

“I learned the importance of dedication. I had people
in my life who dedicated themselves to be parents.
I think that parents provide the first impression of
God their children experience. Mom and Dad are the
measuring tool for the greatness that this world can be
and the level of godliness that exists. So if a child’s
mother doesn’t love them, it is hard for them to believe
that anyone will love them. If their father is not there
to protect them, it is hard for them to believe that
anyone will protect them, even God.”

JUST THE TWO OF US opens with Will Smith reminiscing
about his growing-up...

I told my parents I wanted to build a castle in the sky.
“Here’s a pencil and paper, let’s draw the plans,” they replied.

I told my parents that one day a queen would wear my ring.
They said, “The only way to marry a queen is to be a king.”

I told my parents I wanted to kick lil’ Reggie’s butt.
They replied, “lets say that you do…then what?”

I told my parents I’m 17; I’m getting married ‘cause I love her.
They replied, “We won’t fight you if you can tell us her favorite color.”

I told my parents I’m not going to college; I wanna rap.
They said, “Wherever you go, remember one day you’ll go back.”

I told my parents I was going to be the next Bill Cosby, funny and rich.
They replied, “Why not just work hard and be the first Will Smith?”

I told my parents I’m about to be a father and I’m scared.
They replied, “Sometimes all you need to do is simply be there.”

My son told me he wanted to build a castle in the sky.
“Here’s a pencil and paper, let’s draw the plans!” I replied.

He then pledges loving devotion to his son as he
gently shares a father's found wisdom…

“It’s a full-time job to be a good dad
You’ve got so much more stuff than I had.
I’ve got to study just to keep with the changing times
‘101 Dalmations’ on your CD-ROM.
See me—I’m trying to pretend I know
On my PC where that CD goes.
But yo, ain’t nothing promised, one day I’ll be gone
Feel the strife, but trust life does go on.”

“But just in case, it’s my place to impart
One day some girl’s gonna break your heart.
And ooh there ain’t no pain like from the opposite sex
It’s gonna hurt bad
But don’t take it out on the next.”

Illustrator, Kadir Nelson’s exceptional pencil and oil artwork allows the reader to experience JUST THE TWO OF US and conveys the strong bonds of a father-son relationship.