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Barbara Soros, Author

For over twenty years I have used storytelling as part of my work as a body mind practitioner. Sometimes I use traditional tales, but more frequently I use stories custom made from the metaphors, dreams, and body language of individuals with whom I am working. I find these stories more transparent and accessible for the healing process. These stories are told at pivotal times in a client's healing journey, and are especially valuable in recovering from trauma and grief.

"Grandmother's Song" was such a story and was told spontaneously to a woman who could not access the generational messages of trust, integrity, courage and compassion. It was a way of weaving an archetypal grandmother for her. It too was told as a leave-taking tale from therapy, encouraging the ongoing spirit of love and nurturance.

I have taught my work with stories internationally to a variety of healing arts practitioners. "Grandmother's Song" is now beginning to be used in therapeutic practice.

I am director and performer of The Russian Story Theater, which performs traditional tales, and contemporary stories of courage and hope from diverse cultures, honoring women of great depth and dignity. I also use these performances to call attention to stories of international suffering, to remind audiences of our interconnection with people in crisis. Russian Story Theater has performed in the United States and Europe.

I have worked on many international projects over the years in support of the rights and dignity of women and children. In recent years I have worked in the former Yugoslavia in areas of traumatic recovery, cultural restoration and aiding communities in deepening their voice in the reclamation of their land from land mines.

Proceeds from "Grandmother's Song", in part, go to this work.

In writing for children, I have a particular interest in exploring the myths of other cultures as well as philosophical and ethical motifs. I also have an interest in writing about contemporary children who find unknown resources in the face of extreme circumstances. My aim is to create stories that nourish the soul.

I live in Vermont and, part of the time, in England.