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Sam Swope
Araboolies of Liberty Street

Ages 5-8

by Sam Swope
Barry Root, Illustrator

There once was a street called Liberty that was perfectly manicured and lined with houses that were nearly alike. The grouchy old Pinches were the self-appointed leaders of Liberty Street. Children could not play, or make noise, and for the most part, be seen because the Pinches spied on them all day. There wasn’t even any music or laughter allowed. Anything that was remotely different from what the Pinches thought was acceptable, and that was just about everything, General Pinch would threaten them, “I’ll call the army!” He was truly the Liberty Street bully!

One day the Araboolies moved to Liberty Street. They lived right next door to the Pinches. There were dozens of Araboolies: children and parents and grandparents and even great-great-grandparents. They even came complete with their very own zoo. The Araboolies were very different…very different. Why they could even change colors! And, that’s what they did to their house too. Their animals lived inside and they lived outside. They were noisy and very happy people. General Pinch’s threats went on deaf ears because the Araboolies didn’t speak English. General Pinch called his army and instructed them to get rid of the house on Liberty Street that was “different’ and get rid of the “weirdos” who lived in it.

One of the Liberty Street children was fearful that when the army came they would take away the Araboolies for whom she had become quite fond. She simply wouldn’t allow that to happen and conspired with the other children to make immediate changes to Liberty Street while their parents slept. There were now no two houses alike. It was a wild sight. The only house that was different belonged to the Pinches.

When the army arrived the following morning, they followed General Pinch’s orders. (“And the terrible Pinches were never seen on Liberty Street ever again.”)

Originally published in 1989.

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The Krazees

Ages 5-8

The Krazees
by Sam Swope
Eric Brace, Illustrator

"Do you ever get the Krazees?
Do they make your razzle tig?
Do they frazzle your bombazzle
till you shilly up your shig?"

Nothing serious about this book--just lots of krazee fun!

Great for rainy day reading.