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As a young child, Margot Zemach (1931-1989), drew to keep herself company and to make herself and others laugh. During the Great Depression she never had enough paper or supplies and would draw on whatever scraps she could find. She attended art school with the intention of becoming "an artist of social significance... But it became clear that I really enjoyed drawing and looking at funny pictures more than any other kind. So I thought about being either a great cartoonist or a children's book illustrator."

Her professional career began illustrating stories by her husband, Harve, in 1959. They collaborated on 13 books. She received the 1974 Caldecott Medal for Duffy and the Devil, written by Harve Zemach. In her lifetime, Margot Zemach illustrated over forty books. (See partial bibliography below.)

Margot Zemach died on May 21, 1989 of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as ALS or "Lou Gehrig's Disease."

Some from the Moon Some from the Sun: Poems and Songs for Everyone

This is Margot Zemach's last book. It is a collection of well known and timeless verses such as "This little pig went to market," and "Bingo," to lesser known ...

"Six little mice sat down to spin;
Pussy passed by and she peeped in.
What are you doing, my little men?
Weaving coats for gentlemen.
Shall I come in and cut off your threads?
No, no, Mistress Pussy, you'd bit off our heads.
Oh, no, I'll not; I'll help you to spin.
That may be so; but you don't come in."

The book ends with a selection of previously unpublished material taken from the Zemach family archives—samples of Zemach's childhood artwork, family photographs, and autobiographical writings and sketches.

September 2001
Farrar Straus & Giroux


All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir
Bill Staines, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1993

The Sign in Mendel's Window (Aladdin Picture Books)
Mildred Phillips, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1996

It Could Always Be Worse: A Yiddish Folk Tale
Margot Zemach 1990

Siempre Puede Ser Peor/It Could Always Be Worse: UN Cuento Folklorico Yiddish
Margot Zemach, Aida E. Marcuse (Translator) 1999

The Little Red Hen: An Old Story
Margot Zemach1993

LA Gallinita Roja/The Little Red Hen: UN Viejo Cuento
Margot Zemach, Aida E. Marcuse (Translator)1998

The Three Little Pigs: An Old Story
Margot Zemach 1991

Los Tres Cerditos/The Three Little Pigs: UN Cuento Tradicional
Margot Zemach, Rita Guibert (Translator) September 1998

Chinese Mirror
Mirra Ginsburg, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1991

The Three Wishes: An Old Story
Margot Zemach, Margot Zemoch 1993

The Three Wishes: An Old Story
Margot Zemach 1986

Los Tres Deseos/The Three Wishes: UN Viejo Cuento
Margot Zemach, Aida Marcuse (Translator) October 1993 (Out of Print)

The Judge: An Untrue Tale (Sunburst Book)
Harve Zemach, Margot Zemach (Illustrator)1988

The Cat's Elbow and Other Secret Languages
Alvin Schwartz, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1988

Duffy and the Devil
Harve Zemach, Margot Zemach (Contributor) 1973

When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw and Other Stories
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1979
[Lesson Plan]

Mazel and Shlimazel: Or the Milk of a Lioness
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Elizabeth Shub (Translator), Margot Zemach (Photographer) 1995

Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll
Harve Zemach, Margot Zemach (Contributor)1989

Naftali the Storyteller and His Horse, Sus and Other Stories
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) April 1987

Jake and Honeybunch Go to Heaven [Controversial]
Margot Zemach 1987

The Fisherman and His Wife
Brothers Grimm, et al 1987 (Out of Print)

A Penny a Look: An Old Story
Harve Zemach, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) March 1989

The Princess and Froggie (A Sunburst Book)
Harve Zemach, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1992

Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the Miser & Other Children's Stories (Little Barefoot Books)
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Margot Zemach (Illustrator) 1994 (Out of Print)

Molly, McCullough and Tom the Rogue
Kathleen Stevens, Margot Zemach March 1991 (Out of Print)

Three Sillies
Margot Zemach June 1979 (Out of Print)

Self Portrait: Margot Zemach
Margot Zemach 1978 (Out of Print)