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Graeme Base

"A book is read, a story ends, a telling tale is told.
But who can say what mysteries a single page may hold?
A maze of hidden codes and clues, a clock at every turn,
And only Time will tell what other secrets you may learn..."

The back of the book contains the sealed solution to unravel the mystery of this enchanting, superbly illustrated, book.

Listed below is an answer sheet compiled by Mrs. Riley's 5th grade book study group. [Thank you, Mrs. Riley.] In addition, there are some links to people, places and things mentioned in the book.

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Character's name Type of animal Costume Guilty?
Horace elephant centurion
Ingrid swan* Princess Pure
Oliver pig admiral
Kilroy mouse musketeer
Sam crocodile judge
Thomas rhinoceros astronaut
Cora & Clarice giraffes angels
Maxwell tiger Indian
Alexandra cat Cleopatra
Eric zebra punk
* The swan's name is not in the book but she was given the name Ingrid in a interview with Graeme Base by Dennis Callegari which led the class to continue searching.

The swan's name is NOT in back in the answer section.
The clue is in her card hand of the card game. Each red card number stands for a letter in the alphabet and each black card stands for that number plus 13 (the number of cards in a suit of cards). Eg: 9=I, Ace=13+1=14=n, 7=g, 5=13+5=18=r, 9=i, 4=d: INGRID, the swan!

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