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Ages: 8-


Rabbi Marc Gellman
Monsignor Thomas Hartman

What have you lost?… A toy, a friend, a game, a parent in a divorce, trust, a loved one?

“Losing stinks! You know that … but finding something that will help you get over the loss—finding something that will help you keep your hope alive, finding something that will help you get rid of your anger, finding something that will help you better understand other people—all that finding makes losing stink a little less.”

Life throws us curveballs. This book is broken down into three sections: “Lost, but Not Gone Forever," “When Good-Bye Is Forever: Losing Because of Death," and The Good In Goodbye.”

Each Chapter is punctuated with comforting selections, words of wisdom, poetry and prose, humor and courage. Most of all it can help children, as well as adults “to look past your loss with hope instead of pain and anger."


ALWAYS WEAR CLEAN UNDERWEAR: And Other Ways Parents Say "I Love You Ages" 8-12

AND GOD CRIED, TOO: A KID'S BOOK OF HEALING AND HOPE by Marc Gellman, Harry Bliss (Illustrator) - Ages 7 Up
"This is a book for children, but it's also a book for adults who aren't sure how to bring hope to children who are sad or scared," says Gellman. "All kids deal with loss on some level, and helping them deal with resulting feelings of angers, sadness, and fear is an important part of every parent's job."