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Paul Goble

BEYOND THE RIDGE is a remarkable picture book and interpretation of the Plains Indians' story of the transcendence and journey of the spirit after death.

As the Grandmother lies dying in her tipi, surrounded by her family, they are comforted by the thought that she is climbing to the world "Beyond the Ridge."

"Anything that has a birth, must also have a death. The spirit is not born with a person,but is given at the time of birth.Therefore, because the spirit has no birth, it will never die.

Goble adds some history at the beginning of the book about the clothing, setting and illustrations. The faces are drawn without any features or expression as is explainedby a Lakota doll maker, "children give the dolls their own personality, and do not have it dictated to them by the maker."

Recommended for any age.
A beautiful and comforting book.

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Based on a Cheyenne myth, this tale is about young girl who is devoted to the care of her tribe's horses but feels a strong kinship with the wild ones that run free. Her passion for horses results in her finally becoming one of them.

Detailed double-page spreads of flowers,insects, animals, birds and life elaborately depict the Native Americanís love of nature.

1978 Caldecott Medal

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