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Tom Hegg, Author
A Cup of Christmas Tea 1989

Tom Hegg, Author
Warren Hanson, Illustrator

Heartwarming. This small book captures the essence of Christmas.

A man, reluctant to visit his elderly aunt, finds the true meaning of the holiday and unexpected joy.

There is no Santa in this story. It is about more..... a man going to visit his great aunt.

If you cannot be with someone you love at Christmas, this is the perfect gift.

Ages: ALL

ORDER: Hardcover
ORDER: Audio Cassette

This is what a visitor wrote after she read "A Cup of Christmas Tea"

Peef and His Best Friend Peef and His Best Friend

Peef is rejected by his best friend in favor of a classmate. With the help of Peef's love, wisdom and caring, they are able to mend their relationship.


A Memory of Christmas Tea A MEMORY OF CHRISTMAS TEA

In the hectic rush of the Holiday Season, something is missing. Memories of an elderly aunt [see A CUP OF CHRISTMAS TEA], and her special Christmas legacy, put things into perspective.
Peef:  The Christmas Bear Peef : The Christmas Bear

Tom Hegg, Author
Warren Hanson, Illustrator

Santa is reluctant to part with his hand-made bear stitched together from multi-colored scraps.

Ages: 4-8

ORDER: Hardcover


Tom Hegg, Author
Warren Hanson, Illustrator

Last Christmas, Santa said good-bye to a very special friend, as PEEF the Christmas Bear, went to live with a child. Oh, how Santa longs to see the little bear he made with his own hands, with bits of cloth from all the elves.

Saving PEEF's house for last on his Christmas Eve journey, he peeks through the window to see his little friend, cozy under the covers and in the loving arms of the child.

PEEF has changed. He is a little faded, and a little torn. And most alarming of all, he can no longer say his name!

Santa wants to make PEEF like new again. But PEEF understands that his tears and fading came from living life and being loved. The joy is found "in knowing who you are, and being where you ought to be," a lesson he has learned from Santa himself.

Readers young and old will embrace the wisdom of PEEF's words, in this gentle story of love, respect, friendship and acceptance.

ORDER: Hardcover

"I had the joy of reading this delightful story today to a class of kindergarten aged children, including my own daughter Heather. They were as quiet as mouses and their faces lit up beautifully. Afterward we had a real tea party using several of Heather's porcelain tea sets that she has collected. The children thanked me over and over again. They said the cutest things: "is this *Christmas tea* we're drinking. . . and such sweet stuff as that!

I first heard this story read live on radio by the author, Tom Hegg on the Paul Gonzales broadcast back just before Christmas 1996. It was quite special. The author, Tom relayed that he was to give a presentation at church over the holidays during the Christmas season and had no idea of what he would say. He said that this story just miraculously "came to him" out of the blue sky shortly before the time he was to speak. He said that after telling this story (which he considers a miracle), the audience was dead silent and many were in tears. I felt similarly emotionally touched when I heard him read it live over the radio."

—Anne Bryant-Hamon