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Tom Paxton
Tooth Fairy Graphic The Story of the Tooth Fairy

Tom Paxton, Author
Rob Sauber, Illustrator

Tom Paxton, songwriter, tell the enchanting tale of Glynnis, the spirited tooth fairy, and a girl called Emily.

When Glynnis left the first gift under Emily's pillow she was trying to heal a rift between humans and fairies. Every subsequent exchange of coins for a tooth is another step toward the harmony between humans and fairies.

A beautiful, light, fun and lovely illustrated book.

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The Story of Santa Claus The Story of Santa Claus

Tom Paxton, Author
Michael Dooling, Illustrator

A well-told, intriguing tale of how a skilled carver, Claus, who lives in the Old Forest of the North Country, came to be Santa Claus. His skill is so great that each year, each child of the Forest would receive a toy.

As word spreads of his handiwork, the demand rises, and his wife enlists the help of neighboring elves, who soon are turning out so many toys that they run out of space. So Claus decides it's time to leave the Old Forest and find a new home, which turns out to be the North Pole.

Ages: 4-8

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