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Don Wulffson
Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions

Ages 9-12
And Adults...for sure!


by Don Wulffson
Laurie Keller, Illustrator

Lego. Mr. Potato Head. Slinky. Silly Putty. Bicycles. Trivial Pursuit. Play-Doh. Magic Rocks. Familiar toys to most of us, but do you know how they they were invented?

Did you know the Slinky was used during the Viet Nam War?

Were you aware that the original purpose for Play-Doh [white] was to clean wallpaper?

Do you know what role Super Balls played in AFL-NFL's Championship Game [Super Bowl]?

When pharaohs died, they were buried with? Checkers! While Ulysses was off to war, his wife was under siege by suitors. How did they pass the time? Checkers!

Did you know that Twister was originally created as a premium for a shoe polish company? Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor tried it out on "The Tonight Show" and the rest is history.

Find out about these and dozens more toys and games. It's a slice of history, a childhood remembrance and an inspiration for young readers...our next inventors.