"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

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Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends and Myths

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David Adler [Teacher Resource] - Ages 4-8
A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark [Resources] - Ages 7-9
A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth [Link to Bio]
Benjamin Franklin--Printer, Inventor, Statesman (A First Biography) [Link to Autobiography]
A Picture Book of Anne Frank [Link to Anne Frank site]
A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt
A Picture Book of Helen Keller (A First Biography) [Link to Ann Sullivan Macy and Helen Keller]
A Picture Book of Rosa Parks (A First Biography)
A Picture Book of Florence Nightingale [Florence Nightingale Museum]
Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man Ages 6-9 [The Iron Horse]
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison [Teacher's Resources]
Mama Played Baseball
A Picture Book of Dwight David Eisenhower
A Picture Book of Cesar Chavez Ages 6-9 [Learn more]

Agee, Jon
Milo's Hat Trick - Milo the magician is a mess. Not only does he botch his card tricks andtangle his rope tricks, but he can't even manage the old standby: pulling a rabbit from a hat.
NOTHING - Otis has an antique shop crammed to the gills with stuff. So he's delighted when someone comes in and buys it all. Next day, Suzie Gump arrives, the shop is empty, full of nothing, and Suzy loves it" and takes it all. Suzie has set a trend, and soon everybody is craving nothing" the stores are full of it. It's only when there's not even a towel for drying off after a bath that Suzie realizes she may have gone a bit too far. Good message.
The Retired Kid - "It’s been a wonderful eight years, but I need a break.” At the Happy Sunset Retirement Community, there's Ethel, Myrtle, Harvey, and Tex. And then there's Brian. The retired kid. He's here to escape school, homework, and daily chores. But retired living has its challenges, especially when you're sixty years younger than everybody else!
The Other Side of Town [In the middle of busy New York City, a cabdriver picks up a tiny guy in a goofy suit who wants to go to the other side of town. The other side of town, it turns out, is not in Brooklyn or Queens. It’s a zany, pink-and-green world where things look very familiar but are completely different. Now, it’s one thing to go there, but how on earth do you ever get back?]

Janet and Allan Ahlberg [Teacher Resource]
The Jolly Postman: Or Other People's Letters

Allan Ahlberg
A Bit More BERT
The Adventures of BERT
The Pencil (Ages 6-8) ["One day that little pencil made a move, shivered slightly, quivered somewhat . . . and began to draw." Welcome back Banjo, the boy from THE RUNAWAY DINNER! Once a pencil draws him, there's no telling what will come next — a dog, a cat, a chase (of course), and a paintbrush to color in an ever-expanding group of family and friends. But it's not long before the complaints begin — "This hat looks silly!" "My ears are too big!" — until the poor pencil has no choice but to draw . . . an eraser.

Sara Laux Akin
Three Scoops and a Fig [Tired of always being "in the way" in the busy kitchen of her family's Italian restaurant, Sofia comes up with a delicious new recipe of her own.]

Polly Alakija
Catch That Goat! [a trip to a Nigerian street market]

Karen Beaumont Alarcon
Louella Mae, She's Run Away

Jes Alborough - Ages 3-6 [just ducky!]
Captain Duck
Duck in the Truck
Fix-It Duck [Board Book]
Duck's Key Where Can It Be? (Lift the Flap) (Hide and Seek)
Hit the Ball Duck [when all the basesball equipment gets caught in a tree it takes the smallest of the group to make retrieval work.]

Allen, Alanna
Itsy Mitsy Runs Away (Ages 3-7) [Itsy Mitsy hates bedtime. So tonight’s the night she’s running away to the perfect place where there are no more bedtimes ever (not even one). But running away isn't as easy as it seems. There's a lot to pack: Mitsy's friendliest dinosaur Mister Roar; a snack for Mister Roar; her dog, Pupcake, to keep the bedtime beasties away from said snack; the list goes on and on. But with a helpful Dad who makes sure Mitsy doesn't leave anything behind--especially not him--Mitsy might want to run away tomorrow night, too.] Fun read.

Communication [See Special Collection]
[See How a Book Is Made]
Feelings (Reading Rainbow Book) - Learning to articulate feelings.
Manners - Why we are polite.
Ah, Music! [ntroduction to music: composers, instruments, performers, history]
A Play's the Thing [fitting in, bullying, teamwork, friendship]

Harry Allard
Miss Nelson Is Missing!
Miss Nelson is Back
The Stupids Have a Ball
The Stupids Step Out

Anna Alter
Abigail Spells (Ages 5-8) - Abigail loves to s-p-e-l-l. When her school announces the annual spelling bee, Abigail spends her days practicing with the help of her best friend, George, but things don’t go according to plan. Can George convince Abigail that winning isn’t everything?

Linda Jacobs Altman
Amelia's Road (1993)

Hans Christian Andersen [Teacher Resource]
The Ugly Duckling (2000 Caldecott Honor) Jerry Pinkney, Illustrator

Laurence Anholt
Jack and the Dreamsack (the importance of believing in dreams) (5-7)

Sue Alexander [Teacher Resource]
World Famous Muriel
Behold the Trees [Trees of Israel - Hebrew]

Giles Andreae
Rumble in the Jungle (1997)

Katherine Applegate
The Buffalo Storm [Hallie isn't afraid of anything-that is, anything but storms, which she braves alongside her grandmother, huddled beneath a special quilt. When her family decides to join a wagon train and go west, leaving her grandmother-and everything Hallie has ever known-behind, Hallie knows she will have to be braver than she's ever been before. Then one day on the trail she witnesses the wildest, most glorious storm imaginable.]

Jennifer Armstrong
Once Upon A Banana [Everyday signs serve as captions for this pictorial tale of what happens after a man tosses a banana peel into the garbage can and misses.]

Tedd Arnold [Teacher Resource]

Frank Asch and Devin Asch, Illustrator
Mr. Maxwell's Mouse (Ages 6 Up) [not your typical mouse story/clever/suspenseful/handsome illustrations]
Mrs. Marlowe's Mice [Mrs. Eleanor Marlowe, a young widow who works at Purrington Street Library with her fellow cats and lives by herself - not counting the extended family of mice who secretly live with her. Harbouring mice is a very serious offence in Cat City. Why would a mild-mannered widow run such a risk?]
Daily Comet, The: Boy Saves Earth from Giant Octopus! [an entertaining father-and-son story about tabloid culture that will delight even the most hardened skeptics. Youthful doubter and know-it-all Hayward Palmer is accompanying his father -- a reporter for the sensationalistic Daily Comet -- on a "Go to Work with a Parent Day." Hayward has a rational explanation for all the weird and wacky things they encounter until he finally comes face to face with an ENORMOUS fact he can't explain. And if Hayward doesn't start believing fast, it could be too late -- for him and his dad!] Ages 6-9

Sarah Ashman
Holly Bloom's Garden [persistence/finding your unique talent]

Richard Atwater and Florence Atwater
Mr. Popper's Penguins [Teacher's Guide]

Margaret Eleanor Atwood [Interview]
Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut (1995) [a Wise Woman puts a spell on Prunella, and the princess sprouts a purple peanut on her nose, which disappears only when she gives up her spoiled, selfish ways.] [alliteration]
Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes [the virtues of resisting restrictions] [alliteration]

Auch, Mary Jane and Herm
Beauty and the Beaks: A Turkey's Cautionary Tale [A beauty shop, conceited Tom, fun words..."eggsercise (favorite exercise)," "eggsploring," "eggstensive," puns, and wow!-not-your-normal illustrations. Oh! and saving the conceited turkey from being dinner.

Jim Aylesworth
The Mitten [When a little boy loses a mitten in the snow, a passing squirrel finds it's the perfect place to warm his icy toes. So he sqe-e-e-e-zes inside. But he's not the only animal with that idea. How many animals can fit inside a little boy's mitten?/Grandmother/sharing]
The Tale of Tricky Fox
The Gingerbread Man
Old Black Fly   [Lesson Plan - Alphabetizing]
The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock
Country Crossing   [Train lovers]
Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy
Naughty Little Monkeys [26 little monkeys wreak havoc through the alphabet]


Natalie Babbit [Resource File]
The Search for Delicious [searching for the definition]
Ouch (1998)

Edith Baer
Words Are like Faces [Rhyming text points out the many uses of words and the different emotions and concepts they can convey. The underlying meaning demonstrates the role of language in building a human community, which connects, corresponds, informs and nurtures through dialogue. "And remember...Hurtful words spoken can't be unsaid..."]

Linda Bailey
Stanley Wild Ride [Stanley knows he's not supposed to leave the yard, but ....]
The Farm Team [The Farm (hockey) Team is up against the nastiest, smelliest, mangiest, snarlingest bunch of varmints you've even seen!]
Stanley's Beauty Contest [Primping for the dog show makes Stanley very grumpy. At the park, Stanley meets up with his old friends and look longingly at the grand prize: the biggest, most scrumptious-smelling dog cookie ever. Once Stanley gets a whiff of its bubbling cheese, sizzling bacon and apple pie aromas, he's determined to win. But....]

Lorna & Lecia Balian
The Aminal [imaginations gone wild. Use for creative writing in early years and creative dialogue]

Haemi Balgassi [Interview]
Peacebound Trains

Kristen Balouch
The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice (Ages 2-5) [one loud little girl looks for a friend to play with. She searches the jungle high and low for a pal but her BIG voice scares all the animals away! One by one, an elephant, a snake and a croc quickly retreat away from her booming vocals, until at last she finds the perfect playmate-whose "roar" is even louder than hers! Celebrating the joy of being a child.]

Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein
White Water - For a young boy growing up in the segregated south, a town drinking fountain becomes the source of an epiphany.

Kate Banks
The Bird, the Monkey, and the Snake in the Jungle [rebus book: a story in words and pictures]
Close Your Eyes [bedtime theme]
The Turtle and the Hippopotamus [overcoming fear/team work]
A Gift from the Sea (2001)
The Night Worker (2000)
And If the Moon Could Talk (1998)
Spider, Spider (1997)
Baboon (1997)

Lynne Barasch
Ask Albert Einstein [April writes a letter to Einstein asking him to solve a math problem. While April waits for an answer, she pictures all the things Einstein might be doing instead: working on his own math problems, playing his violin, riding his bicycle, gardening, sailing, helping other children with their homework - all things that he is known to have enjoyed. Clever concept.
Hiromi's Hands [true story of a young girl's determination to follow her dream, and a tribute to the loving family who supported her. As one of the first female sushi chefs in New York City this book celebrates Hiromi Suzuki's Japanese American roots and her achievements in the U.S.] (Ages 5-8]

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
The Mine-O-Saur [ He snatches all the toys. He grabs all the snacks at snack time. He hoards the blocks during recess. And all the while he yells, “MINE, MINE, MINE!” But soon enough, no one wants to play with him. What will it take for the Mine-o-saur to realize that what he really wants are friends?]

Barnett, Mac
Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem [Billy's room is a mess and his parents threaten a lesson in responsibility by giving him a whale. "It's not like you can just have one delivered to your house overnight." Boy, is he wrong! Mixed in this fun read and brilliantly illustrated book are important facts about blue whales.] (Ages 5-7)

Judi Barrett
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs [Teacher Guide]
Pickles to Pittsburgh : The Sequel to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (1997)

Peter & Susan Barrett
The Square that Ben Drew (1973)

Elisa Bartone
Peppe the Lamplighter [Italian family in early America]

Graeme Base [Resource File] [See Special Collection]

Jules Bass
Cooking with Herb the Vegetarian Dragon
Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon

Ivan Bates
Dark at the Top of the Stairs

Andrea Beaty
Doctor Ted [A bump on his knee, a class full of sniffles, a principal with foot odor, and not a doctor to be found...Ted knows it is time to become Doctor Ted.]

Bonny Becker
A Visitor for Bear [Cheery persistence wears down a curmudgeonly bear in a wry comedy of manners that ends in a most unlikely friendship.]
A Bedtime for Bear [friendships/bedtime fears/new experiences]

Shari Becker
Maxwell's Mountain [quiet determination]

Michael Bedard
Emily (1992)

Cece Bell
Sock Monkey Rides Again - Sock Monkey can hardly believe his ears. He's landed the starring role in a singing cowboy movie! Now he'll get to yodel, ride a horse, lasso a cow, and — yikes! — kiss the leading lady.

Ludwig Bemelmans (see Special Book section)

Ehud Ben-Ezer
Hosni the Dreamer: An Arabian Tale (1997)

Bennett, Kelly
One Day I Went Rambling [Zane uses his imagination while playin in his neighborhood—a hubcap becomes a flying saucer's crest, an old wooden crate is Huck Finn's trusty craft, a pop top turns into a pirate's magic ring. One by one, his friends come along and building something together.

Samantha Berger
Martha Doesn't Say Sorry [Martha is ready to do just about anything-except say those three little words.] Ages 3-6

Jody Bergsma

Kate Bernheimer
The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum [Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a castle. The castle was inside a museum. When children visited, they’d press against the glass globe in which the castle sat, to glimpse the tiny girl. But when they went home, the girl was lonely. Then one day, she had an idea! What if you hung a picture of yourself inside the castle inside the museum, inside this book? Then you’d able to keep the girl company.

Cari Best
Goose's Story ["A wild goose has to learn to live with her weakness. Or she won't live at all"][based on author's actual experience]
Are You Going to be Good? [Robert is going to his first grownup party. All he hears is "Don't do that!" It’s hard to remember how he is supposed to behave. What it's like to be small in the world of adults.
Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen [When Sally Jean outgrows her beloved bicycle, Flash, she experiments with various ideas for acquiring a new, bigger one.] Good read for being resourceful.

Alex von Bidder
Wiggens Learns His Manners at the Four Seasons Restaurant [Wiggens is a Chocolate Labrador puppy who just can’t seem to mind his manners. His parents don’t know what to do, until they discover a place that teaches puppies all about refinement and how to behave — the famous Four Seasons Restaurant! Wiggens is nervous at first, but with the help of a Saint Bernard, he and the other puppies soon learn ten important lessons.] [Asking for help when it seems necessary, Being respectful of others, Listening patiently, Asking before taking things that do not belong to you, Apologizing when necessary, Saying please, Saying thank you.] Ages 4 up.

David Biedrzycki
Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective [Aided by his friends, Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective, sets out on the trail of kidnappers who took Queenie Bee.] Ages 6-9
Ace Lacewing Bug Detective: Bad Bugs Are My Business [When Scratch Murphy's flea bag full of dough goes missing, Ace Lacewing is on the case. With friends Xerces and Zito at his side, Ace searches Six Legs Park for clues. From the Termite Tower of Terror to Queenie Bee's Hive Rise Honey Stand, the place is crawling with suspects.] Ages 7-9

Margaret Blackstone
This is Baseball [farm team baseball/Philly Fans]

Lenore Blegvad
Anna Banana and Me (1987) (facing fears)

Becky Bloom
WOLF! ["Can't you see I'm a big and dangerous wolf?" "I'm sure you are," replied the pig. "But couldn't you be big and dangerous somewhere else? We're trying to read. This is a farm for educated animals..."]

Blumenthal, Deborah
Charlie Hits It Big (Ages 4-7) [A guinnea makes it big in Hollywood. A lively twist on there's no place like home.]

Rhoda Blumberg
Bloomers! [how the infancy of the women's rights movement put a kink in the breeches of American history.]

N.M. Bodecker
Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear (1998)

Paulette Bogan
Goodnight Lulu (forever change bedtime fears and what if?) [Ages3-6]

Marc Boutavant
Around the World with Mouk (Any Age) [Filled with vibrant illustrations, search-and-find challenges, and 46 reusable stickers, this oversized book is a spectacular play space for future world travelers. Mouk's journey takes him all around the world, and at every stop along the way his animal friends share fascinating tidbits about local customs.]

Katie Boyce
Hector the Hermit Cra SRC="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1582348006/embracingthechilA/" BORDER="0"b (shyness/"Making friends wasn't so difficult after all.")

Sandra Boynton
Hippos Go Berserk (1996)

Berkeley Breathed
The Last Basselope: One Ferocious Story [rumors][friendship]
Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big

Jan Brett
The Mitten [Teacher Resource]

Bine Brandle
Flusi: The Sock Monster [Finally! We know who's taking our socks!] [Warm, fuzzy, fun, cute]

Raymond Briggs
Jim and the Beanstalk [respect and acceptance]

Julie Brinckloe
Fireflies! [Reading Rainbow Book] [more than just catching fireflies]

Elise Broach
When Dinosaurs Came with Everything [Just when a little boy thinks he's going to die of boredom from running errands with his mom, the most remarkable, the most stupendous thing happens. He discovers that on this day, and this day only, stores everywhere are giving away a very special treat with any purchase. No, not the usual lollipop or sticker. Something bigger. Much, MUCH bigger.]

Don Brown
Mack Made Movies [picture-book biography of the moviemaker who made the Keystone Kops, Fatty Arbuckle, and Charlie Chaplin household names.] (Ages 6-9)

Calef Brown
Polkabats and Octopus Slacks: 14 Stories (1998)
Boy Wonders [For all those "why why why" kid out there, Calef Brown has a few questions of his own: Is water scared of waterfalls? Are clam bakes good for bake sales? Are phones annoyed when no one calls? Do jealous clouds steal each other's thunder? Each question is wackier than the last and is sure to drum up some good laughs.]

Jeff Brown
Flat Stanley [The Flat Stanley Project]
Stanley, Flat Again!

Margaret Wise Brown (see Special Book section)
Home for a Bunny
Goodnight Moon

Peter Brown [Interview]
Flight of the Dodo [unlikely friendships]
The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder [gotta love an underdog]
The Curious Garden [One boy's quest for a greener world... one garden at a time. Enchanting tale with environmental themes and breathtaking illustrations that become more vibrant as the garden blooms.]

Anthony Browne
The Shape Game [a family trip to a museum/semi-autobiographical]
Voices in the Park [a bit heavy for yougsters]
ZOO [I don't think the zoo really is for animals . . . I think it's for people.]
Silly Billy - A funny, sympathetic antidote to worry
Little Beauty [A story of an unlikely friendship. Once there was a very special gorilla who had almost everything he needed. There was only one thing he didn’t have: a friend. Sparked by the story of a real gorilla who learned to sign.] (2008)

Sophia Grace Brownlee
Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosiev [Following their breakout performance of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" on the ELLEN show, Sophia Grace and Rosie became YouTube sensations. After appearing numerous times on ELLEN, the girls have resonated with large audiences by dressing up in pink tutus and living out young girls' princess fantasies! These precocious cousins have charmed Ellen, her studio audiences, and millions of YouTube viewers with their British accents, delightful banter, princess dresses, singing and dancing talents, tea parties, and more!]

Joseph Bruchac [Resource File] [See Nature Section][See Native American]
Boy Called Slow
Canticle (a poem)
Crazy Horse's Vision [Young Lakota man's vision quest] Ages 7-10

Ashely Bryan (see Special Book section) [Resource File]

Eve Bunting [Resource File]
Twinnies (1997)
I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert [Interesting activity]
A Day's Work [Francisco, a young Mexican-American boy, helps his grandfather find work as a gardener, even though the old man cannot speak English and knows nothing about gardening. ]
Our Library [When Miss Goose announces that the library is going to close forever, Raccoon and his friends spring into action. Where will they get the help they need to save their beloved library? In books, of course!]
Walking to School [Walking to school can be hard if you live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It's downright dangerous if you're a Catholic, like Allison, and the shortest route to your school goes through a Protestant neighborhood. But sometimes a ray of kindness cuts through the violence.]

Burningham, John
Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the Whole Wide World - Edwardo is an ordinary boy who does his best to live up to grown-ups' expectations. So when they rant at him for being the clumsiest, noisiest, nastiest, cruelest, messiest, and dirtiest boy in the whole wide world, he becomes all those things with a vengence, thus earning the title of the horriblest boy in the whole wide world. How Edwardo becomes the nicest boy in the whole wide world will be appreciated by ordinary little boys everywhere. John Burningham's amusing illustrations bring a lighthearted touch to the power of positive reinforcement.

Virginia Lee Burton
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (1993)
The Little House (1978)
Katy and the Big Snow [Lesson Plan] Board Book Format (2010)

Timothy Bush
Benjamin McFadden and the Robot Babysitter (1998)
I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert

Nick Butterworth
Albert the Bear [never just a bear by appearance]

Lana Button
Willow's Whispers (Ages 5-7) [shyness/finding your voice/resourcefulness]

Robert Byrd
Finn MacCoul and His Fearless Wife: A Giant of a Tale from Ireland

Jane Cabrera
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (PreSchool) - well-loved nursery song makes for a perfect read-aloud or sing-along for preschoolers not just going around the mulberry bush but getting dressed, marching to school, and having lots of fun.

Mary Casanova
One-Dog Canoe [Can I come too?]
Utterly Otterly Day [Little Otter thinks he's a big otter now, big enough to take care of himself. But watch out, Little Otter, because no matter how big you get, it's good to have loved ones looking out for you.]

Eric Carle [See also Special Collection][Resource File]
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (1994)
The Very Busy Spider (1995)
The Very Quiet Cricket (1997)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Spanish Translation [Lesson Plans]
The Rabbit And The Turtle [gorgeous illustrations and charming retelling of Aesop's fables. Contains some of Aesop's most timeless tales.]
Tom Thumb [ Eric Carle brings to life four tales written by the brothers Grimm with his gorgeous illustrations and charming retelling of the classic stories. Tom Thumb, The Fisherman and His Wife, Hans in Luck, and The Seven Swabians.}
Eric Carle Classics: The Tiny Seed; Pancakes, Pancakes!; Walter the Baker (2011) [In Pancakes, Pancakes!, Jack is hungry for a big, delicious pancake breakfast. But first, his mother needs flour from the mill, an egg from the black hen, milk from the spotted cow, and butter churned from fresh cream. Will it ever be time for breakfast and that large pancake? In Walter the Baker, Walter is famous for his breads and pastries—and the Duchess especially loves his warm sweet rolls. But one day the cat spills the milk, and Walter is forced to serve the Duke and Duchess rolls made with water. Will Walter find a way to appease the unhappy Duke, or will he have to leave his town forever? And in The Tiny Seed, Eric Carle tells the classic story of the life cycle of a flower. Young readers will cheer the seed’s progress as it floats across the sky, nestles in the ground, and finally grows into a giant flower.]

Laurie Carlson
Boss Of The Plains (1998)

Paul Carrick
Watch Out for Wolfgang! (Ages 4-7) [The Three Little Pigs Robot Style. Once upon a time, three robot brother left home to seek their fortunes. Rod buys a factory just like moms, Slick finds one as fancy as himself, and Dudley—well, Dud does things his own way. When Wolfgang the Recycler comes knocking on their doors, the young bots have to think fast...or be recycled for their precious parts. A clever fractured fairy tale about just being yourself. ] The illustrations are made of shaped plastic, wires, bits of screen, and other recycled materials.

Nancy Castaldo
Pizza for the Queen [based on the events of June 11, 1889, in Napoli, Italy, which gave birth to the Pizza Margherita, which shows off the red, white, and green of the Italian flag]

Denys Cazet [Minnie and Moo Series]

Peter Catalanotto
Dad & Me(1999)
Emily's Art (it's not important what anyone else thinks)
The Painter (love of family, love of art)
Matthew A.B.C. (Alphabetizing a classroom of Matthews by assigning attributes to their last name…"Matthew A. is affectionate")

Catrow, David
Monster Mash [The "Monster Mash" gets Wolf Man, zombies, and other monsters to dance and party in this catchy, classic song. Dracula rises out of his coffin, vampires feast in the master bedroom, and the ghouls get a jolt from Boris's electrodes.]

Shaun Chan
The Arrival (All Ages) [Shaun Tan evokes universal aspects of an immigrant's experience through a singular work of the imagination. He does so using brilliantly clear and mesmerizing images. Because the main character can't communicate in words, the book forgoes them too. But while the reader experiences the main character's isolation, he also shares his ultimate joy.] Wonderfully imaginative.
Lost & Found (All Ages) [A collection of three jaw-dropping stories: THE RED TREE, THE LOST THING, and THE RABBITS. A girl finds a bright spot in a dark world. A boy leads a strange, lost creature home. And a group of peaceful creatures loses their home to cruel invaders. Three stories, written and illustrated by Shaun Tan, about how we lose and find what matters most to us.] Thought provoking and rich.

Lauren Child
Beware of the Storybook Wolves [imagination][childhood fears]
Clarice Bean Guess Who's Babysitting? [Who can Mom and Dad get to babysit the feisty Clarice, her pesky brother Minal Cricket, and the school’s guinea pig, Albert, who’s visiting for spring break? (Not to mention teenage brother Kurt, who abhors daylight; big sis Marcie, who chats on the phone all day; and Grandad, who tends to wander off.) Only Uncle Ted, firefighter and movie addict, can be persuaded. Will he survive the week?]
Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent [Boy genius saves board-playing parents who think their money will never run out as they go from "frightfully, frightfully rich" to bankrupt.]
I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola) ["Lola likes to stay up coloring and scribbling and sticking and wriggling and bouncing and most of all chattering."]
I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) [Charlie to persuade Lola that school is worthwhile — and that her invisible friend, Soren Lorensen, will be welcome, too.]
Who Wants to Be a Poodle? I Don't! [a wry and wooly tale of a pampered poodle who just wants to paddle in puddles — like REAL dogs do. BE Yourself. A good message. Fun read.]
Clarice Bean, What Planet Are You From? (Ages 6-8) [Activity Kit]- Gravity is a strange invisible force. You know it's there because you are not floating about like a jellyfish. Sometimes I think gravity is a pity...Clarice is tackling 'The Environment' in her own inimitable fashion. From trees and planets and holes in the sky, to litter bugs and eco warriors, Clarice Bean has something to say. This will put a smile on your face every time you read it. You could even chuckle while your kids are learning to be ecowarriors!
Clarice Bean, That's Me (Ages 6-9) - When your annoying little brother shares your room, your older brother is in the tunnel of adolescence, your dad hides in his office swaying to Frank Sinatra, and your mother listens to foreign language tapes in the bathtub, what can you do to get away from it all? Clarice Bean is searching for a little peace and quiet amid the wonderfully wacky chaos of a large extended family. "Sometimes I say, I haven't got time for all your nonsense. And he says, TWIT. And I say, Twit and a half. And he says, Twit with carrots in your ears. And then I flick his nose with my ruler, And he says, MOOOM, in this really whiny brother way."
Slightly Invisible - Charlie and his friend Marv have invented an invisibility potion to help them find strange and tricky creatures, which they would prefer to do without Charlie’s little sister, Lola, bothering and interrupting. But when Lola enlists a bit of help from her invisible friend, Soren Lorensen - not to mention a tea set, a rabbit, a stroller, and of course one or three glasses of pink mil k- it turns out that the strange and tricky creatures have met their match in one very resourceful, inventive little sister.

Yangsook Choi
Peach Heaven [Based on true story/South Korean waters flood farm/giving back what is not yours.]

Kay Chorao
Pig and Crow (2000) [Loneliness and friendship]

Eileen Christelow
VOTE! [Using a town’s mayoral election as a model, this lively introduction to voting covers every step in the process, from the start of the campaign all the way to the voting booth: background history on voting rights; explains the voting process; and answers questions about registration, volunteering, fund-raising, and recounting ballots. ]
Five Little Monkeys Play Hide-and-Seek
Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed (2011)

Andrew Clements
Because Your Mommy Loves You [When a little boy and his mom go camping, mini-disasters abound, and there are lots of opportunities for Mom to step in and fix everything. But instead, with a loving touch, this mommy shows her child ways to do things for himself, going far to encourage her child’s independence.]

Shirley Climo
The Little Red Ant and the Great Big Crumb: A Mexican Fable (1995)

Cline-Ransome, Lesa
Young Pele: Soccer's First Star [Here is the story (picture book biography) of the boy who overcame tremendous odds to become the world champion soccer star Pelé. ]

Carl Cneut
The Amazing Love Story of Mr. Morf [circus dog, Mr. Morf, wants a friend of his own.]

Peter Cohen
Boris's Glasses [a hamster gets glasses and sees the ugliness in the world]

Miriam Cohen
Down in the Subway [A Carribean vacation where you least expect it: down in the subway! ] Super Illustrations!
Eddy's Dream ["Dreams are stupid." But are they?]

Terri Cohlene
Something Special [How many ways can a kiss be delivered?]

Barbara H. Cole
Wash Day [Story of love and friendship that can overcome barriers of age and race.]

Heidi Cole and Nancy Vogi
Am I a Color Too? ["When I think of all the people, all those faces in my sight, if people are really colors, there should be more than black and white. Am I a color too?"]

Brock Cole
The Giant's Toe [Jack and the Beanstalk theme]
Larky Mavis

Paul Collicutt
This Boat
This Plane
This Train
This Car Ying Chang Compestine
The Story of Paper [includes historical notes and recipe for home-made paper]

Pam Conrad
The Tub People (1995) (dolls who think and feel)(imagination)
The Tub Grandfather (1993) (imagination)

Collins, Elizabeth
To Sleep with the Angels

Barbara Cooney (reviews)(bio) [Women in History Section]
Hattie and the Wild Waves
Miss Rumphius [Teacher Guide]
Island Boy

Elisha Cooper
Building [from vacant lot to finished building]
Ice Cream [from cow to freezer]

Helen Cooper
The Boy Who Wouldn't Go to Bed (1997)
Pumpkin Soup [the dynamics of friendship]
A Pipkin of Pepper (for the Pumpkin Soup) [Duck has the habit of wandering off but he promises not to get lost.]

Bernadine Cook (Crockett Johnson, Illustrator)
The Little Fish That Got Away

Genevieve Cote
Me and You - "I wish I were just like you. I wish I were just like you." Two very different friends explore what it would be like to be each other and discover that they are both works of art just the way they are. (Ages 3-5)

Lucy Cousins
I'm the Best [boasting] Ages 3-5

Catherine Cowan
My Life With the Wave (1997)(imagination)

Joy Cowley
The Hungry Giant [Lesson Plan]
The Hungry Giant of the Tundra

June Crebbin
Cows in the Kitchen (1998)

Molly Coxe
Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue [rescue and adventure featuring fuzzy young Benjamin Middlemouse and his wooly friend Bumper the elephant as the unlikely heroes/features a cinematic photo of charming handmade mice and other creatures that inhabit a richly textured, three-dimensional world. When Benjamin's mother does not return to the antique armoire they call home, Benjamin recruits his friend Bumper, a stuffed animal who lives on the nearby bed, to help with the search.]

Carolyn Crimi
Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes [dancing mouse and crooning cat]
Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies [a ship sinks and book-reading Henry uses the knowledge to build a hut, cook stew, clothe them all, and helps them build a new ship. The fun throughout the book enchances the message of the book—READ! (it could save your life.) Ages 4 to 8.
The LOUDS Move In! [The Louds are a LOUD family. The neighbors can't stand the noise...until they aren't there.]

Jill Creighton
8 O'Cluck (1997)[Lesson Plan]

Doreen Cronin
Giggle, Giggle, Quack (2011) (Board Book) [Farmer Brown is going on vacation. He asks his brother, Bob, to take care of the animals. "But keep an eye on Duck. He's trouble." Bob follows the instructions in Farmer Brown's notes exactly. Is that giggling he hears?]
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
A Barnyard Collection: Click, Clack, Moo and More (2010)[includes Click, Clack, Moo; Cows that Type; Giggle, Giggle, Quack; and Dooby Dooby Moo]
Wiggle (Baby/Prek)
Diary of a Fly
Diary of a Worm
Diary of a Spider
Duck for President [There's a fresh bill on Capitol Hill. Duck is tired of farm work. He runs for Govenor (it's too much work). He runs for President (it's too much work). He returns to the farm and writes (types) his autobiography. Remember the chads? Recounts? This is a FUN read! ]
Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure [It's time for the Annual Corn Maze Festival - and it's going to be a ton of work! The barn needs to be painted, the corn field needs a fence around it, and someone has to build a ticket booth for the hot air balloon rides. However, the animals are more interested in giving Farmer Brown a hard time than a helping hand - so, he is forced to make some compromises. Farmer Brown also has to make some threats. No work means no special order organic duck feed. Duck is not excited. As Farmer Brown designs his Statue of Liberty maze, Duck does some designing of his own. Guess who's in for a big surprise?]
M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) - Based on “years of research, observation, and time-outs,” this indispensible and hilarious guide arms kids (and dads) with the knowledge they need to avoid the most precarious mother-related situations as: how she should be fed, why she needs more than three inches of space on a bed, and what to do if her face ranks a “10” on the Mad Face Scale. Wickedly funny and acutely perceptive. Good fun and on the mark.

Susan Stevens Crummel
Ten-Gallon Bart [This Dodge-city like treat finds Ten-Gallon Bart working up the courage to face the bug bully (Billy the Kid)]
Ten-Gallon Bart and the Wild West Show [Retired Ten-Gallon Bart is bored, bored, bored... until Buffalo Chips's Wild West Show rolls into town. Bart is sure he can win the bull-riding contest and become the star of the show! But there's a big problem. He has to ride the notorious Crazy Bull.]

Tony Crunk
Railroad John And the Red Rock Run [lots and lots of fun and a mighty tall-tale telling]

Jane Cutler
Ira Sleeps Over [Addresses the fear of first sleep-over]

Kimbra Cutlip
Sailor's Night Before Christmas

Margery Cuyler
That's Good! That's Bad
That's Good! That's Bad! In the Grand Canyon

Roald Dahl (see also recommended books)[Resource File]
The Witches

Elizabeth Dahlie
Bernelly & Harriet: The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
Henrietta [overcoming prejudice - pig (Henrietta) wants to go to Cambridge]

Alice Dalgliesh
The Courage of Sarah Noble [supplemental guide]

Annie Dalton
The Starlight Princess and Other Princess Stories (1999)

Lawrence David
Beetle Boy (1999)

Candace Ryan
Ribbit Rabbit - Frog and Bunny are best friends. RIBBIT, RABBIT! They do everything together, like fight monsters (ZIP IT, ZAP IT!). And even though they get in fights sometimes-YIP IT, YAP IT!-they always make up in the end. Nice read-aloud for discussion on conflict resolution. (PreS).

Ryan David
The Magic Raincoat [To Emily's surprise, the orange raincoat that her mother bought her is even better than the yellow one Emily wanted—this raincoat is magical! After learning that she should use her new raincoat only for good causes, the raincoat disappears.]

Niki Daly
Old Bob's Brown Bear [intergenerational/jealousy/sharing]
Ruby Sings the Blues [misery—Ruby's loud mouth—to mastery, a multicultural neighborhood celebrating music]

Carmela & Steven d'Amico
Ella Takes the Cake [wanting to help out, Ella learns to take charge.]

Katie Davis
I Hate to Go to Bed!
Scared Stiff [overcoming fear]

Alexis Deacon
Beegu [long floppy-eared yellow alien comes to earth to find her mother]
Slow Loris [the secret life of a loris]
A Place to Call Home [Seven little junkyard critters venture out of their small, dark hole on a charmingly madcap quest for a new home] A fun read-aloud.

Sabrina Dearborn
A Child's Book of Blessings (1999)

Cynthia DeFelice
Cold Feet
Three Perfect Peaches: A French Folktale
The Real, True Dulcie Campbell

Bruce Degan
Jamberry (1990)
Daddy Is a Doodlebug [tribute to fathers/fathers as role models]

Demi [see more in Folktales]
The Legend of Saint Nicholas (Ages 7-11) 2003
Kites: Magic Wishes That Fly Up to the Sky (Ages 7-9)
The Donkey and the Rock
Muhammad [retelling of the Prophet's life] beautiful illustrations. (Ages 9-12)
Mother Teresa
The Boy Who Painted Dragons (Ages 7 and up) [timeless tale of using wisdom and valor to overcome fear.]
The Girl Who Drew a Phoenix (Ages 7-10) [Feng Huang finds a phoenix feather that has fallen from the sky. When she tries to draw the magical bird and share her inspiration, no one is able to tell what it is. Luckily for Feng Huang, the Queen Phoenix sees her troubles and swoops down from the heavens to offer her help. A phoenix's powers are not easily revealed, however, and Feng Huang embarks on a journey of thought, wonder, and self-discovery. Wisdom, Clear Sight, Equality, Generosity, and Right Judgment are worthy qualities indeed, but Feng Huang finds that they are only truly powerful when shared.]
Marco Polo (Ages 8-12) [Many people say Marco Polo was the greatest explorer that ever lived, traveling 33,000 miles by land and sea from Venice, Italy, to modern-day Beijing, China. His famous book, The Travels of Marco Polo, indicates that he was a man of extraordinary bravery, brilliance, and strength. With his uncle and father, he traveled across Turkey, Armenia, the Middle East, the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, and the hot Taklimakan Desert before finally reaching China in 1275. Welcomed by the great emperor Kublai Khan, Marco Polo was amazed by the inventions, riches, and religious tolerance of the great Khan’s kingdom, where Marco remained for the next 20 years.] This book is a real treasure. Beautiful. Recommended for all school libraries.

Mary Newell Depalma
The Perfect Gift [a fun and action-packed tribute to friendship, creativity and most of all, the power of a hand-made gift].

Tomie De Paola [teacher resource file]
The Knight and the Dragon [fighting/conflict resolution]
Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs (death of grandparent)
Now One Foot : Now the Other [supplemental guide](grandparent illness)
Charlie Needs a Cloak: Story and Pictures
When Everyone Was Fast Asleep

Jana Dillon
Sasha's Matrioshka Dolls [Russian Nesting Dolls]

Tony DiTerlizzi (Spiderwick Chronicles)
Jimmy Zangwow's Out-of-This-World Moon-Pie Adventure (2000)
The Spider and the Fly (2002)
Ted ["big, raspberry-colored oaf" DiTerlizzi's imaginary childhood friend] (2001)

Dodd, Emma
Meow Sad the Cow (Ages 4-7) [It's a noisy morning in the barnyard: roosters crowing, cows mooing, mice squeaking! And the farmer's cat has had enough. With a flick of his tail, the cat casts a spell and the barnyard is turned upside-down. The chickens are oinking, the sheep are barking, and the sheepdog can only let out a confused "Baa?" It's not long before the animals figure out who's to blame...] Fun read-aloud.

Dayle Ann Dodds
Henry's Amazing Machine [putting things together for the pure joy of it/using imagination/creativity/a surprise ending/great illustrations]
The Kettles Get New Clothes [the Kettles, a family of dogs goes to town for their once-a-year shopping for the same clothes.]

Julia Donaldson
The Snail and the Whale [no matter the size, we can all help each other]
A Gold Star for Zog [Zog is the most eager student in his dragon training class, but he's also the most accident-pronce which can lead to failed attempts and hurt self esteem. With each test (and each bump, bruise, or scrape), his dream of earning a gold star seems further away than ever. But a mysterious girl keeps coming to his rescue. And when Zog faces his toughest test yet, she may be just the person to help Zog win classroom glory!]
The Highway Rat [Quick! Hide all your goodies! The Highway Rat's coming, and he's going to steal your snacks. He takes clover from a rabbit, nuts from a squirrel -- he even steals his own horse's hay! Can no one stop him? This is the story of a wickedly loveable villain who gets his just deserts.]

Donofrio, Beverly
Mary and the Mouse, The Mouse and Mary [Even though Mary has been warned to stay away from mice - and Mouse has been warned to steer clear of people - the two can't help but peek at one another. Side by side, they grow up, go to college, get married, and have children of their own - Maria and MouseMouse. And then one day, Maria and MouseMouse do something surprising . . . something their parents never did. They actually come nose-to-nose and speak to one another!]

Arthur Dorros [see Nature Books ][Resource File]
The Fungus That Ate My School (2000)
Abuela [supplemental unit][lesson plan]

Mike Downs
You See a Circus. I See... [A young acrobat shows his friends around the big top, but all is not as it seems.The stars are his family]

Lynn Downey
The Tattletale (Ages 5-8) - captures the essence of sibling rivalry—and friendship.

Malachy Doyle
Tales from Old Ireland Niamh Sharkey, Illustrator

Henrik Drescher
McFig and McFly: A Tale of Jealousy, Revenge, and Death (with a Happy Ending) [McFig and McFly are in a lifelong competition to be bigger and better than each other. Where will all their obsessive one-upmanship end?]

Allan Drummond
Casey Jones [Learn more about Legendary railroad engineer, John Luther "Casey" Jones]

Jonny Duddle
The Pirate Cruncher (Ages 7-9) [A mysterious old pirate tells a tavern of salty seadogs about an island bursting with hidden treasure. But once they set sail, he also mentions that it is guarded by the terrible Pirate Cruncher. When the pirates’ greed gets the better of their fear, there’s a big surprise in store!]

Joyce Dunbar
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep
Tell Me What It's Like to Be Big {Big Brother/Little Sister]

Polly Dunbar
Tilly and Friends: Where's Tumpty? [Hide and Seek. Where's an elephant to hide?] Ages 3-6
Tilly and Friends: Pretty Pru ["borrowing" and sharing.] Ages 3-6

Laura Duksta
Your are a Gift to the World/The World is a Gift to You [unique flip-book design and universal message that brings beautiful lyricism to a dual idea: A child is a gift to the world, and the world is a gift to a child. Evoking all that makes a child unique, the book then mirrors with the world's special gifts-from mountains to seas to life itself.]

Alan Durant
Burger Boy - Benny likes burgers. Benny loves burgers. In fact, burgers are the only food that Benny ever eats. "If you don"t watch out, you"ll turn into a burger one day," warns his mom. And one day, Benny does. Hilarious, roly-poly illustrations capture Benny"s wacky transformation and the chaos that ensues. A delectable cautionary tale, this is a rollicking read-aloud that"s certain to tickle picky eaters (and their parents) everywhere.

Olivier Dunrea
Bear Noel [Holiday Book]

Keith DuQuette
Cock-A-Doodle Moooo: A Mixed-Up Menagerie - Ages 6-10 [Imagined creatures that combine parts of different animals]

Hallie Durand
Mitchell's License (Ages 3-5) - Mitchell NEVER wants to go to bed. That is, until one night Dad gives him a license to drive there. Here's a heartwarming ride with four-year-old Mitchell, a kid with a need for speed, a lead foot, and a very special license to drive.

Sarah Dyer
Clementine and Mungo [the know-it-all bigger sister is reassured by little brother]

T. Obinkaram Echewa
The Magic Tree: A Folktale from Nigeria

Pamela Duncan Edwards
Rude Mule (2002) 4-8 [please, thank you, manners]
The Grumpy Morning (1998) PreK
Livingstone Mouse (1998)
Honk!: The Story of a Prima Swanerina
Some Smug Slug [alliteration]
Barefoot: Escape on the Underground Railroad
Boston Tea Party
Clara Caterpillar
Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke [alliteration]
Rosie's Roses [alliteration]
The Neat Line: Scribbling Through Mother Goose
While The World Is Sleeping [Spend the the night on an exploration with foxes, porcupines, raccoons, fish, mice, and more as their day begins while the rest of the world is fast asleep. Fly across the night on a snow owl as you glide over meadows, lakes, forests, and rivers with only the moon to light the way.] A nice lullaby and a lovely look at nature at night.

Wallace Edwards
The Extinct Files: My Science Project [Do dinosaurs still live among us? The shocking truth is revealed in this knock-your-socks-off illustrated book]
Painted Circus, The: P.T. Vermin Presents a Mesmerizing Menagerie... [the eye is tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked and flimflammed … but finally rewarded when all mysteries are revealed after the grand finale! P.T. Vermin, ringmouse extraordinaire, ushers patrons into the Big Top to behold 22 astonishing stunts, including Norwegian Marching Ducks, The Spectral Sphere and The Flying Fishtastics, each featuring an eye-opening optical illusion.]
The Cat's Pajamas [The Cat's Pajamas depicts 26 idioms, bringing new meaning to familiar sayings and tickling your funny bone with a surreal illustration on each page. To ensure you get the hang of it, each expression is used in a sentence and explained at the back of the book. And if you look closely you'll discover a cat hidden in every painting; some cats are a piece of cake to find, others may require you to use your noodle.] (All ages)

Richard Egielski
Slim and Jim (2002) [Oliver Twist for tots]
Jazper (1998)(father and son)
Three Magic Balls

Lois Ehlert
Planting a Rainbow*****
Growing Vegetable Soup
Snowballs [Teacher Guide]
Cuckoo= Cucu: A Mexican Folktale = UN Cuento Folklorico Mexicano
Boo to You! (2009) Halloween/Harvest Tale. (Ages 3-6)
RRRALPH (Ages 3-6) [Would you believe that Ralph the dog can talk?]

Amy Ehrlich
The Girl Who Wanted to Dance (Ages 6-10) [The call to self expression haunts a delicate, poignant tale about family and art, love and longing — and the ineffable tie between parent and child.]

Laura Malone Elliott
Hunter's Best Friend at School ["We do everything together." Resisting peer pressure]
Hunter and Stripe and the Soccer Showdown [can best friends be competitive and good sports?]

Rebecca Emberley - Baby/PreK - Board Books English/Spanish
My Colors Mis Colores
My Numbers Mis Numeros
My Opposites Mis Opuestos
Chicken Little [You may already know the tale of a not-quite-so-bright little chicken whose encounter with an acorn and gravity convinces him the sky is falling, but you've never seen the story told this way. A brilliant collaboration (illustrated by Ed Emberley) brings us a bold and colorful retelling of the classic tale, as crazy-eyed Chicken and all his panicked friends run away from the sky and right into an eye-catching gatefold surprise.] (Ages 3-7)
If You're A Monster And You Know It

Rebecca, Adrian & Ed Emberley
There Was An Old Monster! [There was an old monster who swallowed a tick/I don't know why he swallowed that tick/'Cause it made him feel sick! When he swallowed some ants, he danced in his pants. He swallowed a lizard, a bat, a jackal, and a bear. Then he tried to swallow a lion . . . ROAR!--Now that monster is no more!

Jonathan Emmett
Someone Bigger [kite flying with dad/proving your worth/"No, you're too small/-This kite needs/someone bigger"]
The Princess and the Pig [There's been a terrible mix-up in the royal nursery. Priscilla the princess has accidentally switched places with Pigmella, the farmer's new piglet. The kindly farmer and his wife believe it's the work of a good witch, while the ill-tempered king and queen blame the bad witch-after all, this happens in fairy tales all the time! While Priscilla grows up on the farm, poor yet very happy, things don't turn out quite so well for Pigmella. Kissing a frog has done wonders before, but will it work for a pig?]

Jennifer A. Ericsson
She Did It! [four energetic sisters always pointing a finger/blame]

Ering, Timothy Basil
Necks out for Adventure: The True Story of Edwin Wiggleskin [overcoming fear]
The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone [Once upon a time, in a gray endless place called Cementland, there lived a boy who wished to find a treasure. After searching through piles of toaster ovens and wet smelly socks, he spies a box filled with specks and a note that says, "Put these wondrous riches in the earth and enjoy."]

Lisa Campbell Ernst
Hannah Mae O'Hannigan's Wild West Show [self confidence/lasso destiny]

Jill Esbaum
Stanza [There's a slobbery thug in town, and his name is Stanza. He bullies everybody. He eats chicken pot pie. And . . . he writes poetry. Shhhh! If his brothers ever found out—oh, the teasing, the torture, the tears. That doesn't stop him from entering a poem in a jingle contest.]

Ian Falconer
OLIVIA [2001 Caldecott Honor Book]
Olivia Saves The Circus 2002
Olivia The Gift Set Collection (2008) [The Gift Set Collection includes a hardcover picture book PLUS 2 exclusives only available in this gift set!: a CD recording of Olivia by Dame Edna and a collectible miniature hardcover of Olivia...and the Missing Toy.
Olivia . . . and the Missing Toy The Gift Set Collection (2008) [The Gift Set Collection includes a hardcover picture book PLUS 2 exclusives only available in this gift set!:a CD recording of Olivia...and the Missing Toy by Dame Edna and a collectible miniature hardcover of Olivia...Saves the Circus.
Olivia Goes to Venice (2010) [Olivia takes her discerning eye for style to beautiful Venice on a family vacation that involves dodging pigeons in the Piazza San Marco, gorging on gelato, and barely staying afloat in a gondola.]

Regis Faller
The Adventures of Polo - Equipped with a backpack full of supplies, Polo sets off on a little boat and on a series of delightful adventures that take him across (and under) the ocean, to an island and a frozen iceberg, to space and home again, with a world of magical encounters along the way. Polo's journey is packed with incident and expression; 80 pages of seamless, satisfying (wordless) picture storytelling are perfectly targeted to the youngest reader. Unique, dynamic, and playful,
Polo: The Runaway Book - Here’s a new volume every bit as charming and as mesmerizing The Adventures of Polo. When the resourceful dog sets aside his brand-new book and drifts off to sleep, a curious little creature makes off with it.
Polo and Lily - In comic-book-style panels, Polo's newest adventure unfolds. A flying cloud carrying a sleeping rabbit gets stuck in the branches of Polo's tree-home bringing an unexpected visit from a feisty, practical-joke-loving new friend. A light-hearted and sweet tale about making new friends and keeping them--even when they have to fly away.

Joe Fallon
Halfway Hank [fun read-aloud with a message designed to reinforce every young reader's sense of individuality.] Ages 4-8

Farley, Brianne
Ike's Incredible Ink [Ike wants to write a story, an incredible story. He’s all ready to go, but even after cleaning his room and calling his best friend, he somehow can’t seem to get started. And then Ike realizes what’s missing — he needs new ink. His very own ink, made from just the right ingredients. This debut picture book is clever and quite entertaining].

Jan Fearnley
Mr. Wolf and the Three Bears [Goldilocks—the rudest girl in the neighborhood—crashes the party.]
Mr. Wolf's Pancakes
Milo Armadillo [Tallulah’s present is not what she asked for. And it’s not what the other kids have—a fluffy pink rabbit. Grandma gets creative with her knitting needles. But the surprise Tallulah lifts out of the box is not a rabbit, it’s a pink fluffy . . . thing, named Milo Armadillo. He’s athletic, musical, and great for sharing adventures, but Tallulah’s friends say he’s funny-looking. A nice story about appreciating what you have/acceptance/differences.]

Jules Feiffer
I Lost My Bear (1998)

Kate Feiffer
President Pennybaker (Ages 5-8) [Sent to his room for a time-out, Luke devises a plan to run for president and make life fair for kids once and for all.]
My Side of the Car (illustrated by Jules Feiffer, her Dad) - Inspired by real life. Sadie has wanted to go the zoo forever, but something always gets in the way. "One day when we were supposed to go to the zoo, my mom tripped over a toy fire engine. So we went to the hospital instead of the zoo." Says Dad, "Sadie, it's raining." Sadie insists that it's not raining on "my side of the car." "People are putting on their sunglasses and heading to zoos all over the world on my side of the car," Today they are finally on their way, and nothing can stop them.

Sarah Ferguson
Little Red's Autumn Adventure [Little Red and her friends are on their way to the Great Harvest Festival when she sees two tiny mice who have lost their mommy, so she shrinks down to their size and offers to lend a hand. But what's this? Now that Little Red's small, she can't reach her sack of smiles! How will she help them now? ] (Ages 3-6)

Edith Hope Fine and Judith Pinkerton Josephson
Armando and the Blue Tarp School - An artistic young Mexican boy living in a colonia (trash dump community) takes the first steps toward realizing his dream of getting an education. Based on the work of David Lynch, a teacher from New York who first began working in a colonia in Mexico in the early 1980s. (Ages 5-9)

Paul Fleischman [see Special Books] [see Newbery] [Resource File]
LOST! A Story of String (2000)
The Animal Hedge (Ages 6-10) No one loves animals more than the farmer. But when a drought befalls the land, and he must sell his livestock and move to a cottage with only a hedge around it, he and his three sons discover something remarkable about their hedge —- and something unique about each person who trims its branches. A testament to vision, passion, and destiny, matched by Bagram Ibatoulline’s virtuoso paintings.

Doug Florian

Denise Fleming
Time to Sleep (1997)
Where Once There Was a Wood (1996) [wildlife habitat conservation]
Buster (2003) [Buster had everything he wanted until one day his owner brought home a box (a cat)]

Jennifer Fosberry
My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? [Who Is Your Hero? Isabella's include U.S. Astronaut Sally Ride, activist Rosa Parks, and sharpshooter Annie Oakley-but there's no bigger hero than Isabella's own mommy! Join Isabella on an adventure of discovery-and find out how imagining to be these extraordinary women teaches her the importance of being her extraordinary self.]

Lee Fox
Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair [Ella Kazoo would rather do anything than brush her hair. As her hair grows from bad to worse, something must be done to tame her wild locks. Ella and her mother find a solution that makes them both happy. Riotously demonstrates the daily battle of wills that all parents and daughters are familiar with and reminds readers that almost every problem has a solution.]

Mem Fox [See Special Collection]
Time For Bed
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Koala Lou
Possum Magic
Whoever You Are
Hello Baby!

Frank, Paul
Julius! Wild West Bananza [In this Wild West adventure, Julius is the sheriff in a town where everyone insists on doing things the same way. Readers will revel in seeing what happens when people dare to try new things . . . and go a little bananas! A feel-good story about individuality.]

Debra Frasier [See Special Collection]
Out of the Ocean
On The Day You Were Born
Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster

Mary Ann Fraser
I. Q. Goes to the Library [use as introduction to the library/getting a card]
I. Q., It's Time [I.Q., the classroom pet, helps get ready for parents' night.]

Craig Frazier
Hank Finds Inspiration (Ages 5-7) [Hank the Snake has a bit of a problem. When his friend Stanley goes into the city to look for inspiration, Jack decides to look for some too, but has no idea where to find it. A touching tale of discovery.

Don Freeman (1908-1978)
Corduroy (1976)
A Pocket for Corduroy (1980)
Manuelo the Playing Mantis 2004 [determination and friendship/Mantis wants to find an instrument to play]

Heather Vogel Frederick
Hide and Squeak [It's time for bed, but the little Mouse Baby has no intentions of calling it a night. He hides in the garden, hides in the kitchen, hides his little whiskers anywhere he can. Anything to keep from going to bed. But daddy is right behind him --"Mousebaby mousebaby, where can you be?"-- trying to get this little scamp all tucked in and ready to sleep.]
Hide-and-Squeak [ - It's time for bed, but the little Mouse Baby has no intentions of calling it a night. He hides in the garden, hides in the kitchen, hides his little whiskers anywhere he can. Anything to keep from going to bed. But daddy is right behind him --"Mousebaby mousebaby, where can you be?"-- trying to get this little scamp all tucked in and ready to sleep. Nice warm father/son bond.

Jackie French
Too Many Pears! [too much of a good thing...]
Diary of a Wombat [WARNING: This marsupial might give children the idea they can train their parents for treats on demand!] [How to Scratch a Wombat: Where to Find It . . . What to Feed It . . . Why It Sleeps All Day [nonfiction 2009]
No Such Thing! [Do monsters really live under beds?]
One Monkey Too Many [Use as counting book too]
One Monkey Too Many

Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers
Gus and Button
How Are You Peeling? (1999)
One Lonely Sea Horse (2000)
Dr. Pompo's Nose

Ina R. Friedman
How My Parents Learned to Eat [supplemental guide] cultural differences

Margaret W. Froehlich
That Kookory! (1995)

Cornelia Funke
A Princess, A Pirate, and One Wild Brother [...Little Violetta trains in secret to become THE PRINCESS KNIGHT. Fierce Molly is out to show ferocious Captain Firebeard and his motley crew just who really rules the high seas in PIRATE GIRL. And brave Ben, THE WILDEST BROTHER, battles moldy green ghosts and slime-belching monsters--until the sun goes down. That's when he seeks the protection of his big sis! ]

Sherry Garland
Lotus Seed [supplement unit] endurance and change

Alan Garner
Well of the Wind (1998)

Peter Geibler
Yours and Mine [imaginary friends] Beautifully illustrated (2005)

Jean Craighead George   [Teacher Resource File] [See Nature Books]
Nutik, The Wolf Pup [bond between humans and animals]... a picture book introduction to Julie of the Wolves for ages 9-12...[See Newbery Section]
Nutik & Amaroq Play Ball 2001[Sequel]
How to Talk to Your Dog
How to Talk to Your Cat
Dear Rebecca, Winter Is Here
Cliff Hanger [mountain climbing rescue adventure/listening for storm]

Kristine O'Connell George
Little Dog Poems (1999)
The Great Frog Race : And Other Poems
Old Elm Speaks: Tree Poems

Faye Gibbons
Mama and Me and the Model T

Gail Gibbons (nature books)
Behold...the Dragons (1999)
Trains (1988)
Spiders (1994)
Thanksgiving (2004) [celebration of food, family, remembering the Pilgrams and Indians, and giving thanks for blessings.]

John Gile
Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! [Frank Fiorello, Illustrator]

Judith Heide Gilliland
Not in the House, Newton! [colors...Red RED crayon - imagination - stories coming to life]

Mirra Ginsburg, V. Suteev
The Chick and the Duckling [same and different]

Libby Gleeson
The Great Bear [Once there was a dancing circus bear who spent her days in a cold, hard cage. Each night she was led to the town square, where acrobats, trapeze artists, and clowns performed for a boisterous crowd. The bear performed, too, year in and year out, lifting her feet and swaying to the music of trumpets, drums, and cymbals. As she danced, some people clapped, and many poked her with sticks or threw stones. One night, however, the bear did not dance. She stood very still. And then she let out a mighty roar. . . . This deeply affecting tale of a bear who escapes cruelty to find a mythical release will resonate with all who love animals, while offering a universal message about freedom and dignity.] (Ages 4-8)

Debi Gliori
Stormy Weather - As a mama fox tucks her baby into bed, she soothes his nighttime fears of the storm outside his window with the promise of watching over him while he sleeps, just like all other baby animals around the world.

Jennifer P. Goldfinger
A Fish Named Spot   [be careful what you feed your pets]

Valeri Gorbachev
Catty Jane Who Hated the Rain (Ages 3-7) - Catty Jane hates the rain, A LOT. But her spirited friends love almost everything about it. In this satisfying story about friendship, Catty Jane learns a thing or two about having fun.

Scott Goto
The Perfect Sword (Ages 7-10) [Michio is apprenticed to Sensei Masa, a master swordsmith. Together they forge a magnificent samurai sword that all are eager to own. But Sensei knows this isn't a sword for just anyone. Who will be worthy of owning this perfect sword? Rich, symbolic art captures the Tokugawa period in ancient Japan. Includes an author's note about the history of Japanese samurai swords and a glossary of Japanese terms.]

Keith Graves
Uncle Blubbafink's Seriously Ridiculous Stories - Ages 7-10

Keith Graves
Chicken BIG [On a teeny little farm, in an itty-bitty coop, a very small hen laid a big, giant egg. And out of this egg came one big, humongous . . . something. "It's big!" clucked the little rooster. "It's enormous!" clucked the small chicken. "It's an elephant!" peeped the smallest chicken. "Run for your lives!" they cried. No matter how they try, these clueless chickens can't make sense of the gigantic new member of their family—until he saves the day. Fun read-aloud.]

Emily Gravett
Meerkat Mail [Sunny Meerkat lives in the Kalahari desert with his family. He likes beetles on toast (with insect larvae), daydreaming, and digging holes. The desert is hot, too hot, and Sunny thinks he wants to live somewhere else. Clever illustrations and postcards to home. (There's no place like home.)]
Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears (Ages 4-8) [A brillianty crafted encyclopedic self-help scrapbook-like list of fears. Everybody's afraid of something, but mouse is afraid of everything. Clever and fun with a surprise ending.]

Kes Gray
Eat Your Peas [a battle of strong wills]

David T. Greenberg
Snakes! ["Tangled like spaghetti / Slithery and sweaty. Nesting in a heap beneath your bed. Can you feel your mattress shaking?] Just enough scare.

Kitty Griffin and Kathy Combs
The Foot-Stomping Adventures of Clementine Sweet [tall tale/being recognized/two-steppin and stomping a tornado to save the town]
Cowboy Sam and Those Confounded Secrets [tall tale/keeping secrets]

Bill Grossman
Tommy at the Grocery Store (1991)

Gutman, Dan
The Day Roy Riegels Ran the Wrong Way [At the 1929 Rose Bowl, talented center Roy Riegels picked up a fumble and made an incredible sixty-five-yard run. There was just one problem: Roy Riegels was running the wrong way! One of the most famous moments in football history. California Golden Bears. "Wrong-Way Riegels" "It just goes to show that mistakes are not the end of the world. It's what you do after the mistake that counts."]

Elissa Haden Guest
Harriet's Had Enough! by Elissa Haden Guest [After an altercation with her mother over picking up her toys and rude behavior, Harriet, a young raccoon, decides to run away from home. Misbehavior, fury and forgiveness.]

Irene Haas (see more in Special Books)
The Maggie B. (1975) (bedtime)

Hahn, Blair
My Purple Toes [teaches a simple, yet relevant lesson about the importance of acceptance, enjoying life and being different.] Ages: Under 7
My Purple Kisses [teaches a simple, yet relevant lesson about unconditional love.] Ages: Under 7

Donald Hall
Ox-Cart Man
When Willard Met Babe Ruth - Ages 7-10

Martin Handford
Where's Waldo? The Complete Collection (All Ages) The only place you'll find all of Waldo's adventures in one fabulous collection, a complete set of Where's Waldo?
[Learn the history of Waldo]

Jamie Harper
Don't Grown-Ups Ever Have Fun? (2003)
Miss Mingo and the First Day of School (2006) On sharing day in Miss Mingo's multispecies class, we learn that Cricket hears with his legs, Snake smells with his tongue, and Frog enjoys eating his own skin in this nonfiction storybook filled to the gills with laughter—and learning.
Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill [fun read for Fire Prevention Week]

Jessica Harper
Lizzy's Ups and Downs: NOT an Ordinary School Day [sharing the good and bad of her school day..the frustration, embarrassment, the nervousness/the long version/mother's comfort/

Cheryl Harness [much more]
Mark Twain and the Queens of the Mississippi

Robie H. Harris
Hello Benny!: What It's Like to Be a Baby - Birth to first birthday - Bk. 1 Growing Up Stories Series
Go! Go! Maria: What It's Like to Be One Bk. 2 Growing Up Stories Series
Maybe A Bear Ate It! ["It's gone! It's nowhere! I can't find it anywhere! Where is MY BOOK? I need MY BOOK!" What happens when your favorite book goes missing?]

Francine Haskins
Things I Like About Grandma

Bob Hartman
Easter Angels (1999)

Dennis Haseley
A Story for Bear - PreK-7 [enchanting story of woman who reads to bear]

Ann and John Hassett
Too Many Frogs! [Nana Quimby has a problem. She wants to bake a cake, but it seems her cellar is filled with water! Too much water! Nana puts a call in to the plumber, who makes a house call. After the plumber leaves and the water is gone, with just one thump, Nana Quimby has an even bigger problem: TOO MANY FROGS! First one frog comes from the basement. Then ten frogs. Then twenty, thirty, then more! With the help of some clever neighborhood kids, will Nana Quimby be able to solve her problem and enjoy her cake in peace and quiet? ]

Hatkoff, Isabella, et al
Owen & Mzee: The True Story Of A Remarkable Friendship
Owen & Mzee: Language Of Friendship

Joe Hayes
The Lovesick Skunk [Don't let this title fool you because it's really about a boy who LOVED his dirty, smelly sneakers and wouldn't part with them until...} (Ages 5-9)

Justina Chen Headley
The Patch [Becca, an aspiring ballerina is furious that she has lazy eye and has to wear a patch. Fun books to teach acceptance.]

Marie Heaney
The Names Upon the Harp: Irish Myth and Legend

Florence Parry Heide
The House of Widsom (1999)
Always Listen to Your Mother [Ernest is good boy. He does what his mother asks, helps her with household chores…and never has any fun. When a new boy moves in next door, Ernest's mother encourages her son to make friends. Nice children always do. But the new neighbors seem a little bit...strange. Two different mothers, two very different takes on making a house a home.] (2010)

Florence Parry Heide
The One and Only Marigold (Ages 5-8) [four connected stories about one clever, complicated—and hilarious—little girl. In these tales, Marigold buys a new coat (don’t worry, she still wears the old one to bed. She’s a very loyal person), plays a great trick (involving a Special Surprise Treasure Stand and worms), and much more. Along the way you’ll meet Marigold’s best friend—her purple coat—and her next best friend—Maxine.]

Nicholas Heller
Elwood and the Witch

Mary-Claire Helldorfer
Cabbage Rose
Jack, Skinny Bones, and the Golden Pancakes
Harmonica Night

Judith Hendershot
In Coal Country (Ages 6-9) [A child growing up in a coal mining community finds both excitement and hard work, in a life deeply affected by the local industry]

Kevin Henkes |see more and interview|[Resource File]
Wemberly Worried (2000)
Chrysanthemum (1996)
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse (1996) [Literature Guide]
Julius, the Baby of the World (1990)
Chester's Way
Circle Dogs (1998)
Owen [ Letting go of a baby blanket ]

Hesse, Karen [see History]
SPUDS [ Ma's been working so hard, she doesn't have much left over. So her three kids decide to do some work on their own. In the dark of night, they steal into their rich neighbor's potato fields in hopes of collecting the strays that have been left to rot.]

Herzog, Brad
P Is For Putt: A Golf Alphabet (Ages: 4-10) Very cleverly done. Simple text for young readers. For older readers there are also sections of expository text that delves deeper into interesting facts and figures.

Amy Hest
When Jessie Came Across the Sea (1997)

Marilee Heyer
The Girl, the Fish, and the Crown (1995)

Barbara Jean Hicks
Jitterbug Jam - a young monster is afraid to sleep in his bed—there's a boy beneath! This rambunctious story of a youngster overcoming anxiety and limitations is set in a captivating otherworld that springs to life in pictures full of enchantment and surprise.

Anna Grossnickle Hines [See Special Collection]
Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts [2001]
Winter Lights: A Season in Poems & Quilts [2005]
Which Hat Is That? [2002]
My Own Big Bed [1998]
BEAN Series
What Joe Saw
Remember The Butterflies
Even If I Spill My Milk
Big Help!

Russell and Lillian Hoban
Frances Books
Bread and Jam for Francis [supplemental unit]

Holly Hobbie (of Toot and Puddle fame)
Fanny [All Fanny wants in the world is a Connie doll, but Mom says "NO!" But no one ever said she couldn't make one instead! With some scissors, glue, and her craft box in hand, Fanny sets out to replicate Connie, but it's Annabelle who is the result of her efforts—the companion Fanny has always wanted. Her friends turn up their noses until everyone learns that using your imagination and working with your own two hands can result in the best toy of all!]
Fanny & Annabelle [Fanny writes her first picture book. Since Annabelle, her doll, was Fanny's first creation, it's fitting she should star in the story. Annabelle's adventure ends up mirroring Fanny's own life as they both manage to give the perfect birthday gift to a loved one. With Hobbie's heartwarming art mixed with Fanny's own delightfully naïve drawings, this sweet talewill inspire fans and new readers alike to get creative.]

Mary Ann Hoberman (see also)
You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together
Seven Silly Eaters
And to Think That We Thought That We'd Never Be Friends (1999)
The Eensy-Weensy Spider (2000)

Margaret Hodges [Resource File]
Gulliver in Lilliput

Mary Hoffman
Amazing Grace
Boundless Grace
Clever Katya

Meredith Hooper
Honey Cookies
Nothing is better than grandmother's honey cookies. What exactly goes into making this special treat? How do you make honey cookies? Where do all the ingredients (wheat, butter, eggs, sugarcane, cinnamon) in the recipe come from? Includes an easy recipe for honey cookies. A perfect introduction to food and cooking for very young readers.
"What do we need?" asked Ben. "We need..." said Gran,"A cow in a field eating fresh green grass, munch, dribble, munch, all day long."

Deborah Hopkinson
Birdie's Lighthouse
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt [Teacher Guide]

Paul Hoppe
The Woods [Being afraid of the dark doesn't mean being afraid alone. When a boy can't find his favorite stuffed bunny, he bravely heads into the woods to look for it.]

Harry Horse
Little Rabbit Runaway [Scolded, Little Rabbit runs away from home declaring, "I'm Little Rabbit Runaway. Nobody can tell me what to do!" ]

Petr Horacek
Silly Suzy Goose [Silly Suzy Goose is just like all the other geese. But how she wishes she could things like the other animals. When Suzy Goose wanders farther and farther from her flock she meets up with a cranky lion, and learns there may just be some advantages to blending in with the crowd!]

Lenny Hort
The Seals On The Bus (2000)
Tie Your Socks and Clap Your Feet

Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Cinco De Mayo: Celebrating Mexican-American Traditions [What exactly is Cinco de Mayo? Although many people think May fifth marks Mexico's independence, the holiday is actually the anniversary of a decisive battle against foreign occupiers.

James Howe [Includes: Lesson Plans, Author Study, Bio]
The Celery Stalks at Midnight
Horace and Morris, but Mostly Delores (1999)
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery
Howliday Inn
Hot Fudge
Brontorina [Brontorina has a dream. She wants to dance. But Brontorina is rather large — too large to fit in Madame Lucille’s dance studio. Brontorina does not have the right shoes, and everyone knows you can’t dance without the proper footwear. Still, Brontorina knows, deep in her heart, that she is meant to be a ballerina. This is an irresistible story that proves that no problem is too big when the heart and imagination know no bounds.]

Johannes Hucke
Pip in the Grand Hotel [Mary has a new pet-a mouse named Pip. But no sooner has she lifted the lid of Pips box than hes offstraight into the Grand Hotel! Young readers can join in the search for Pip, hidden in the hotel lobby, the kitchen, even the Royal Suite! A grand "Where's Waldo?-like frolic.] Ages PreK-7

Shirley Hughes
Abel's Moon (1999) - imagination and family
The Lion and the Unicorn - fear and loneliness

Susan Hughes
Earth to Audrey [friendships that change lives/summer of discovery]

Angela Elwell Hunt
Tale of Three Trees : A Traditional Folktale (1989)

Pat Hutchins
Rosie's Walk (1998)
It's My birthday! (1999)

Satomi Ichikawa
My Father's Shop [a vibrantly illustrated book of culture, friends and barnyard denizens, and creative play with a rug with a hole.]
Mick Inkpen
The Blue Balloon - 10th Anniversary (2000) PreK
The Great Pet SalePreK

Isaacs, Anne
The Ghosts of Luckless Gulch (Ages 6-9) [a tale as unpredictable as the California Gold Rush, as tall as a Redwood tree, and as surprising as a skunk selling perfume.]

Jean Jackson
Big Lips and Hairy Arms
Thorndike and Nelson
Mrs. Piccolo's Easy Chair (1999)

Kathryn Jackson
Tawny Scrawny Lion

Simon James
Leon and Bob
Dear Mr. Blueberry [Teacher's Guide]
The Wild Woods

Heinz Janisch
I Have a Little Problem, Said the Bear [Bear is frustrated because no one will listen to him.]

Adrian Johnson
That's NOT Funny! [laughing at other people’s misfortune]

Angela Johnson
[Search site for more Johnson]
When I Am Old With You (1990)
Lottie Paris and the Best Place [Where's the best place ever? The Library. She loves to go there and read about space. She knows there are rules at the library, but sometimes they are not so easy to follow. The library is Carl’s favorite place, too. And he loves to read about dinosaurs. When Lottie and Carl meet, they become fast friends. Now Lottie reads about dinosaurs, and Carl loves space!]

Crockett Johnson
Harold and the Purple Crayon [50th Anniversary Edition]
Magic Beach [Previously unpublished artwork by Crockett Johnson. Two children are playing on a beach talking: "Stories are just words. And words are just letters. And letters are just different kinds of marks." But if they make those marks in the sand on this beach, magic happens. When they write "jam", a wave flows over the word, and when it ebbs, a dish full of jam appears. "Bread" and "milk" follow and then the plot thickens."King" and "forest", "farm" and "castle" -- so the story grows.]

D. B. Johnson
Magritte's Marvelous Hat ["Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see." —Rene Magritte. D.B. Johnson writes and illustrates the surreal story of famous surrealist painter Rene Magritte and his very mysterious (and mischievous!) hat. While the art reflects some of Magritte's own work, the text sets readers on a fun and accessible path to learning about the simpler concepts behind Mr. Magritte's work. This delightful picture book captures the playfulness and the wonderment of surrealist art. Four transparent pages add yet another level of surrealism to the illustrations as pictures can be altered with the turn of a page.] Very clever. Lots of fun.

Tony Johnston
Amber on the Mountain (1994)
Grandpa's Song
Go Track A Yak! [great drama - the only thing that will save the baby is yak juice!] (2003)

Ivan and Mal Jones
Good Night, Sleep Tight: A peom for every night of the year!

Barbara Joose
Mama, Do You Love Me?
I Love You the Purplest [author interview]

Ursula Jones
The Witch's Children

Deloris Jordon (mother of Michael Jordon)
Salt in His Shoes [chasing your dreams]

William Joyce
Big Time Olie (2002)
Snowie Rolie
George Shrinks

Lita Judge
Pennies for Elephants [Boston, 1914. Three beloved local circus elephants will soon be retiring. The owner has agreed to sell the elephants to the children of Boston if they can raise the $6,000. They have two months. They'll have to contribute every penny they have, but they're determined to do it. Based on a true story.]

Alison Julian
Brave as a Bunny Can Be [experiencing fear is normal]

Maira Kalman
Ooh La La (Max in Love)
Hey Willy, See the Pyramids
Max Makes a Million
Max in Hollywood, Baby

Keiko Kasza
A Mother for Choco [caring/sharing/differences/diversity]

Roberta Karim
This is a Hospital, Not a Zoo! [perfect for child in hospital]

Alan Katz
I'm Still here in teh Bathtub: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs (2003) [new nonsense songs set to the tune of old favorites]

Ezra Jack Keats
The Snowy Day - Caldecott Medal 1963
Peter's Chair
StallingStalling [Mom says it’s time to go to bed, but master staller Dan has other plans in mind. He’s got to visit the Nile, tame a crocodile, munch on some noodles, do a few doodles, ring a chime, solve a crime, mix leftovers till they’re slime! Zoweeeeeee! With so much to do, anyone would get tired at some point.]

Holly Keller
Farfallina and Marcel [friendship and transformation]

John G. Keller
The Rubber-Legged Ducky [Five is different than all the other ducklings. He doesn't quack, and he never waddles. Instead, he bounces. And bing-boings! Being different isn't always easy for Five, but boy oh boy, having an extra spring and s-t-r-e-t-c-h in his step sure comes in handy when an unwelcome (and hungry) visitor comes creeping. A fun romp that will put some spring in your step.]

Laurie Keller
Open Wide: Tooth School Inside
The Scrambled States of America
Arnie the Doughnut (2003) funny half-baked story.

Mij Kelly
William and the Night Train [bedtime story]
Where Giants Hide [A young girl has lost all the enchantment in her world. She embarks upon a journey-searching far and wide-to find that one amazing thing that will make her believe in extraordinary possibilities once again. It's only when she realizes the power of believing in her own dreams that she discovers she held the magic inside her all along.] Power of imagination.

Christa Kempter
Wally and Mae (Ages 5-8) [unlikely friendships/acceptance/respect]

Kerley, Barbara
The Extraordinary Mark Twain(According To Susy) (Ages 8-11) [In a journal she kept under her pillow, Susy documented her world-famous father-from his habits (good and bad!) to his writing routine to their family's colorful home life. Her frank, funny, tender biography (which came to be one of Twain's most prized possessions) gives rare insight and an unforgettable perspective on an American icon. Inserts with excerpts from Susy's actual journal give added appeal.]

Judith Kerr
The Tiger Who Came to Tea [When the doorbell rings unexpectedly one afternoon, Sophie and her mummy can’t imagine who might be there. Much to their surprise, a tiger with a very large appetite has come to tea! What will they tell Daddy when he returns home and finds all the cupboards bare? First published in 1968.]
Mog the Forgetful Cat

Sarah Kilborne
Peach & Blue [An unlikely pair/story of friendship/wonders of nature]

Eric A. Kimmel
Gershon's Monster: A Story for the Jewish New Year
The Great Texas Hamster Drive: An Original Tall Tale [Pecos Bill, Slue Foot Sue, their five children and 18,376 hamsters.]
Anansi's Party Time (Ages 5-7) [Anansi throws a party. He invites Turtle but plays so many tricks on him that Turtle doesn't have any fun. Turtle decides to get even and throws a party of his own. Anansi shows up, but there's one problem—Turtle's house is underwater. Anansi tries not to float away, but will Turtle's party prove more than he can handle?]

Leslie Kimmelman
Dance, Sing, Remember : A Celebration of a Jewish Holidays

Robert Kinerk
Clorinda [a cow who wants to perform classical ballet!/things don't always work out the way we want]
Clorinda Takes Flight [One afternoon while taking the sun, a cow named Clorinda casually notices the flight of a passing barn swallow. "Oh, how I wish I could fly like a bird," thinks Clorinda. So (never mind that a cow never has), Clorinda resolves to be the first and to show the world how it's done. She flatly dismisses the reasoned misgivings of her dear friend Hop and then enlists the help of her dear friend Len. But more important to the intrepid trio than their Lindbergh-like achievement is the warm, sustaining friendship that binds them together. ]

Rudyard Kipling
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi [Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney/HarperCollins 2004]

Martin Luther King, Jr.
I Have a Dream

David Kirk
Miss Spider's Wedding [PreK]
Little Bird Biddle Bird [PreK]

Vincent X. Kirsch
The Two Little Boys from Toolittle Toys - an imaginative story about the bonds of brotherhood, the joys of childhood, and the importance of play.

Satoshi Kitamura
Comic Adventures of Boots

Jon Klassen
I Want My Hat Back [The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. Patiently and politely, he asks the animals he comes across, one by one, whether they have seen it. Each animal says no, some more elaborately than others. But just as the bear begins to despond, a deer comes by and asks a simple question that sparks the bear’s memory and renews his search with a vengeance. Told completely in dialogue, this delicious take on the classic repetitive tale plays out in sly illustrations laced with visual humor— and winks at the reader with a wry irreverence that will have kids of all ages thrilled to be in on the joke. A cumulative tale with a mischievous twist.]

Elisa Kleven
The Paper Princess Finds Her Way

Hiliary Knight
The Owl and the Pussy-cat (Based on the poem by Edward Lear) Ages 4 Up

Michelle Knudsen
Library Lion - Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very particular about rules in the library. No running allowed. And you must be quiet. But when a lion comes to the library one day, no one is sure what to do.
Argus - embracing the unusual, green scales and all. A story about learning not just to tolerate, but to love what is different.]

Deborah Kogan Ray
The Flower Hunter: William Bartram, America's First Naturalist
Lily's Garden
Hokusai: The Man Who Painted A Mountain

Lisa Kopelke
Escuse Me! [gobs of glorious gaseous gluttonies in this goofy comedy of bad manners.]
Tissue, Please! [more bad manners!]
The Younger Brother's Survival Guide by Matt

Ruth Krauss (1901-1993)
The Carrott Seed [60th Anniversary Edition]
The Happy Egg
I'll Be You And You Be Me [rereleased June 2001]

Steven Kroll
Mary McLean and the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Virginia Kroll
Sweet Magnolia
The Seasons and Someone
Africa Brothers and Sisters [father/only child relationship/learning the tribes of Africa]

Kathleen Krull
Houdini: The World's Greatest Mystery Man And Escape King (Ages: 6-8)

Jane urtz
Fire on the Mountain [Teacher Resource]
Only a Pigeon [Teacher Resource]
Pulling the Lion's Tail [Teacher Resource] (a father remarries)
River Friendly, River Wild [Teacher Resource]
I'm Sorry, Almira Ann [Teacher Resource] (wagon train/Oregon Trail)

Jim LaMarche
The Raft [summer-grandson/grandmother relationship-discovery]

Lester L. Laminack
Jake's 100th Day of School [Everyone is bringing collections of 100 things, but Jake leaves home without his. The principal steps in to help him create a brand new collection--100 books. And a surprise visit by a 100 year old.]

Youme Landowne
Mali Under the Night Sky: A Lao Story of Home [true story of Laotian American artist Malichansouk Kouanchao, whose family was forced by civil war to flee Laos when she was five.]

Lena and Olof Landstrom
Four Hens and a Rooster [bullying/sharing/cooperation]

Andrew Larsen
The Imaginary Garden [Theodora loved her grandfather's old garden. His new apartment's balcony is too windy and small for a garden. But what appears to be a drawback soon leads to a shared burst of creativity as Theo and her Poppa decide to paint a new garden. As they work side by side -- sowing seeds with brushes and paint -- a masterpiece begins to take shape that transforms the balcony into an abundant garden]

Bonnie Lass and Philemon Sturges
Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

Kathryn Lasky
Before I Was Your Mother [yes, we did have lives before motherhood!]
The Librarian Who Measured the Earth [ages 8 Up]
She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!

Robert Lawson
Ben and Me [Teacher Resource] [story book] <

Munro Leaf
The Story of Ferdinand [See more Bully Books Here]
How to Behave and Why p>Jeanne M. Lee
Bitter Dumplings [the power of compassion]

Barbara Lehman
The Secret Box Ages 4-8 Wordless Picture Book. [A timeless trip to a world of secret messages left in secret boxes hidden in secret places. Beautifully done.]

Karen Mezek Leimert
Goodnight Blessings

Marie Leonard
Tibili: The Little Boy Who Didn't Want to Go to School ["He would rather read like his grandfather, not from a piece of paper, but from the sky, where the sun sings during the day and the moon dances during the night."... Until he can't read important directions]

Harriet Lerner
Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair! (long hair/bad hair day/bird nest/great fun)

Helen Lester
Hooway For Wodney Wat [great bully book with lots and lots of laughs]
Wodney Wat's Wobot [Wodney must face off against that big bully Camilla Capybara for a second time]
Tacky the Penguin [Now available in Board Book] - [be yourself/don't follow the pack]
A Porcupine named Fluffy
Tacky in Trouble
All for Me and None for All [A book about sharing for one and all! Gruntly is a hog—a ball hog, a snack hog, a treasure hog! He doesn’t share his toys with his pals and, in fact, helps himself to theirs! And when Gruntly finds out about Saturday’s treasure hunt, he can’t wait for the first clue so that he may be the one to find the treasure and keep it . . . all for himself.]

Julius Lester [Resource File] [Interview]
Black Cowboy, Wild Horses : A True Story (1998)
John Henry
Shining (Ages 7-9) [A young girl who has not uttered a sound since birth is shunned by the people in her village, until they realize how special she is...The One Who Will Be]

Laura Leuck
For Just One Day (2009) (PreSchool) [Pretending reminds little ones that the very best thing they can be is exactly who they are.]

Gail Carson Levine [Interview 2010]
Betsy Red Hoodie
Betsy Who Cried Wolf!

Kevin Lewis
NOT INSIDE THIS HOUSE! [You'd expect a boy with a name like Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse to explore. But Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse doesn't stop there. He comes home with specimens from his travels! First a bug, and then a moose-what will Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse show up with next?]

J. Patrick Lewis
Isabella Abnormella and the Very, Very Finicky Queen of Trouble

Thomas P. Lewis
Hill of Fire [Teacher's Guide] [Paricutin volcano in Mexico]

Bernard Libster
The Bonsai Bear

Tom Lichtenheld
Everything I Know About Monsters: A Collection of Made-Up Facts, Educated Guesses, and Silly Pictures About Creatures of Creepiness
Everything I Know About Pirates: A Collection of Made-Up Facts, Educated Guesses, and Silly Pictures About Bad Guys of the High Seas
What's With This Room?

Brian Lies
Bats at the Library [Another inky evening's here—/The air is cool and calm and clear./Can it be true? Oh, can it be?/Yes!—Bat Night at the library! settle down into the enchantment of story time] Beautifully illustrated.
Bats at the Ballgame [You think humans are the only ones who enjoy America's national pastime? Grab your bat--the other kind--and your mitt, and join these captivating bats as they flutter off to watch their all-stars compete. How about a mothdog? Or some Cricket Jack?]

Reeve Lindbergh
Homer, the Library Cat [Homer is a very quiet cat. He lives in a very quiet house with a very quiet lady. But one day, while the lady is away, Homer hears a very loud sound, and out the window he goes! Poor Homer just wants to find a spot where he can curl up and be quiet, but his hometown is a surprisingly loud place.]

Astrid Lindgren
The Red Bird [7 Up] [two orphans follow the red bird to and find hope, sunshine, and in the end, freedom. This extraordinary story of hope and redemption,]

Barbro Lindgren
Benny's Had Enough! [a toddler-age pig who's had enough runs away from home]

Tanya Linch
My Duck (story writing, imagination, squashing imagination0

Kathleen D. Lindsey
Sweet Potato Pie (Ages 6-8) [During a drought in the early 1900s, a large loving African American family finds a delicious way to earn the money they need to save their family farm.] Recipes included.

Leo Lionni (see Special Book section) [Teacher Resource, VHS, more]
On My Beach Here Are Many Pebbles
The Alphabet Tree
It's Mine [Sibling selfishness]
Matthew's Dream
A Color Of His Own
Frederick [Aspiring for more]
Little Blue And Little Yellow [Friends of Different Colors and blending of colors]
Alexander And The Wind-Up Mouse [A lesson in life.....when you want to be something other than you really are]
A Flea Story [Simple - Individuality – Excellent]
Frederick's Fables [A Collection of Lionni's 16 stories....friendship, human spirit, imagination, individuality]

Frederick Lipp
Running Shoes [Sophy's secret wish is to be able to go the school one day. But Sophy and her mother live in a poor village in Camboida where there is no doctor, no hospital, and no school. When Sophy receives a pair of running shoes, her life changes forever.]

John Lithgow
Marsupial Sue [Book, musical score and CD]
I'm a Manatee [Book, musical score and CD] 2003
Marsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake" (Book and CD 2005)
Got Two Dogs [Fanny and Blue may not be the smartest dogs, and they may not be the best-behaved dogs, but they are definitely the most-loved dogs] (Book and CD 2008)

Arnold Lobel
Frog and Toad Are Friends [Teacher's Guide]

Melinda Long
How I Became a Pirate (illustrated by David Shannon)

Christine Loomis
Cowboy Bunnies

Cynthia Lord
Hot Rod Hamster [endearing, rhythmic, rip-roaring race to the finish line where a hamster creates a sizzling hot rod with a little help from his new furry friends and YOU!]Interaction/choice/imagination/fun. (Ages 3-6)

David Lucas
Peanut (PreK) [An anxious little monkey finds that making a friend goes a long way toward easing his fears in a reassuring story with big appeal for young readers.]

Trudy Ludwig
Books on bullying, saying I'm sorry, "just kidding," accepting one's self, and more

Kate Lum
Princesses Are Not Perfect [Princesses Allie, Mellie, and Libby are very busy at their rose covered palace by the sea. Princess Allie bakes the best cakes, Princess Libby is an expert at building things, and Princess Mellie can grow almost anything in her garden. But the princesses are tired of being the best at just one thing. So when it's time to prepare for the Summer Party, the princesses decide to switch places!]

George Ella Lyon
Weaving the Rainbow [Ages 5-8] [a weaver makes a rainbow with wool/introduction to weaving/skein,warp,weft,shuttle, and treadles] Beautifully illustrated.
My Friend, the Starfinder ["Once there was a old man./ I knew him/ when I was no bigger than you are." "For starters,he told me once/ he saw a star falling." .... "Now he couldn't bring home/ the rainbow/ the way he did the star./ But when he told the story/ holding out his hand/ I could feel the colors./] Beautiful. Reminds us of the importance of intergenerational storytelling.
All the Water in the World - [But where does/Water go?/To find out, honey,/turn the page,/dive in/with tongue/or toes,/with eyes and ears and nose—/and wonder/at the flow/of this great world’s/life story.]
Which Side Are You On?: The Story of a Song [labor unions, workers' rights, U. S. Labor Industry, Minors, oppressed workers. “Don’t scab for the bosses./ Don’t listen to their lies" “This is how the night goes: bullets through the walls, talk under the bed, words on the page”]

Gunnar Madsen
Old Mr. Mackle Hackle [ A pink hen quacks and talks, but refuses to cackle.]

Alan Madison
Pecorino's First Concert [Before the end of his first ever concert, Pecorino will furmuzzle a man with a long mustache, wamboodle himself down into a tuba, and cause the most Brobdingnagian blast of a note that anyone has ever heard.
Pecorino Plays Ball [Pecorino Sasquatch, the boy who got stuck inside a tuba at his first concert is about to play in his first game of baseball. He doesn't really know what baseball is. But by the end of this spring day, Pecorino will have learned all there is to know about bowling pin-shaped coaches, burbling bubble gum, yodeling umpires, oxen for sale -- everything that makes America's pastime great. He might even maage to catch a baseball too. (He does)

Margaret Mahy
17 Kings and 42 Elephants
Seven Chinese Brothers

Julie Markes
Good Thing You're Not an Octopus! [Ages 3-6] [Fun answers to Why Do I Have to...]

David Martin
All for Pie, Pie for All (Ages 3-5) [family meals/cooperation/sharing/excellent read aloud]

Petra Mathers
Sophie and Lou [overcoming shyness]
Dodo Gets Married

James Mayhew
Can You See A Little Bear? [beautifully illustrated (Jackie Morris) look-and-find book for very young children to explore theatrical and circus settings to find the missing cub. The concepts of opposites, colors, and contrasts are introduced in the read-aloud nursery verse.]

Marianna Mayer
Iron John ["lived among the animals in the woodland as their protector."]

Mercer Mayer
There's a Nightmare in My Closet [childhood fear of the dark with good results] [Lesson Plan Grades1-3]
Wordless Picture Books - reissued 2003
Little Critter Storybook Collection (Celebrating 30 years!) (2005)
Frog on His Own
One Frog Too Many
Frog Goes To Dinner

Amy MacDonald
Quentin Fenton Herter III ["bad as good can be"- a tongue-in-cheek moral verse]
Little Beaver and the Echo

Patricia MacLachlan
All the Places to Love
The Journey [See Recommended]
Painting the Wind - young boy spends summer determined to capture the wind on canvas.

Fred Marcellino
I, Crocodile [ "A direct descendant of the noble crocodiles of ancient Egypt" is shipped back to France by Napolean]

Bill Martin Jr.& John Archambault (see also Special Book section)[Resource File]
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Snowflake Bentley [Resource File]

Jean Marzollo (see nature section)
Home Sweet Home

Bill Maynard
Incredible Ned
Lady Bugatti

Anne Mazer
The Salamander Room

Angela McAlliste
The Clever Cowboy

Meghan McCarthy
Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse [a lazy and funny looking horse that inspired our nation during the Great Depression]

George McClements
The Last Badge - Ages: 5-8 [A scout's frantic race against time to become part of his family's legacy. Collectors of badges will enjoy the message here.]

Wendy McCormick
Daniel And His Walking Stick [wishing she could remember her grandfathers, Jesse adopts Daniel]

Emily Arnold McCully [Resource File]
Beautiful Warrior (1998) finding strength in yourself
Mirette on the High Wire (1997) conquering fear
Monk Camps Out (2000)
My Heart Glow: Alice Cogswell, Thomas Gallaudet, and the Birth of American Sign Language [Alice Cogswell was a bright and curious child and a quick learner. She also couldn't hear. And, unfortunately, in the early nineteenth century in America, there was no way to teach deaf children. One day, though, an equally curious young man named Thomas Gallaudet, Alice's neighbor, senses Alice's intelligence and agrees to find a way to teach her. Gallaudet's interest in young Alice carries him across the ocean and back and eventually inspires him to create the nation's first school for the deaf, thus improving young Alice's life and the lives of generations of young, deaf students to come.] Ages 7-10

Megan McDonald
The Bone Keeper
The Night Iguana Left Home
Any and Honey Bee What a Pair!
Chapterbooks (Judy Moody and Stink)

Gerald McDermott   [See Fairy Tales, Folk Lore Section]
Anansi the Spider : A Tale from the Ashanti

Barbara McClintock
Molly and the Magic Wishbone
Frances Hodgson Burnett's a Little Princess
Adele & Simon (Ages 5-8) When Adèle picks Simon up from school, he has his hat and gloves and scarf and sweater, his coat and knapsack and books and crayons, and a drawing of a cat he made that morning. Adèle makes Simon promise to try not to lose anything. But....

Robert McCloskey (  -2003)
Blueberries for Sal
Make Way for Ducklings [interview]

Glenn McCoy
Penny Lee and Her TV [TV addict forced to quit watching cold turkey and discovers there's a world beside TV]

Patrick McDonnell
Hug Time (PreS) [A joyous story about sharing love with a gently environmental theme. ]

Matthew McElligott
Absolutely Not [friendship/imagination/and what's absolutely real and what's absolutely not.]

Constance W. McGeorge
Boomer Goes to School [First day of School fears]

Alison McGhee
Countdown to Kindergarten [preparation for kindergarten/first day anxiety/peer support]
Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth ["It's a known fact that Mrs. Watson, the first-grade teacher, is a three-hundred-year-old alien who steals baby teeth from her students."

Ann McGovern (also see Marcia Brown's STONE SOUP)
Stone Soup

Tracy-Lee McGuinness-Kelly
Bad Cat [Bad Cat plays a lot of tricks that turn out all right in the end.]
Bad Cat Puts on His Top Hat

Chesley McLaren
Zat Cat! [Parisian cat/fashion adventure][terrific fun]

Stephanie Simpson McLennan
The Chicken Cat (2000)

Alice McLerran
The Mountain That Loved a Bird (1985) (hope)(compassion)

Colin McNaughton's Preston Pig Adventures: Preston's GOAL! Suddenly! Boo! Oops! Yum! Oomph!
Not Last Night But the Night Before [a fanciful ode to birthdays — and big imaginations. NOT LAST NIGHT BUT THE NIGHT BEFORE,THREE BLACK CATS CAME KNOCKING AT THE DOOR. And before you know it, the man in the moon is knocking, followed by three little pigs, Little Bo-peep, Miss Muffet, and many more visitors, all in a rush. But where are they going so willy-nilly, gifts in hand?]

David McPhail [Teacher Resource]
Mole Music [See Special Book Collection]
Pigs aplenty, Pigs Galore (1993)
Pigs Ahoy! (1995)
Drawing Lessons from a Bear (2000)
Henry Bear's Park (new edition 2003)

Michelle Meadows
Piggies in the Kitchen - When Mama leaves for the day, these piggies have big plans. Sneaking into the kitchen to bake some treats, they make quite a mess, but it's all for a very special surprise! Nice gift for Mom's Birthday.

Susan Meddaugh [interview]
Martha Blah Blah [Lesson Plan Reading Rainbows]
Martha Speaks [Lesson Plan] [Reading Rainbows Activities]
Tree of Birds

Laura Krauss Melmed
I Love You As Much...
Moishe's Miracle: A Hanukkah Story

Jean Merrill
The Girl Who Loved Caterpillars: A Twelfth-Century Tale from Japan

Jessica Meserve
CAN ANYBODY HERE ME? [Jack is quiet—which wouldn't be so bad if the rest of his family wasn't SO NOISY. No one can hear him over the sound of their own voices. So when Jack tells them he's going up the mountain one day, nobody hears him.]

Brian Meunier
Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs [Liberation of the roof dogs in a Mexican Village]

Mercer Meyer
There's a Nightmare in My Closet

Miska Miles
Annie and the Old One [supplemental guide]

William Miller
Rent Party Jazz [When Sonny Comeaux's mother is laid off from work, he wants to quit school and earn their rent money. She refuses, but Sonny finds a solution. With help from a jazz musician, he throws a rent party, where music raises the needed money. With colorful images, Rent Party Jazz tells of family, friendship, and the bonds that unite people.] (Ages 6-10)

Lauren Mills
The Rag Coat [teasing, patchwork coat made of childhood memories, intergenerational]

Milway, Katie Smith
One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference (Ages 8 and up) - Ideas change lives. Inspired by true events, One Hen tells the story of Kojo, a boy from Ghana who turns a small loan into a thriving farm and a livelihood for many. After his father died, Kojo had to quit school to help his mother collect firewood to sell at the market. When his mother receives a loan from some village families, she gives a little money to her son. With this tiny loan, Kojo buys a hen. A year later, Kojo has built up a flock of 25 hens. With his earnings Kojo is able to return to school. Soon Kojo's farm grows to become the largest in the region. Kojo's story is inspired by the life of Kwabena Darko, who as a boy started a tiny poultry farm just like Kojo's, which later grew to be the largest in Ghana, and one of the largest in west Africa. Kwabena also started a trust that gives out small loans to people who cannot get a loan from a bank. One Hen shows what happens when a little help makes a big difference. This help comes in the form of a microloan, a lending system for people in developing countries who have no collateral and no access to conventional banking. The final pages explain the microloan system and include a list of relevant organizations for children to explore.
The Good Garden: How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough (Ages 7 and up) - The inspiring story of one struggling farming family in Honduras and their journey to grow enough food to meet their needs. Based on the real story of farm transformation underway in Honduras and many other countries, this book offers children ways they can be part of the movement to grow "good gardens" and foster food security. Eleven-year-old Maria Luz and her family live on a small farm. This year their crop is poor, and they may not have enough to eat or to sell for other essentials, such as health care, school uniforms and books. When Maria's father must leave home to find work, she is left in charge of their garden. Then a new teacher comes to Maria's school and introduces her to sustainable farming practices that yield good crops.

Anne Miranda
To Market, To Market
Glad Monster, Sad Monster: A Book About Feelings

Lauren Mills
Fairy Wings   [Fairies]   [acceptance]

Adrian Mitchel
Nobody Ride the Unicorn [Zoe is a nobody - a poor orphan with nothing of her own but a golden singing voice. When a greedy king exploits her voice to capture a unicorn, Zoe rebels and helps the unicorn escape.]

Joyce Slayton Mitchell
Knuckleboom Loaders Load Logs: A Trip to the Sawmill [trip from forest to sawmill/renewable resource/uses of lumber]

Ken Mochizuki
Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story

Inga Moore
A House in the Woods [One little pig has made a little den for herself in the woods, and another little pig has a small hut next door. One morning they return from a walk to find that their big friend Bear has moved into the den and an even larger Moose into the hut. CRASH! With both homes collapsed, they’re all in a pickle—but what if they find a way to build a house in the woods that all four of them can share? A fun story of friendship and the rewards of cooperation.]

Robert Munch [See Special Collection]
Aaron's Hair [Bad Hair Day]

Hector Mumbly
Bagel's Lucky Hat [Bagel has lost his lucky hat! His friend Becky helps him retrace his steps, but the story he tells her of the day's adventures laughing fishes? a mad scientist? a space-traveling robot? is far too silly to be believed. The illustrations are great!]

Jill Murphy [Resource File]
Five Minutes Peace

Stuart J. Murphy [more here]
Let's Fly a Kite [math concepts, sharing, cooperation] Ages 6 Up
Game Time [keep track of time, problem solving] Ages 7 Up

Walter Dean Myers [See African-American]
Harlem: A Poem

Jane Naliboff
The Only One Club [explores the many ways in which children feel unique and special]

Donna Jo Napoli [See Fairy Tales also]
Albert [An unusual friendship with a cardinal]
Pink Magic [Nicky wants something special to come in the mail, but what he really wants is a letter.]

Marilyn Nelson
Snook Alone (Ages 6-8) [Abba Jacob is a monk who lives on a far, far away island with his loyal rat terrier, Snook. Every day, from the wee hours of dawn till the sun sets over the sea, Snook keeps Abba Jacob company as he prays or works, tending the gardens or fixing the plumbing of the little hermitage he calls home. But when the two are separated by a ferocious storm, Snook must learn to fend for himself in the wild, all alone in a world of fierceness and wonder. Will he ever again hear the loving voice that he waits for? Tale of friendship lost and found and the power of faith against all odds.]

Kenn Nesbitt
More Bears! [Once upon a time there was a story. It was a lovely story with absolutely NO BEARS in it-not a SINGLE BEAR anywhere.[Fun, fun read especially read aloud.] Ages 4-7

Patricia Newman
Jingle the Brass [jingle the brass... ride the point... the rods will be flashing/learn the train lingo in the heyday of steam locomotion/train lovers of all ages will love this book]

Jill Newsome
Shadow (1999) Recommend if you are moving.

John Nickle
The Ant Bully (1999)

Michelle Nickly
The Perfume of Memory

Claire A. Nivola
Elisabeth [Fleeing Nazi Germany, a doll, three generations]

Jerdine Nolen
Plantzilla [2002] What could go wrong when Mortimer brings home the 3rd grade's plant for the summer?
Raising Dragons [delightful fantasy/stimulates the imagaination/don't judge]
Plantzilla Goes to Camp

Noyes, Deborah
Red Butterfly: How a Princess Smuggled the Secret of Silk Out of China [An enchanting tale of hidden beauty and fierce courage, retold in the style of T’ang Dynasty poetry and illustrated with charm and grace. A young Chinese princess is sent from her father’s kingdom to marry the king of a far-off land. A coming-of-age tale of a brave young princess whose clever plan will go on to live in legend. Author's Note: Legend of silk.]

Laura Joffe Numeroff [Interview with author and illustrator]
If You Take a Mouse to School
If You Give a Pig a Pancake
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie [Si Le Das Una Galletita a UN Raton]
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies [Si Llevas UN Raton Al Cine]
Laura Numeroff's 10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster
If You Give a Pig a Party (if you do, she'll ask for more, and more, and more)
Beatrice Doesn't Want To [A humorous story of a stubborn little girl, a patient older brother, and the magical workings of the local library.]

Jay O'Callahan
Herman and Marguerite: An Earth Story

O'Connor, Jane
Fancy Nancy
Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly [Nancy gets a surprise lesson in fancy from her grandparents.]

Jacqueline K. Ogburn
The Bake Shop Ghost [The charming story of a cranky old ghost who haunts the bake shop she used to own.]

Narelle Oliver
The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay [competition resolution]

Kevin O'Malley
Little Buggy [overcoming fear/learning a new skill/persistance]
Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery
Gimme Cracked Corn and I Will Share [One night Chicken had a dream about buried treasure—a treasure trove of corn....]

Alexis O'Neill
The Worst Best Friend [Mike and Conrad are best, best friends. That is until Victor, a new boy, a big boy, a cool boy, arrives at school. Suddenly, Conrad turns into the WORST best friend and forgets all about his pal, Mike. But when Victor's need to win leaves Conrad crushed, it's Mike who steps up to the plate and shows how to be a real friend, a true-blue friend, a best, BEST friend.] Ages 5-8

Hiawyn Oram
The Giant Surprise: A Narnia Story (Narnia: a world made by magic from the start of time, full of marvelous creatures, talking beasts, and trees that sometimes get up and dance. And now the door to this magical world is opened again with a brand-new story. Based on beloved characters introduced by C. S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Giant Surprise presents a new adventure specially created for much younger children, ages 4-8. Meet Puddleglum, the most famous of them all. Get to know his niece, Lally, the brave little Wigglet, as together they help the marsh mice challenge the roaring, rock-throwing, not-so-clever giants of Shribble Gorge!

Doris Orgel
The Lion and the Mouse and Other Aesop's Fables

Jan Ormerod
I Am NOT Going to School Today! [first day jitters]
If You're Happy and You Know It! [collection of animals put their own twist to a popular song/stresses individuality]

Helen Oxenbury
Pig Tale (Ages 5-7) [A warm sty to lie in and cool mud for a wallow are not enough to satisfy two bored pigs named Bertha and Briggs. Their minds are bent on money and riches. So when they find a treasure chest, they head straight for town. They buy dresses and suits, an expensive new car, and a house filled with gadgets. Now they'll live the good life. Will they?]

Gail Page
How to be a Good Dog [Bobo really wants to be a good dog. It’s just that being good takes so much effort.]

Margie Palatini
Piggie Pie
Bad Boys (2003) ["Bad . . . bad . . . really, really bad" wolves in this spin-on funny fairytale]
The Three Silly Billies (2005) [inventive new version of favorite folktale/fractured to include the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hool, and Jack]
Gone with the Wand [Bernice Sparklestein, once the best fairy godmother in the biz is having a bad wand day. A very bad wand day. A fun story about helping friends and finding your place in life along the way] (Ages 6-8)

Betty Papineau
Lulu's Pajamas [Lulu loves her soft-as-a-butterfly-kiss pajamas so much that one morning she decides to "never ever" take them off, even when it's time to go to school.] A sweet and beautifully illustrated bedtime story. (Ages 3-6)

Betty Paraskevas
The Tangerine Bear [acceptance, different, family]

Linda Sue Park
Bee-Bim Bop! [the joys of family and food. Lovely and happy.]

Elizabeth Partridge
Whistling [Father and Son closeness/camping/learning to whistle]

Brian Patten [sell also]
The Blue & Green Ark: An Alphabet for Planet Earth (2000)

Darcy Pattison
The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman [use with U.S. geography/couple with Flat Stanley]

Emma Payne
Katy No Pocket [Activity Guides]

Tony and Jan Payne
The Hippo-Not-Amus [young hippo searching for his identity]

Tracey Campbell Pearson
BOB [Bob has to stop clucking and learn to crow to wake the "girls" every morning. And, of course, there's a fox]

Bill Peet
The Wump World (environmental issues) [Teacher's Guide]
The Wingdingdilly [Teacher's Guide]
Chester the Worldly Pig

Kathleen T. Pelley
Iventor McGregor [Inventor McGregor can invent most anything that needs inventing, from a barking bag for the postman to bouncing boots for wee Willie. At his home workshop, McGregor never knows when inspiration will hit. But...] Fun and Nonsense and sure to please.

Matteo Pericoli
The True Story of Stellina [Pericoli’s all-true story of how he and his wife, Holly, came to rescue and raise a little finch, Stellina, in the middle of New York City, and how Stellina leaned how to eat, fly, and sing.] (2006)

Janet Perlman
The Delicious Bug [When Willy and Wally get locked in a head-to-head battle over one decicious bug, charming seems out of the questions until a frog jumps in to resolve the conflict.] Charming message to emphasize sharing. (Ages 3-7)

Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson
I Have a Sister, My Sister Is Deaf

Dav Pilkey
Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space- Ages 9-12
Dog Breath! : The Horrible Terrible Trouble With Hally Tosis
When Cats Dream
Twas the Night before Thanksgiving
The Paper Boy

Daniel Pinkwater
Dancing Larry [Told that the ballet class was only for children, Larry (a bear) forms a ballet company of his own.]

Andrea Davis Pinkney
Peggony-Po: A Whale of a Tale [Peggony-Po is no ordinary sailor boy. From the time he was in burlap booties, he could climb the mainmast faster than you could say Thar she blows! He can tie a knot to rival any of the crews and swim more swiftly than a dolphin. But the most unusual thing about Peggony-Po? He was carved from the piece of driftwood that saved his father Galleons life, after he tried to capture Cetus, the biggest, meanest whale of them all.]

Watig Piper (see Special Book section)
The Little Engine That Could

Patricia Polacco (see Special Book section)
Pink and Say
Thunder Cakes
Thank You, Mr. Falker [Teacher apprciation]
Appelemando's Dreams
Babushka Baba Yaga
The Keeping Quilt
The Bee Tree
Boat Ride With Lillian Two Blossom
In Enzo's Splendid Gardens
The Graves Family

Giselle Potter
The Year I Didn't Go to School [author's account of the year she toured Italy with her family's theater troupe]

Nancy Poydar
Zip, Zip...Homework (Ages 5-8) [Violet's new backpack is perfect. It has pockets that zip, snap, and strap. It's just what Violet needs to hold her very first homework assignment--or is it? An anxious student discovers that it's more important to tell the truth than to keep it zipped up in this timely tale.]
Fish School (Ages 5-8) [Can a goldfish really learn? Charlie is sure that his pet Wishy can. So when his class visits the aquarium, he takes his goldfish along in a plastic bag in his backpack. Entertaining and educational.]

Prats, Joan de Déu
Sebastian's Roller Skates [Sebastian didn't talk very much, even though he had a lot to say. But he couldn't. He couldn't say any of those things. Sebastian was shy. He was very shy. And then one day he finds an old pair of roller skates in the park. Roller skating is hard to learn, but if you practice, and if you forget about worrying, and forget about falling and just skate, well, everything changes. This beautiful book has a lot to say both about recognizing who you are, and who you'd like to be.
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod - [WYNKEN, BLYNKEN AND Nod one night/Sailed off in a wooden shoe–/Sailed off on a river of crystal light/Into a sea of dew . . . So begins Eugene Field’s (1850–1895) lovely bedtime poem, which tells of three wee fishermen who sail up to the stars, and a boy who imagines it all before he drifts off to sleep. Field’s timeless text has lulled generations of little listeners into dreamland, and this version, complimented by Giselle Potter’s magical illustrations, is perhaps the most enchanting—and the closest to Fields’ own vision—of all.] (2008)

Jack Prelutsky (see Special Book section) [Resource File]

Elise Primavera
Louise the Big Cheese and the Back-to-School Smarty-Pants Not to be outdone by her older sister, Louise vows to get straight As in school: "If she could get straight As, everybody would want to be her friend.... She would probably be promoted to college!" But her new teacher, Mrs. Pearl, is not very accommodating ("You can do better, Miss Cheese," she says in response to Louise's efforts). When a substitute teacher, Mrs. Sprinkles, takes Mrs. Pearl's place, Louise is delighted--until she discovers that getting an A from Mrs. Sprinkles doesn't mean as much as getting a B+ from Mrs. Pearl. Louise's lovable imperfections are sweetly matched by her ambitions, as she learns how to live up to her potential. Ages 5–up.

Mathew Price
Room for One More (Ages 4-6) [A charming story of gentle compassion as a family outing takes a surprising turn! First the family finds a lost frog and decides to take him home. Before the day is over, they find a kitten, a canary, a hungry mouse, and a puppy. There is always room for one more-until they are almost home and find a lost elephant! Lift-the-flaps add fun to this youngest child memory game and story.]

Marjorie Priceman
Things That Sometimes Happen: Very Short Stories for Little Listeners
Froggie Went A-Courting (2000)
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (1996)
How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. (2008)

James Proimos
Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace (2009) (Ages 4-7) [Paulie Pastrami can't whistle, he has trouble matching his socks, and he is usually picked last in sports. But he plans to achieve world peace before he turns eight.]

James Proimos and To Amico
The Day the Dog Dressed Like Dad

Pulver, Robin
Author Day for Room 3T [preparing for an author visit with lots of surprises, and "real" tips for hsoting a successful author visit]

Ransom, Jeanie Franz
What Really Happened to Humpty?: From the Files of a Hard-Boiled Detective (Ages 6-9) ["When Humpty fell off the Wall, everyone said it was an accident. But I smelled something rotten—and it wasn't me, either. Who am I? I'm Joe Dumpty, a hard-boiled detective and Humty's brother.] Clever and funny.

Rand, Gloria
Fighting for the Forest (1999)
Little Flower (2002) [based on a true story]

Raschka, Chris [do a search for all Raschka books on ETC's site]
Mysterious Thelonious (1997)
Simple Gifts: A Shaker Hymn (1998)
New York Is English, Chattanooga Is Creek. (2005) [Social Studies fun. Who named that city...?]
Hip Hop Dog [an empowering story of an underdog who finds his voice and sense of self-worth through music, here is one hip dog who starts out as a dejected mutt but finds his groove—and his place in the world—through hip hop.]
Little Black Crow [the wonder of wondering]

Andy Rash
The Robots are Coming [Humor, Poetry]

Peggy Rathmann
Officer Buckle and Gloria (see Special Book section)
Ruby the Copy Cat
Bootsie Barker Bites

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1896-1953)
The Secret River illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon (2011) [A depression era story. There’s just not enough…not enough money, not enough food, not enough fish for her daddy to sell at the market. Hard times have come to the forest, but Calpurnia wants to turn them back into soft times. With her little dog Buggy Horse and a tip from old Mother Albirtha, the wisest person in the forest, Calpurnia finds a secret river and uses the pink paper roses from her hair to catch enough beautiful catfish to feed the whole swamp land —with some left over for Daddy to sell. When she tries to find the river again the next day, Mother Albirtha tells her, “Child, sometimes a thing happens once, and does not ever happen anymore….You caught catfish when catfish were needed…you will not find the river again.”]

Mary Lyn Ray
STARS [A star is how you know it’s almost night. As soon as you see one, there’s another, and another. And the dark that comes doesn’t feel so dark. What if you could have a star?

E. S. Redmond
Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo [Follow a sniffly girl on a hands-on trip to the zoo, and a comical ode to the virtue of tissues. Why are the hyenas crying boo-hoo? And what gave the rhino a sickly green hue? It starts when Felicity Floo wipes her red, runny nose and transfers the goo. Follow the icky trail as she pets one hapless, bleary-eyed creature after another.] Let's hope the kids don't miss the importantance of hygiene here.

Amy Reichert
While Mama Had a Quick Little Chat. While Mama has a quick chat with Uncle Fred, Rose is supposed to be getting ready for bed. And she tries. She really does. But downstairs someone's yoo-hooing, and the doorbell keeps ringing. Soon the house is full of wild guests and weird foods, magic and music.

Aaron Reynolds
Metal Man [Aaron Reynolds's urban voice and the gritty illustrations of Paul Hoppe bring an exciting beat and pulse to the story of a young boy discovering his own voice and vision in art with a kind mentor to lead the way.] (Ages 6-9)

Margret Rey and H.A. Rey [see Special Collection for resources]
Katy No-Pocket

Scot Ritchie
Look at That Building: A First Book of Structures [introduces basic construction concepts through the eyes of five friends keen on building a doghouse for their pet pooch, Max. To find out more about the task, Yulee, Martin, Nick, Sally and Pedro head to the library, where they learn about foundations, beams, frames and other building fundamentals. Fun facts, bright illustrations and comic-book-style discussions among the characters add to the mix. An activity at the end of the book invites readers to make their own mini doghouse out of marshmallows, paper, glue and craft sticks.] Ages 4-7

Faith Ringgold [Ringgold Exhibition] [Resource File]
Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky
Tar Beach
Dinner at Aunt Connie's House

Thierry Robberecht
ANGRY Dragon [Anger builds when a boy hears "no" too many times/power of emotions/dragon that lurks inside us all]
Sam Is Never Scared (Ages 5-8) [Sam thinks of himself as the bravest kid at school and calls his friends Max a scaredy-cat. But when Sam is scared by a spider, it's Max who saves the day. What if Max tells everyone that it's really Sam who's the scaredy-cat?

Belinda Rochelle

Rodman, Mary Ann
First Grade Stinks [Haley discovers that being a first grader is very special after all—she's learning to read.]

Yelena Romanova
The Perfect Friend [a new sibling and a lonely dog]

Barry Root
Gumbrella [helping others has it's rewards]

Phyllis Root
Thirsty Thursday [One Thirsty Thursday on the farm, everyone was dry and thirsty, especially the flowers. The black-eyed Susans are spoiling for a fight, and the clouds refuse to even drop by. But when a little cloud blows past at last, Bonnie comes up with a clever plan that calls for interspecies cooperation.] PreK

Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen's Sad Book (All Ages) [Sad things happen to everyone, and sometimes people feel sad for no reason at all. What makes Michael Rosen sad is thinking about his son, Eddie, who died suddenly at the age of eighteen. In this book the author writes about his sadness, how it affects him, and some of the things he does to cope with it—like telling himself that everyone has sad stuff (not just him) and trying every day to do something he can be proud of. Expressively illustrated by the extraordinary Quentin Blake, this is a very personal story that speaks to everyone, from children to parents to grandparents, teachers to grief counselors. Whether or not you have known what it's like to feel deeply sad, the truth of this book will surely touch you.]
Red Ted and the Lost Things (2009) (Ages 3-5) [One day, a little bear named Red Ted is accidentally left on the seat of a train. When he winds up on a high shelf in the place for lost things, he doesn’t despair — he puts his mind to work! With bravery, teamwork, and lots of common sense, a forgotten bear finds his way home in this warm, wise, and very funny graphic storybook about pluck, persistence, and the pure comfort of home.]

Michael J. Rosen
Thanksgiving Wish
We're Going on a Bear Hunt [Teacher's Guide]

Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Little Oink [A decidedly different pig, Little Oink is a neat little fellow. Clean clean clean that's all he wants to do. But Mama and Papa won't have it! They say in order to be a proper pig he has to learn to make a proper mess. "Don't come out until your room is a pigsty " says Papa Pig. "I won't have any child of mine going out looking so neat and clean. It's just not acceptable " says Mama Pig. (Ages 4-7) [Board Book Version: A Little Books Boxed Set Featuring Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink]
Duck! Rabbit! [Is it a duck or a rabbit? Depends on how you look at it. There is also a subtle lesson for kids who don't know when to let go of an argument.] (Ages 3 and up).
Exclamation Mark [An exciting tale of self-discovery! And, a great way to learn punctuation! He stood out here. He stood out there. He tried everything to be more like them. It's not easy being seen. Especially when you're NOT like everyone else. Especially when what sets you apart is YOU. The ? has a good part as well in this fun book.]

Fiona Ross
Chilly Milly Moo [As a quirky cow discovers, when life gives you a penchant for cold, make . . . something delicious! A comical ode to individuality. Milly Moo wants only one thing: to churn out the finest, tastiest, creamiest milk around. But there’s just one problem. She’s always too hot! While all the other cows snicker and bask in the sun, Milly Moo’s milk bucket keeps coming up empty. Nada! Zilch! Just when she’s sure that the farmer will banish her, Milly Moo wakes to a freezing cold morning. It’s her last chance!... (think ice cream).]

Maria Rousaki
Unique Monique [no matter what you wear, individuality always shines.]

Nicole Rubel
No More Vegetables!
Grody's Not So Golden Rules [How not to behave]

Adam Rubin
Those Darn Squirrels! [What bird lover hasn't experience squirrels in the bird feeders. Old Man Fookwire is a grump. The only thing he likes to do is paint pictures of the birds that visit his backyard. The problem is, they fly south every winter, leaving him sad and lonely. So he decides to get them to stay by putting up beautiful birdfeeders filled with seeds and berries. Unfortunately, the squirrels like the treats, too, and make a daring raid on the feeders. The conflict escalates—until the birds depart (as usual), and the squirrels come up with a plan that completely charms the old grump.
Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door - All is calm in old man Fookwire’s yard until new neighbors—Little Old Lady Hu and her cat, Muffins—move in next door. Muffins is one mean dude! He terrorizes the birds, interrupts Fookwire’s painting, and ties the squirrels’ tails together. Fookwire is upset, but not nearly as upset as the squirrels, who devise an ingenious plan to stop Muffins cold.]
Those Darn Squirrels Fly South (2012) [ Old Man Fookwire's one pleasure in life is painting the birds in his backyard. When fall arrives and the birds fly south, Fookwire is desolate. The squirrels are curious: Where are the birds going, and what do they do once they get there? With their usual ingenuity and engineering skills, the squirrels devise a way to follow the birds to their destination, a tropical paradise. A wonderful time is had by all—all but grumpy Old Man Fookwire, alone at home. But the squirrels have a solution for that, too.]

James Rumford
Rain School (2010) [When Thomas and the other children arrive at the schoolyard, they find no classroom, no desks. Just a teacher. "We will build our school," she says. "This is our first lesson." James Rumford, who lived in Chad as a Peace Corps volunteer, fills these pages with the vibrant colors of Africa and the spare words of a poet to show how important learning is in a country where only a few children are able to go to school.]

Elizabeth Rusch
A Day With No Crayons [When Liza's mother takes away her beloved crayons for drawing on the walls, her world suddenly goes gray. How does the budding artist respond? Find out how sheeventually discovers color in the world around her.]

Pam Munoz Ryan
Mud Is Cake [rhyming verse - imagination and fancy] PreK
Mice and Beans [Spanish-speaking grandmother prepares for granddaughter's birthday]
Our California [Spirited poems celebrate California's major cities and regions. Backmatter includes state symbols and additional information about each place. Bold paintings by illustrator Rafael Lopez capture the spirit of the land.]
Tony Baloney [Tony Baloney is a macaroni penguin. He loves fish tacos, Little Green Walrus Guys, his stuffed animal, Dandelion, and anything with wheels. He does not love trouble . . . but trouble loves him. Sometimes, when he is tired of Bossy Big Sister Baloney and exasperated with the Bothersome Babies Baloney, Dandelion behaves badly. And then, Tony must say he is sorry, which is not always easy for him. For all middle children, mischief makers, and boys in a girls' world, Tony Baloney is sure to become a new hero!]

Joanne Ryder
Earthdance [Image yourself as the Earth] (Ages 5 up) (1999)
Where Butterflies Grow [Excellent example of birth and transformation/life cycles... Imagine you are small]

Cynthia Rylant
The Old Woman Who Named Things
The Relatives Came

Lindy Rymill
Good Knight

Robert Sabuda
Uh-Oh, Leonardo!: The Adventures of Providence Traveler (2003) [time-warp/curiosity/invention]

James Sage
Mr. Beast [Charlie loves monsters and doughnuts, and so does Mr. Beast (his father). This wonderful not-so-spooky story celebrates the special closeness between fathers and sons.]

Komako Sakai
The Snow Day (Ages 3-5) A lovely snow day story.

Barney Saltzberg
Star of the Week [It’sStanley's turn to be Star of the Week at school! He’s ready to share his favorite food, his favorite toy, and, most of all, his favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, the week doesn’t quite go as planned./school interaction/success/acceptance]

Hans Sande
Snake in the Grass (Ages 4 & Up) [The tale of a happy rabbit who hops into the neighborhood garden. She’s happy because the big, wide world is so lovely, so sunny, and so full of delicious lettuce and carrots. But a green snake is lurking in the grass. Is it a cobra, a nasty rattlesnake, or a fabulous imagination? Together, the rabbit and the snake set off on an incredible adventure of pure make-believe that carries them from the vegetable garden to the wilds of the Amazon jungle.]

Iben Sandemose
Gracie & Grandma - four book series for ages 3 and up about the adventures of the precocious preschooler, Gracie. Each day, Grandma takes care of Gracie after preschool, an increasing trend in multigenerational families.
Gracie & Grandma [Gracie doesn’t want to leave school. She has so many things she wants to do first! But Grandma doesn't give up. She counters each delaying tactic, diffuses the tantrum and ultimately entices Gracie home with chicken wings.]
Gracie and Grandma Under Water [it’s off to the pool as the precocious youngster and her lovable grandmother go swimming. Along the way, Gracie retrieves her swimming ring, meets imaginary sea creatures, and plays delightful games in and out of the water. What fun.]

Linda Sanders-Wells
Maggie's Monkeys (Ages 3-7) [A family of polar monkeys has moved into the frig/love, family loyalty/imaginary friends]

Joan Sandin
The Long Way to a New Land (I Can Read Book) [Lesson Plan] [immigration]

Charles Santore
The Fox And The Rooster 1998
The Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit 1998
William The Curious: Knight of the Water Lilies 1997
The Little Mermaid: The Original Story

Jennifer Sattler
Chick 'n' Pug [Chick lives for adventures. Pug lives for, well, sleep. In Chick's eyes, however, Pug can do no wrong. In fact, he is WONDERPUG! But with danger around every corner and a hero who's a little low on energy, it may be up to Chick to save the day. This is a funny, heartwarming story of misplaced hero worship as well as the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Perfectly illustrated.]

Allen Say (see also)
Grandfather's Journey
Allison (See Adoption Section)
Emma's Rug
Stranger in the Mirror
Tree of Cranes
The Boy in the Garden

Judith Schachner
Skippyjon Jones [Siamese kittenboy becomes Skippito the great Spanish sword fighter/imagination]

Schwarz, Viviane
Timothy And The Strong Pajamas [Every night, Timothy tries to make himself stronger. He drinks milk. He exercises. He thinks STRONG thoughts ... all with the help of his faithful stuffed monkey. Then his mother fixes up his holey, missing-button favorite pajamas, and suddenly Timothy has super strength! He catches an elephant falling off a cliff! He rescues a princess in a tipping tower! He drags an alligator back to the zoo! But when Monkey gets trapped -- and the pajamas rip! -- Timothy finds his real power in his friends.]

Scotton, Rob
Splat the Cat (Ages 4-7) [It's Splat's first day of school and he's worried. What if he doesn't make any new friends? Just in case, Splat decides to bring along his pet mouse, Seymour, and hides him in his lunchbox.]
Russell the Sheep (Ages 3-7) [Russell the sheep tries all different ways to get to sleep.]
Russell and the Lost Treasure (Ages 3-7) [Russell the sheep is determined to find the Lost Treasure of Frogsbottom. Equipped with his Super-Duper Treasure Seeker, Russell searches high and low, up and down, and in and out.Discover how Russell finds the most valuable treasure of all.]

Heather Sellers
Spike and Cubby's Ice Cream Island Adventure [A dogs-at-sea adventure filled with turbulence, friendship, and plenty of ice cream!]

Carole Lexa Shaefer
The Biggest Soap [South Pacific traditions/caring and sharing community/story telling/similes/onomatopoeia/excellent for read-a-loud]

Roni Schotter
Captain Bob Takes Flight (2003) [cleaning your room was never this much fun!]
Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street
Captain Bob Sets Sail (2000) [bath time/"Wash me! Slosh me! You'll never ever squash me!"]
Doo-Wop Pop [Four shy kids begin to change when the the school janitor they call Doo-Wop Pop, who was once an a cappella star, helps them form an unlikely doo-wop group, teaching them to be-boppa bold, be-boppa brave, and come-a, come-a, come-a outta the cave. By making music together, the kids form lasting friendships and discover talents they didn't even know they had!]

Schneider, Howie
Wilky the White House Cockroach - Wilky is a small bug with big dreams living in the back of a pizza joint. He stows away in a pizza box and winds up at the most famous address in the country—the White House—on the day of a big state dinner honoring the president of France. With the President and his staff in crisis mode and hot on his trail, Wilky has some powerful shoes to outrun to survive.

Alan Schroeder
Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman

Amy Schwartz
How To Catch An Elephant (1999)
Tiny and Hercules (2009) [Five fast and funny chapters of the lives of two rather unusual friends: Tiny, an elephant with a fear of ice skating and a newfound love of knitting, and Hercules, a mouse with a heart of gold and a desire to learn to paint. As different as can be, somehow together they make the perfect team.]

San Souci, Robert (Special Book Section)
A Weave of Words : An Armenian Tale
Sukey and the Mermaid
The Faithful Friend

Pattie Schnetzler
Widdermaker [taming the wildest beast in the west]

Jon Scieszka
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (1993)
Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables (1998)
Math Curse (1996)
Truckery Rhymes (Ages 3-7) - truck-themed "Mother Goose" rhymes have been gathered into one big, noisy, high-octane collection! All the favorite truckery rhymes are here — from "Peter Peter Payload Eater" to "Little Dan Dumper"...all the way to "Pop! Blows the Diesel."]

Lore Segal
Morris the Artist [friendship/generosity/sharing]
Why Mole Shouted and Other Stories (Ages: 6-8) [Four vignettes/grandmother and her grandson bond/one on one reading recommended]
More Mole Stories and Little Gopher, Too (Ages 4-6) [four short stories about Mole and Grandmother/loving bond between child and caregiver/"share nicely,"/acceptance]

Tor Seidler
Mean Margaret

Maurice Sendak (see Special Book section)
Where the Wild things Are

Dr. Seuss Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991)

David Shannon (see Special Book section)
Bad Case of Stripes
No David! [interview]

George Shannon
Tomorrow's Alphabet
Too Many Toys

Eliabeth Shub
The White Stallion [Teacher's Guide]

Aaron Shepar
The Sea King's Daughter : A Russian Legend

Uri Shulevitz
So Sleepy Story - In a sleepy sleepy house everything is so sleepy – until music drifts in through an open window. Chairs begin to rock, dishes begin to dance, and a sleepy boy opens his eyes to the revelry of the once-sleepy house. Then, softly, the music drifts out, and everything is sleepy sleepy once more.
What Is a Wise Bird Like You Doing in a Silly Tale Like This
The Fool of the World and the Flying Machine

The Treasure (1979)

Erica Silverman
On the Morn of Mayfest
Sholom's Treasure: How Sholom Aleichem Became a Writer
Follow the Leader [Learning to take turns]

Shel Silverstein (see Special Book section)
The Giving Tree

Jane Simmons
The Dreamtime Fairies
Come Along, Daisy! [Mother's protection]

Lorianne Siomades
Katy Did It! (Ages 2-5) [energetic katydid is always getting in trouble because her brother tattles. Her energy ends up saving the day for a family of ants. Bright, vivid illustrations pop off the page]

Steven J. Simmons
Alice and Greta : A Tale of Two Witches

Peter Sis Collection
The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain
Madlenka's Dog
Tree of Life: Charles Darwin
Tibet: Through the Red Box
Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei

Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler
The Hungry Thing [Teacher's Guide] [phonetic awareness]

Liesbet Slegers
Andy and Sam Hide-and-Seek [A colorful hide-and-seek. In the sky, by the pond, on the farm, in the woods, in the henhouse, and many more.] Ages 2-5

Teri Sloat
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout! [Pacific Northwest version]

Esphyr Slobodkina [Lesson Plan]
Se Venden Gorras: LA Historia De UN Vendedor Ambulante, Unos Monos Y Sus Travesuras
Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business
Circus Caps For Sale [Companion to Caps for Sale]

David Small
Imogene's Antlers
Fenwick's Suit [Self-image. Do clothes make the person?]

Lane Smith
Madam President [A little girl imagines what her day would be like if she were Madam President. There would be executive orders to give, babies to kiss, tuna casseroles to veto (or VETO!)...and so much more! Not to mention that recess would definitely require more security.] Cute!

Linda Smith
When Moon Fell Down
Mrs. Biddlebox [waking up on the wrong side of the bunk!]

Stu Smith
My School's a Zoo! [a school packed with pythons, teeming with tigers, and swimming with starfish.]

Ethel Footman Smothers
The Hard-Times Jar [African-American Migrant Workers/picking apples] [Read Transcripts of 1969 “The White Man’s Law”: African-American Migrant Workers Tell Congress Their Version of a Strike]

Chris K. Soentpiet
Something Beautiful

Art Spiegelman
Little Lit: Folklore & Fairy Tale Funnies [even big kids]

Jessica Souhami
The Little, Little House [perfect for today's housing boom...when is a house not so little after all?]

Eileen Spinelli [Interview]
Sophie's Masterpiece: A Spider's Tale
Naptime Laptime
A Safe Place Called Home [fears: real and imagined]
Moe McTooth: An Alley Cat's Tale [finding the right balance between adventure and wellbeing]
What Do Angels Wear? [Tell me this, are angels real?/Yes, my love, that's how I feel./Real as love and wind and light,/Real as Mama's kiss good night.]
Do You Have a Hat? [What do Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, Russian-American composer Igor Stravinsky, South American entertainer Carmen Miranda, African-American cowboy Nat Love, and President Abraham Lincoln have in common? HATS! Unique, distinctive, wonderful hats!/rhyming story that showcases famous headgear] [Lesson Plan]
The Best Time of the Day [finding joy in life's simple pleasures]
Heat Wave [community seeks solace by the river--where everyone dreams of cool relief]
Callie Cat, Ice Skater [Sometimes doing something you love is its own reward] (2007)

I. C. Springman
MORE [One magpie, lots of stuff, and a few friendly mice show us that less is more. This innovative and spare picture book asks the question: When is MORE more than enough? The rich illustrations by Brian Lies bring home "less is more."]

Elizabeth Spurr
A Pig Named Perrier [pampered "proper" pig wants to play in the mud] Ages 6-8

Stadler, Alexander
Beverly Billingsly Takes a Bow [no small roles in the school play]
Charlene Loves to Make Noise [shyness/just the way you are]
Beverly Billingsly Can't Catch [sheer determination]
Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book [getting your own library card]

Stadler, John
The Ballad of Wilbur and the Moose (Ages 4-8) [MEET WILBUR LITTLE, a lime-juice drinking, pint-sized, sombreroed cowboy who herds pigs for a living. Wilbur tackles the villains he meets in the forms of pig-rustlers and gamblers, along with his loyal companion, Alvin (who happens to be a big blue moose), an off-key singing piglet, and a book-loving pig from Yuma.]

Diane Stanley
Saving Sweetness
Leonardo Da Vinci
Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam [ages 9-12]

Sanna Stanley
Monkey For Sale [spending wisely/bartering/monkey rescue]
Monkey Sunday: A Story from a Congolese Village

Victoria Stenmark
The Singing Chick (1999)

William Steig [interview]
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (1987) [Lesson Plan]
Spinky Sulks (1991)
Pete's a Pizza (1998)
The Amazing Bone (1984)
Brave Irene
Potch & Polly (2002)

David Ezra Stein
Interrupting Chicken [A little chicken’s habit of interrupting bedtime stories is gleefully turned on its head. Fun read for parent and child.]

J. Moria Stephens
Persephone the Ladybug [feeling small and alone in a big world]

Javaka Steptoe
In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall: African Americans Celebrating Fathers

John Steptoe
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

James Stevenson
Could Be Worse
The Bones in the Cliff Ages 8 Up
Candy Corn: Poems
Don't Make Me Laugh (PreK)
Flying Feet: A Mud Flat Story [tap-dancing con artists/team spirit/conscience]

Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon
Tops & Bottoms [1996 Caldecott Honor Book]
Cook-a-Doodle-Doo [Tired of eating chicken feed? How about Great-Granny's Magnificent Strawberry Shortcake?]

Sarah Stewart (see Special Book section)
The Gardener [series of letters relating what happens after her father loses his job and Lydia Grace has to live with Uncle]
The Librarian [Dedicated to and about the real life of spinster librarian, Elizabeth Brown.]

Mary Stolz
Emmett's Pig (first printed in 1959)

Jon Stone
The Monster at the End of this Book (1986)

Linda Leopold Strauss
The Princess Gown [With the look of a classic storybook and a setting of palace courtyards and old-world shops and streets, this book features a one-of-a-kind wedding dress. When small Hannah discovers a smudge on the gown her family has created for the princess, she finds a way not only to cover the mistake but to improve upon the design. Out of mistakes come innovation!] Ages 4-6

Sam Swope
The Araboolies of Liberty Street [bullies/celebrating differences] [See more Bully Books]

Simms Taback [see also Caldecott]
There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly

Nancy Tafuri
Will You Be My Friend: A Bunny and Bird Story (2000) [shyness/friendship/helping others]
I Love You, Little One PreK
Have You Seen my Duckling? (PreK)

Lindsey Tate
Teatime With Emma Buttersnap [interactive/introduction to origins of tea/interesting facts (in the eighteenth century, ladies used to carry their own teacups to parties in special cases) /historical anecdotes (the Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich to keep his fingers from getting greasy when playing cards). Craft projects and recipes]

Mark Teague
Dear Mrs. Larue: Letters from Obedience School [pet owner and parents alike will enjoy the guilt inducing letters]
How I Spent my Summer Vacation
LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail [Ike finds his civil liberties at risk when Hugo Bugwort, the hard line mayoral candidate, promises to crack down on free-roaming, fun-loving dogs. As the anti-dog rhetoric escalates, Ike is compelled to join the political fray and run for mayor himself.]
Firehouse! (Ages 3-5) [Join Edward and his cousin Judy as they spend a hilarious day learning how to be firefighters. From a fire drill that leads to a slippery slide down a fire pole, to a hysterical battle with an out-of-control fire hose, Edward is in for an action-packed adventure. And when faced with a real emergency, it's Edward who saves the day!].
LaRue Across America: Postcards From the Vacation (Ages 5-9) [Wonderful romp of a road trip across America's immediately recognizable tourist destinations. Teague masterfully drives us to the story's very satisfying ending through his hilarious text and slyly smart paintings. We are left with one profound question: Can cats and dogs really be friends?!]

Mike Thaler
The Teacher from the Black Lagoon
The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon [first day of school and the gym teacher!]

Amy Timberlake
The Dirty Cowboy [reluctant bathers? Lots of fun here]

Titus, Eve
Anatole - A French mouse decides to earn an honest living by tasting the cheese in a cheese factory and leaving notes about its quality.
Anatole and the Cat - Anatole's job as a taster in a cheese factory is endangered by a marauding cat.

Marilyn Tolhurst
Somebody and the Three Blairs (1991)

Aleksei Tolstoy
The Giant Turnip

Iza Trapani (see Special Book section)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (and other nursery ryhmes)

Deborahne Turner
How Willy Got His Wheels [real-life handicapped Chihuahua is rescued from an animal hospital and gains his independence after being fitted with a small wheelchair.]

Sandy Turner
Cool Cat, Hot Dog [It's the battle of the breeds. Family cat and dog start to spat over who is the superior animal—just like siblings/cool illustrations!]

Underwood, Deborah
The Quiet Book (Ages 4-7) [This gentle picture book explores al lthe different quiets that can fill a child's day from morning to night.]
The Loud Book! )Ages 4-7) [Presents kid-friendly noises in way that is sure to make readers cheer]

Uegaki, Chieri
Rosie and Buttercup - "I don't want a baby sister." Rosie's perfect life changes when her baby sister arrives. She wants to find a home—a good home for her. Well done and reassuring for children having difficulty adjusting to the arrival of a new sibling.

Tomi Ungerer - [Bio and Teacher's Resource]
Cats As Cats Can
The Beast of Monsieur Racine

Linda Urban
Mouse Was Mad [Who knows the best way to be mad? Bear stomps. Hare hops. Bobcat screams. Mouse? He just can't get it right. But when he finds the way that works for him--still and quiet--he discovers that his own way might be the best of all. Use for early social skills, anger management, classroom and home.] (Ages PreS-Age 7)

Vladimir Vagin
Peter and the Wolf - From the Symphony by Sergei Prokofiev

Chris Van Allsburg (see Special Book section) [Resource File]
Two Bad Ants (1988) [Teacher's Guide]
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

Chris Van Dusen
The Circus Ship [When a circus ship runs aground off the coast of Maine, the poor animals are left on their own to swim the chilly waters. Staggering onto a nearby island, they soon win over the wary townspeople with their kind, courageous ways. So well do the critters blend in that when the greedy circus owner returns to claim them, villagers of all species conspire to outsmart the bloated blowhard. Buoyant rhymes and brilliantly caricatured illustrations evoking the early nineteenth century. A hugely entertaining tale about the bonds of community — and a brilliant hidden-pictures spread. Inspired by a real story. See Author's Note] (Ages 4-8) Excellent read-aloud.

Nancy Van Laan
Possum Come a Knockin' [nobody believes "Possum come a-knockin' at the door, at the door." When they finally do, Possum hides]

van Lieshout, Elle
Lovey and Dovey [Love and Dovey have stolen each other's hearts (and a pair of blue socks. That's why they're in prison.) Warm and humorous story that will steal your heart. (Ages 5-8)

Judith Viorst
I'll Fix Anthony
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day   [Spanish Edition] [Lesson Plan][Unit]
Absolutely Positively Alexander
Alexander, Who's Not...
Alexander, Who Use to be Rich Last Sunday [Lesson Plan]
If I Were In Charge of the World [Lesson Plan]
Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!

Amos Vogel
How Little Lori Visited Times Square [rereleased June 2001]

An Vrombaut
Clarabella's Teeth [crocodile has lots of teeth and knows the importance of brushing.]

Alan Wade
I'm Flying [a boy takes all the things he dislikes--his toothbrush, his mean old cat, even his math book... and then himself] teacher--and sends them sailing away with helium balloons.

Richard Walker
Jack and the Beanstalk [Illustrator Niamh Sharkey]

Sally M. Walker
The 18 Penny Goose [based on true story/1778 American Revolution/British soldiers leave a penny for each goose they eat]

Ian Wallace
Boy of the Deeps Ages: 8-11 [father/son working in coal mines/dangers of/escape after mine collapse/powerful illustrations]

Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
The Kindess Quilt [Random acts of kindness pictured on a paper quilt. Minna and her classmates have been asked by their teacher, Mrs. Bloom, to work on a Kindness Project. Mrs. Bloom wants them to do and draw and share an act of kindness. Minna and her family do lots of kind things, but Minna can’t decide which one is right for her project. Then she starts writing and drawing and cutting—and an idea for a paper quilt picturing many acts of kindness begins to take shape!]

Rick Walton
So Many Bunnies [teaches counting 1-26, ABCs, rhyming words in nursery rhyme way. Old Mother Rabbit has 26 children and knows just what to do. ]

Vivian Walsh
Gluey: A Snail Tale [selfish/unselfish/cooperation/community]

Natalie Kinsey–Warnock
Nora's Ark [A flood is coming! When the water climbs to the rooftops, where will everybody go?]

Kate Waters [Teacher Resource]
Sarah Morton's Day : A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl
Lion Dancer : Ernie Wan's Chinese New Year
Tapenum's Day : A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times Gr. 3-5

Melanie Watt
Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping [Scaredy Squirrel is not too comfortable with the idea of camping ? unless it's on his couch! There will be no mosquitoes, skunks or zippers to worry about when he watches a show about the joys of camping on his brand-new TV. But first Scaredy must find an electrical outlet, and that means going into the woods! Will the nutty worrywart's plans prepare him for the great outdoors, or will his adventure end up as a scary story told around the campfire?]

Jane Wattenberg
Henny-Penny (2000)

Katie MCAllaster Weaver
Bill in a China Shop [a rather dashing and charming bull]

Sarah Weeks
Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash
Little Factory [environmental pollution]
Two Eggs, Please. [illustrated by Betsy Lewin]
If I Were a Lion [ I'm sitting in the time-out chair because my mother put me there. She said, "You try my patience, child! I do not like it when you're wild."]

William Wegman
My Town

Rosemary Wells
Noisey Nora
Bunny Cakes
My Kindergarten [if you can have only one kindergarten book, this is the one to have!]
Yoko's World of Kindness: Golden Rules for a Happy Classroom
My Shining Star: Raising a Child Who is Ready to Learn [Rosemary Wells shares ten proven principles sure to help any child succeed in school and in life. These principles (Listening, Honesty, Patience, etc.) guide parents to build a home that's harmonious and supportive, fostering self-esteem and good habits in children.]

Lisa Wheeler
Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy
Old Cricket [faking injuries has repercussions. Great dramatic read aloud/good use of repetition and alliteration]
Avalanche Annie [Way up in Michisota,/Annie's famous far and wide,/Because she roped an avalanche/and took it for a ride.]
Seadogs: An Epic Ocean Operetta Ages 7-10 [An Old Seadog decides to take one last sail/comic-strip style picture book]

Mary E. Whitcomb
Odd Velvet

E. B. White E. B. [see Special Collection]

Elie Wiesel
King Solomon and His Magic Ring (1999) Ages 6 Up

David Wiesner
The Three Pigs [No more victims] [Caldecott]
Sector 7 [see also- Caldecott]
Tuesday [see also - Caldecott]
FLOTSAM [A bright, science-minded boy goes to the beach equipped to collect and examine flotsam--anything floating that has been washed ashore. Bottles, lost toys, small objects of every description are among his usual finds. But there's no way he could have prepared for one particular discovery: a barnacle-encrusted underwater camera, with its own secrets to share . . . and to keep.]
Art & Max [Max and Arthur are friends who share an interest in painting. Arthur is an accomplished painter; Max is a beginner. Max’s first attempt at using a paintbrush sends the two friends on a whirlwind trip through various artistic media, which turn out to have unexpected pitfalls. Although Max is inexperienced, he’s courageous—and a quick learner. His energy and enthusiasm bring the adventure to its triumphant conclusion.] Ages 5-9

Tamra Wight
The Three Grumpies [Having a bad day? This book is right on the mark and clever. Not just for kids]

Richard Wilbur
The Disappearing Alphabet

Laura E. Williams
The Best Winds [bridging generational and cultural gaps]

Vera B. Williams [Intergenerational]
A Chair for My Mother
Cherries and Cherry Pits
Lucky Song
Music, Music for Everyone

Tom Willans
WAIT! I Want to Tell You a Story [How do you outwit a very hungry tiger? Tell him a story.]

Mo Willems
City Dog, Country Frog [change of seasons, unusual friendships, acceptance, change, emotions] Ages 3 and up.
Time to Say "Please"! ["Please," "Thank you," "Excuse me," and "I'm sorry." Oh, and you have to mean it, too.]
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale (Caldecott Honor) [a brilliantly true-to-life tale about what happens when Daddys in charge and things go terribly, hilariously wrong.]
Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity [Daddy comes to the rescue.]
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! [He really, really, REALLY wants one. He'll take good care of it! What's the matter--don't you want him to be happy?!]
Are You Ready to Play Outside? (An Elephant & Piggie Book) [ Will a rainy day spoil all the fun?]
Watch Me Throw the Ball! (An Elephant & Piggie Book) [Gerald is determined to teach Piggie that ball-throwing is serious business... but Piggie is just as determined to have serious fun.]

Nancy Willard
Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Moon and Riddles Diner and the Sunnyside Cafe
The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake
Sweet Dreams [a man who fell in love with a broom]

Jeanne Willis
I Hate School [ There was a fine young lady,/And her name was Honor Brown./She didn't want to go to school./She hoped it would burn down./ The horrors of going to school, told from the point of view of a girl with a huge imagination.]
Misery Moo [Once upon a time there was a miserable old cow...][importance of friendship and being a friend]

John Winch
Two by Two [Noah and the great flood/vibrant illustrations]

Jeannete Winter
My Name Is Georgia: A Portrait

April Wilson
Magpie Magic

Karma Wilson
Mr. Murry and Thumbkin [the tale of two very different mice: Mr. Murry worries about everything and Mr. Thumbkin who is very laid-back./finding balance/acceptance/getting along]
Moose Tracks! [Moose tracks everywhere. Who left them? Who is narrating?]
Hilda Must Be Dancing [Finding a suitable sort of self-expression can be a challenge. Sometimes what seems so right for one individual is so very, very wrong for everyone around her. Take Hilda Hippo, for example. There's nothing Hilda loves more than dancing. But whether she's tangoing, square dancing, boogying to disco, doing the flamenco, rumba, or samba, Hilda makes a lot of noise. Her friends in the jungle try to subtly guide Hilda down other creative paths. Is there anything else Hilda can do that won't make bananas fall from the trees and clouds of dust fill the air?]

Susan Wojciechowski
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Ferida Wolff
Seven Loaves of Bread [sharing responsibility]
A Year for Kiko [month-by-month/calendar/activities]
The Story Blanket [generosity/caring/sharing/giving back/thanks]

Janet S. Wong
The Dumpster Diver [Anyone can dive for treasure in the ocean, but Steve and his friends (The Diving Team) dive for it in his neighborhood dumpster! — and soon discover, it might even help a friend in need.

Audrey Wood [Teacher's Resource]
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub
Birdsong - 14 North American Birds
Heckedy Peg
The Napping House
Silly Sally

Dan Yaccarino
Oswald [making new friends]

Yang, James
Puzzlehead [fitting in and friendship] (Ages 3-6)

Taro Yashimi
Crow Boy

Thomas F. Yezerski
Queen of the World [Sibling Competiton]

Jane Yolen [See Dinosaurs] [See Special Collection]
Child of Faerie
Off We Go! (2000)
Baby Bear's Chairs [the coziest chair of all is Papa's lap]
Owl Moon: 20th Anniversary Edition [Interview with Jane Yolen 2007]
Baby Bear's Books [What's the best time of day for reading? Well, for Baby Bear it's all day long. From the first wild wake-up book to the last gentle sleepy-time book--and all the adventures in between]
Baby Bear's Big Dreams [Baby Bear knows that big bears get to have all the fun. They get to stay up late, live in toy stores, go exploring by themselves, and eat dessert . . . all day long! Baby Bear plans to do each of those things--and more--when he grows up. But at the end of the day, even the biggest bears still get to come home to tell of their grown-up adventures.]
The Scarecrow's Dance [a moving tale about questioning your place and discovering yourself.] [meaning of sacrifice or who wish to explore Christian faith]
Lost Boy: The Story of the Man Who Created Peter Pan [People around the world know the story of Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up, but not many know the story of his creator, J. M. Barrie. Barrie’s young childhood was marked by sorrow, but also held great adventure. His adult life and relationship with the Davies family brought about a second childhood that helped him to create his lasting triumph.]
Pretty Princess Pig (Ages 4-6) - Pretty Princess Pig is getting ready for a big party with all her friends! Princess Pig will have young readers laughing as she spruces up the dining room with a mess of paint and plaster, bakes a cake with gobs of batter and cream, and even digs up flowers with her nose all while (naturally) wearing her flowered party dress. This prissy pig with a heart of gold is sure to keep readers giggling as each page reveals a new mess that she is blithely unaware of. This is the kind of princess all our daughters should be!
Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters (Ages 3-6) [Rhyming read-aloud about the snarfing, growling, snoring way that monsters go to bed.] A quick bedtime read.

Paula Yoo
Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee Story [The inspirational true story of Sammy Lee, a Korean American who overcame discrimination to realize both his father's desire that he become a doctor and his own dream of becoming an Olympic champion diver.]

Dianne Young
Purple Hair? I Don't Care! [unconditional love] Ages 3 to 6

Young, Jessica
My Blue Is Happy (Ages 4-7)[What is your blue like? A lyrical ode to colors — and the unique ways we experience them — follows a little girl as she explores the world with her family and friends. Colors and feelings/emotions]

Deborah Turney Zagwyn
Turtle Spring

Cynthia Zarin
Wallace Hoskins, The Boy Who Grew Down

Paul Zelinsky
The Wheels on the Bus: The Traditional Song/Pop-Up

Zemach, Kaethe
Ms. McCaw Learns to Draw [Dudley doodles when school work is too hard, and school is often hard. Ms. McCaw is a very patient teacher. The students think she knows everything until she tries to draw. "I just can't do it! I don't know how!" Dudley reverses roles and patiently teaches Ms. McCaw and the class how to draw a profile until the blackboard is full of different profiles. This is story about patience and facing your fears.]

Zullo, Germano
Sky High [In this charming illustrated (nearly wordless)tale , two competing neighbors begin embellishing their houses, only to find themselves caught up in a race to build the tallest, most decadent skyscraper featuring solid gold doors, diamond-encrusted pillars, grand ballrooms, expensive paintings, live tigers, and indoor swimming pools—with consequences inevitable, and not. Kids will love spotting the funny details hidden in this witty take on an age-old moral, while their parents—particularly any who've ever undertaken a remodel—will chuckle with recognition.] Keeping up with the Joneses doesn't look this good. Competition. All Ages.