"Richer than I, you can never be, for I had a Mother who read to me."

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The first three years of a child’s life are pivotal in their development. During the early stages they are dependent on us for food and comfort and stimulation through touch, sight and hearing. They begin to develop a sense of themselves and become social. As parents we are establishing our relationship with them. As they become toddlers they become more independent and learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings through words. They sing. They dance. They are becoming their own person and we are their first teacher. Our actions are as important as what we teach. The foundation we give our children during these years is the most critical.
Baby to PreK (and a wee bit more)

Here are some exceptional books for the "little ones." They are BIG, bold with color, tactile, great for small motor skills, discerning shapes, learning ABCs, counting, math concepts (to about age 7) and some that are just plain fun. Kid tested...always!

Also see below: Classic Baby Books and Great Baby Gift Books.
Don't miss the Special Collection and Picture Book Sections.


The Everything Book
In this single vividly illustrated volume, Denise Fleming has gathered and illustrated all the basics...everything....
A-Z, 1-2-3s, fruit colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, traffic lights, trains, birds, seasons, faces, favorite places, fireflies, bunnies, finger games, head to toe, and more.

Alphabet Under Construction

He fold the F, glues the G, hangs the H
Mimic the paper-pulp illustrations and combine arts and crafts with learning the ABCs.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Lowercase alphabet action
"A told b, and b told c, 'I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree'"
Ages 3-6 [Lesson Plans]

Kipper's A to Z
"At home Kipper got out his toys. T t is for toys."
"V is very, very, hard... do you think we could find a volcano?

Annie Ate Apples: A Lift-the-flap, pull-the-tab, turn-the-wheel, alphabet book
A lift-the-flap, pull-the tab, turn-the-wheel, pop-up alphabet book.

Ellsworth's Extraordinary Electric Ears
by Valorie Fisher
Ages 4-7

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet become 26 amazing alphabet alliterative tales. "Fancy feathered fashions were favored by Floyd's farm friends." Every picture, cleverly created in miniatures, will be a seek and find for the reader.

ABC Block Books: 26 Board Books in a Box! Build towers with board-book blocks! This box of blocks is filled with 26 chunky little board books, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each spread of the five-page minibooks displays a word with corresponding picture. Child-sized to build a tower of words. ORDER HERE

Toot and Puddle's ABC
Teaching ABCs through words and art. ORDER HERE

Animalia by Graeme Base
ANIMALIA by Grame Base is perhaps the best Alphabet book ever written. [Great tool for teaching aliteration]

Sidewalk ABC
Clever Idea. Includes one giant chalk and a chalkboard in back of book. Excellent hands-on activity for learning the alphabet.

Talk to Me About the Alphabet
Chris Raschka's alphabet is an experience in phonics. "Give me A is for Attitude and often says Ah." "Ow! O is for Ow! And O is for Oooooo! And O is for Oh!"

Alphabet by Matthew van Fleet

An Amazing ABC Safari for Preschoolers! Multiconcept book with over 100 creatures and plants from A to Z demonstrate action words, synonyms, opposites, and more. Young explorers are challenged to spot four plants or animals that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Twenty-three textures plus foils, flaps, pull tabs, and even a scratch-and-sniff scent add to the interactive surprises. Removable poster.
Bembo's Zoo
A VERY different alphabet book. Each letter of the alphabet is very cleaverly crafted from the Bembo font. Children enjoy seek and find books and Bembo's Zoo puts a new twist on both seek and find and the ABC books of which we are more familiar.

ABC: A Child's First Alphabet Book
Simple, richly illustrated, bright format, with a letter and word on every page.

Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman

This deluxe alphabet book features 120 pages of Andrew Zuckerman's breathtaking wildlife photography. From alligator to zebra, each featured animal boasts two striking studio portraits against a clean white background, offering a unique up-close view of the animal kingdom. Readers can flip to a helpful glossary in the back for extra information. From the sleek beauty of a smiling hippo to the powerful majesty of a roaring lion, this gorgeous new book is both a stunning work of art and a ferociously fun way for young animal-lovers to learn their ABCs.
Ages 3 up

Other Highly Recommended Books:

by Leo Lionni




by Debbie Harter

by Bert Kitchen

A IS FOR ANGRY:An Animal and Adjective Alphabet
by Sandra Boynton

GATHERING THE SUN: An Alphabet in Spanish and English
by Alma Flor Ada

by Sara Pinto

ALPHABET ADVENTURE [i loses her dot/first day of school]
alphabet mystery [lower case/x runs away/xxxx kisses for Mom]
by Audrey Wood

Alphabeasts by Wallace Edwards
"C is for Cat, who reflects on itself" shows a siamese cat gazing into a mirror at the tiger staring back at him. "E is for elephant, on the right track" shows a circus elephant playing with a toy train.

Paddling of Ducks, A: Animals in Groups from A to Z by Marjorie Blain Parker [A wildly imaginative tour through a zany animal kingdom. Each group of animals is described using a collective noun (an army of ants, a skulk of foxes, a labor of moles, a herd of zebra, richly illustrated by Joseph Kelly.] Ages 3-7 (2010)

Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types  by Sharon WernerAlphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types by Sharon Werner

From an alligator made of aaa's to a zebra made of zzz's, the alphabeasties in this book are ingeniously built out of multiple typefaces. Highly recommended. Ages 4 up

Alphabeasties: Flash Cards - Not only flash cards, flip them over and create two puzzles.

Bugs by the Numbers by Sharon Werner - These incredible insects are ingeniously engineered out of numerals. Each entry also includes fascinating numeric facts about its subject. It's an eye-catching and imaginative look at the insect world.] Ages 4 up.
DO NOT miss these books!

Obvious Letters: The Associative
Alphabet Every Child Will Remember [letter association]
Zoe and Her Zebra
"D/d is for Dylan-/but who is chasing him" (the donkey is)
Alphabet Books For Older Children:
Antics! : An Alphabetical Anthology
by Cathi Hepworth
The ABC Bunny
by Wanda Gag
From Letter to Letter
by Teri Sloat
On Market Street
by Anita Lobel
by Suse MacDonald
Z Was Zapped
by Chris Van Allsburg
The Airplane Alphabet Book 7+
by Jerry Pallotta
The Boat Alphabet Book 7+
by Jerry Pallotta
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
by John Archambault

by Michael Chesworth

Ashanti to Zulu : African Traditions
by Margaret W. Musgrove, Leo and Diane Dillon, Illustrators
The Disappearing Alphabet [very clever wordplay]
by Richard Wilbur

The Absolutely Awful Alphabet
by Mordicai Gerstein

Agent A to Agent Z (a spoof on Mission Impossible)
by Andy Rash


ANIMAL 1 2 3 by Britta Teckentrup
Striking life-the-flap book introduces coundint and patterns. Provides irresistible clues to encourage lifting-the-flap.
Here's the same concept for Animal Spots and Stripes
One Moose, Twenty Mice
Sturdy Board Book illustrated with brightly colored felt appliques, texture ,stitching and buttons. It begins with a moose and ends with 20 mice, and searching for the partially hidden orange cat in each illustration.
Guarantees success even if a child can't count.
Monster Musical Chairs: Level 1-Subtracting One
Ages 3 and Up
Level 1 Subtracting

A bright and fun way to learn subtraction. Tip and suggestions for parents in back of book.

Barn Cat
"Barn cat pays no attention to the parade of crickets, swallows, puppies, and butterflies from 1 to 10 that passes by. What is she looking for?"
Cucumber Soup
Garden insects, from ten little black ants down to one tiny flea, cooperate in moving a fallen cucumber. Includes a recipe for cucumber soup and factual information about the insects.


Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats
MRS. Mc TATS and Her Houseful of Cats
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
ABC and Counting
Ages 3-7
One Was Johnny : A Counting Book
Count to 10 and back again.
Froot Loops Counting Fun Book
2 Year Olds will eat this up with or without Froot Loops! [count 1-10]
Corduroy's Day - A Counting Board Book
After you fall in love with Corduroy, find more by Dan Freeman.
Sidewalk 123
Clever Idea this book. Includes one giant chalk and chalkboard in back of book. Excellent hands-on activity for learning numbers.

Another Chalkboard Book:

This entire book is a chalkboard. Trace numbers,
do simple addition and subtraction or fill in the clock.

The Looking Book: A Hide-and-Seek Counting Book [page-by-page search for a cat. Counting 1-28]

Monster Math
[counting by ones, tens then backwards]

Cleo's Counting Book
Bright, Vivid Colors
[counting by ones, and back]
Includes Height Chart

Begin Smart: Counting Duckies [There are 6 on the tub and the blue one says, Let's Get Wet. One gets wet. Use for first substraction lesson as well as counting.]

1,2,3 to the Zoo
by Eric Carle

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On
by Lois Ehlert

The M&M's Brand Counting Book
by Barbara Barbieri McGrath

Up to Ten and Down Again
by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Counting Crocodiles
Ages 3-7

Animal Train
Lift-the-Flap Concept Board Book
Colors, opposites, counting and animals

A Frog in the Bog
Not created as a counting book, A Frog in the Bog will have your children counting from 1-5 IF they can stop giggling.

One Hungry Monster: A Counting Book in Rhyme Board Book
by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe

Icky Bug Counting Book (Board) by Jerry Pallotta
Refreshingly different/unusual bugs

Ten, Nine, Eight
by Molly Garrett Bang

Roll over: A Counting Song
by Merle Peek

How Many Snails?
by Paul Giganti

Pigs from 1 to 10
by Arthur Geisert

The Giant Turnip
Counting, animals, vivid illustration and cooperation.
Spanish Translation

Ten Little Sleepyheads
Ten Little Sleepyheads is a beautifully illustrated rhyming read-aloud story-acted out by a cast of one-of-a-kind bugs perfect countdown-to-bedtime book.

More Counting Books for Children: PreK-Grade 2
1 is One by Tasha Tudor
[1-20 in short ryhming sentences]

1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle

1 Hunter by Pat Hutchins
[animals chase the hunter]

Emeka's Gift: An African Counting Story by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Feast for Ten by Cathryn Falwell
[African American family/shop festive dinner]

Moja Means One by Muriel and Tom Feelings
[1-10 Swahili/introduction of African Culture]

Nine Ducks Nine by Sarah Hayes

I've Got an Elephant [How many elephants is too many?]
ONE BOY by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (Ages 3-6). Clever. Numbers 1-10. One Boy (turn page) All Alone; Two Seals (turn page) At the Sea...until he finds 10 Ants...

TEN BIRDS (Ages 5-8) - A clever counting book and fable unlike any other. Ten birds are trying to figure out how to get to the other side of the river. The bird they call "Brilliant" devises a pair of stilts. The bird they call "Highly Satisfactory" engineers a raft. One by one, nine resourceful birds make the crossing until a single bird is left behind—the one they call "Needs Improvement." This bird's solution proves surprising—and absurdly simple. More than a counting book, Ten Birds is a witty story that highlights ingenuity, common sense and the inadequacies of labels.

Big Fat Hen [rendition of "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"] by Keith Baker

One Duck, Another Duck by Charlotte Pomerantz

One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge
[1-10 and 10-100 by tens]

Ten, Nine Eight by Molly Bang

Ten Sly Piranhas: A Counting Story in Reverse by William Wise [rhyme]

Waving: A Counting Book by Peter Sis
[refreshingly original]

Mooove Over! A Book About Counting by Twos bu Karen Magnuson Beil

One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab [The book begins with a snail's one foot, and then moves on to 2 for humans, 4 for dogs, 6 for insects, 8 for spiders, and 10 for crabs. Each odd number is represented by the even-numbered animal plus one snail. After 10, the numbers go by 10s to 100, with the number shown in two ways, for example: "70 is seven crabs- or ten insects and a crab. 80 is eight crabs- or ten spiders."]

Count On Culebra: Go from 1 to 10 in Spanish [When Iguana stubs her toe, Doctor Culebra comes to the rescue. But his suggestions sound a little loco to everyne else. How will tying un rolling pin and dos kettles to Iguana's tail make her better? And more importantly, will Iguana feel well enough to make her cactus butter dulces?]

Counting Books for Older Children:
Anno's Counting Book
by Mitsumasa Anno
Anno's Math Games
by Mitsumasa Anno
Count and See
by Tana Hoban
Moja Means One
by Muriel Feelings
Uno, Dos, Tres = One, Two, Three
by Pat Mora
More Than One
by Miriam Schlein
Domino Addition
by Lynette Long, Ph.D.
Ten Sly Piranhas: A Counting Story in Reverse
by William Wise
by Ann Jonas
Ready, Set, Hop [addition and subtraction]
by Stuart Murphy
One in a Billion
by Michael McGoffee
Counting Crocodiles
by Judy Sierra
How Many?: Spectacular Paper Sculptures by Ron Van Der Meer How Many?: Spectacular Paper Sculptures by Ron Van Der Meer (Pop-up)
This is a book that truly has to be seen to be appreciated. Each spread features a different shape (square, circle, star, triangle, rectangle) that has been cleverly paper-engineered to form spectacular sculptures. Readers are invited to find and count as many items as they can per spread-shapes within shapes, shapes of different colors, and so on. Whether readers search and count or not, the beautiful paper sculptures will be admired by all who see them. This is a book like no other and belongs on everyone's home bookshelf. Beautiful to look at but also fiendishly difficult to work out.

Guinea Pigs Add Up (Ages PreK-Gr.2) - a rhyming picture book about classroom pets that weaves in addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

What is a Triangle?
Ages 2-1/2 and Up
Finding triangle shapes in the home with tips for reading and sharing.

The Wing on a Flea
Illustrates that geometric forms can be found in everything that surrounds us. Vivid geometric illustrations on black background.

Baby Einstein: Shape Sorter Set - Ages 9 Months and Up - This colorful boxed set houses nine shaped board books that will help little ones learn all about shapes. Die-cut slots on the box invite little ones to sort and match the shapes to the slot with the same shape. Each shaped board book features photos of real-life triangular, circular, and square objects familiar to a young child’s world. Kid tested!

Sea Shapes
by Suse MacDonald

Tree of Cranes [geometric shapes]
5 Up
by Allen Say

Grandfather Tang's Story [tangram]
5 Up
by Ann Tompert

Find Shapes in Quilting Books:
Ages 5 Up

The Keeping Quilt
by Patricia Polacco

The Patchwork Quilt
by Valerie Flournoy

The Quiltmaker's Gift
by Jeff Brumbeau

Begin Smart: What Shapes Do You See? (Ages 2-3)
This is a circle. It is round. What's shaped like a circle?
This is a square. It has four sides. What's shaped like a square?

Repeats for rectangle, triangle with examples of other similar shapes. Ends with a two-page spread with all the shapes (street scene). Find the shapes... (Board Book) (2010)

Brown Rabbit's Shape Book by Alan Baker (PreK-2)
Color Farm by Lois Ehlert (PreK)
Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert (PreK-2)
The Button Box by Margarette S. Reid (PreK-3)
Circles, Triangles, and Squares by Tana Hoban (PreK-1)
Dots, Spots, Speckles, and Stripes by Tana Hoban (PreK-2)
I Read Signs by Tana Hoban (PreK-3)
Is It Red? Is It Yellow? Is It Blue? by Tana Hoban (PreK-Gr. 1) [color/shapes]
Round, Round, Round by Tana Hoban
Spirals, Curves, Fanshapes & Lines by Tana Hoban
Shapes and Things by Tana Hoban (PreK-4)
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban (PreK-4)
The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle (PreK-2) [pattern recognition/shapes]
A Cloak for the Dreamer by Aileen Friedman (K-3)
The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns (K-3)
The Wing on a Flea by Edward Emberley [more great Emberley Books] (PreK-3)
Look Around! by Leonard Everett Fisher (PreK-2)
The Mirror Puzzle Book by Marion Walter (3-7)
Shapes in Nature by Judy Feldman (PreK-3)
The Shape of Things by Dayle Ann Dodds (PreK-2)
Shape Space by Cathryn Falwell (1-3)
Bees, Snails, and Peacock Tails: Patterns and Shapes...Naturally by Betsy Franco (Ages 3-7)
ELEPHANT Elephant: A Book of Opposites
ELEPHANT Elephant: A Book of Opposites
by Francisco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais

Big and small, square and round, clean and dirty, solid and liquid-a playful pair of pachyderms takes on all kinds of unexpected and humorous forms to illustrate a wide variety of opposites. Young readers will enjoy following the creative contrasts and transformations of the elephant duo, while older ones will appreciate the whimsical artwork, offbeat comedy, and unique design of the book.
Perhaps the single best book of opposites on the market today!
--Abrams Books for Young Readers

Looking for other good opposites books?
What's Up, Duck? (Board Book) - a delightful book for emerging readers to begin to understand the basics in opposites. Duck and Goose contrast opposites in an enchanting way.
Opposnakes: A Lift-the-Flap Book About Opposites - Swing open the giant double-flaps over each adorable snake to reveal which extra-long oppo-snake is waiting for them. This book features simple opposites such as clean to dirty, quiet to loud, hot to cold, and a grand finale of one lonely snake becoming lots and lots of snakes having a party! (Ages 3-6)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The Complete book of concenpts for growing minds
by Saxton Freymann

The authors of HOW ARE YOU PEELING? serve up a cornucopia of concepts in this big book for brilliant babies. Shapes: Is that a carrot, or a triangle? Colors: Watch for peppers in every range of the rainbow. Numbers: A zero-to-ten zoo! ABCs: A full produce section of sculptures acts out the alphabet. And Opposites: You've never seen Up/Down and Big/Little like this before! Every time we think Saxton Freymann can do no more with bok choy or broccoli, he astonishes us all over again. And this book is one-stop shopping for all parents' early-childhood education needs. (shapes, colors, numbers, letters and opposites) Great Pictures. Great Fun!

Five Little Monkeys Jump into Learning Boxed Set
Your favorite monkeys will have a field day with this all-monkey, all-the-time, science and math kit for young children. Each kit contains two stories in one paperback (Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping), two 32-page original workbooks (Five Little Monkeys Jump into Math and Five Little Monkeys Jump into Science), a spiral-bound nature field journal, sticker sheets, a poster, a tanagram shape set, a CD with an original story recording, a certificate of achievement, and an envelope for those pesky loose items. Hours of hands-on learning!
Stone Soup [estimation]
by Marcia Brown
Betcha!: Estimating (Mathstart, Level 3)
by Stuart J. Murphy
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
by Marjorie Priceman
Thunder Cake
by Patricia Polacco
by Leo Lionni
The Gingerbread Boy
by Richard Egielski
Jim and the Beanstalk
by Raymond Briggs
Eric Carle Books
All by Yourself
Ages 3-6

Run to the bathroom, fast as an elf. Sit, wash, brush, all by myself.

There are all sorts of things independent children can do --dress, undress, button, zip, scrub, rub, paint, and write--all by themselves.

The Feelings Book

A good way to allow your child to express their feelings and know it is OK.
"No matter how you feel, don't keep your feeings to yourself. Share them with someone you love." ORDER HERE

I Can Do It! A charming tale of Little Guinea Pig and the blossoming of his independence while at preschool. Celebrates accomplishments and offers toddlers a glimpse into the activities and a teacher's expectations while at preschool.
I'm So Mad!
Just Being Me Series for PreSchoolers by Robie Harris

I'm So Mad! [a young child who has a temper tantrum at the supermarket.]

I'm NOT Sleepy! [the story of a child whose parents are very sleepy. But the child in the story is not sleepy at all.]

Stuart J. Murphy's I See I Learn

Good Job, Ajay! [How do you learn something new?] (Emotional Skills)(PreS-K)
Freda Plans a Picnic [How would you plan a picnic?] (Cognitive Skills) (PreS-K)
Emma's Friendwich [How do you make friends?] (Social Skills) (PreS-K)
Percy Plays It Safe [How do you play safe?] (Health and Safety Skills) (PreS-K)

I LOVE Messes! [an inquisitive young child who makes a giant mixed-up mushy mess. But what happens when Daddy discovers what she has done?]

I'm All Dressed! [a young child, who dresses himself HIS WAY, and who likes the way he looks. But what happens when his Mommy and Daddy discover what he has done?]

WHAT TO EXPECT - Ask Angus the Answer Dog
What to Expect at Bedtime
What to Expect When the Baby-Sitter Comes
What to Expect When You Go to the Doctor
What to Expect...
at a Play Date
When You Go to the Dentist
Princess Tea: Parties and Treats for Little Girls Princess Tea: Parties and Treats for Little Girls
Party-planning parents of their own little princesses can pull together nine different enchanting tea parties. Vibrant color photos provide inspiration, and brief instructions make simple crafts, decorations, and dainty edibles easy for anyone to accomplish. From Lotus Princess Tea to Cowgirl Princess Tea, each themed party is paired with recipes for tea, snacks, and dessert. Fairy Princesses can make their own magic wands, while Underwater Princesses feast on Buttered Sea Shells.
Honest Pretzels: And 64 Other Amazing Recipes for Kids Who Love to Cook Honest Pretzels: And 64 Other Amazing Recipes for Kids Who Love to Cook (10th Anniversary Paperback Edition) (Ages 8 up) - Are you a kid? Then this book was written especially for you. With it, you can become a fantastic cook and amaze your friends with PITA SPIRALS and CREAMY CORN SOUP or CINNAMON SWIRL STICKY BUNS and BEST HOT CHOCOLATE. Or you can fill your lunch bag with a wedge of SPAGHETTI PIE, a serving of MAPLE YOGURT FRUIT DIP, and a handful of HONEST PRETZELS that you made yourself. Are you a grown-up? In these pages she speaks directly to children through fully kid-tested, illustrated recipes that require only a little adult assistance. It's not just a cookbook full of yummy recipes—it also gives young cooks, ages eight and up, a chance to practice reading, math, and logic skills. ORDER@AMAZON
SOME REALLY NICE BOARD BOOKS with lovely messages, great illustrations, or really toddler friendly:
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod by Eugene W. Field, illustrated by David McPhail - Perhaps one of the best bedtime rhymes ever written, this 19th century favorite takes children on a magical journey into the night sky--where the three fishermen sail in a wooden shoe, capturing stars in nets of silver and gold and laughing along with the moon. Also by David McPhail, Sisters [a celebration of sisterhood].
RAINDROPS: A Shower of Colors by Chieu Anh Urban, illustrated by Viviana Garafoli- This very simple, beautiful, and innovative concept book shows children how primary colors magically blend to create secondary ones. Die-cut raindrops with a see-through shaded acetate appear throughout; when the acetates are layered on top of each other, a new color emerges! So it’s easy to see—and understand—how blue and red make purple; red and yellow make orange; blue and yellow make green . . . . and how, all together, they create a gorgeous rainbow!
Bringing Down the Moon by Jonathan Emmett
Mole is so taken with the beauty of the moon that he tries to get it from the sky, but eventually learns to appreciate it where it is.
Lola at the Library [On Tuesdays, spunky Lola and her mommy go to the library. Come with Lola on her favorite weekly trip in this celebration of books and the people who love them. Instill a love of books and libraries with this little treat.] Infant to PreSchooler.
Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson [Eager to play in the fall leaves, Bear heads out to find his friend, Mouse, but is startled by clatter in a tree. Determined to find out who is making all the noise, Bear goes on a short journey, picking up all of his friends on the way, until he discovers a quite bashful owl whom he declares their NEW FRIEND!] (Ages 3-5)

Maisy's Dual-language Books (see Bilingual section)
Maisy's Street by Lucy Cousins [Accordion book with over ten feet of lift-the-flap fun. Say hello to all the characters that she meets. Guess who lives inside the blue house? What is Doctor Duck up to? Can you imagine what’s inside Tallulah’s shopping bag? And what’s behind the flaps found on every page? Maisy lovers are guaranteed to pay many repeat visits to this bustling street full of new sights and familiar friends.
Baby Baby Baby! by Marilyn Janovitz [little baby does various activities with each member of the family and then it's time for bedtime hugs and kisses!]
When the World Is Ready for Bed [As the whole world gets ready for bed, so does an adorable bunny family—talking about the day, brushing teeth, closing curtains, sharing a story, hugs, kisses and saying prayers. Mom and Dad participate. Lovely book and a beautiful routine.]
Your Mommy Was Just Like You Pre K [An intergenerational delight. Kids love to hear about what their parents were like as children, and this celebration of moms and the little girls they were will inspire lots of laughter and memories.]
Won't You Be My Hugaroo? [celebrate all the kissable and huggable moments between little ones and their grown-ups. Catch-you hug, twirly hug, friendly hug, baby hug, off-we-go hug, tickle hug (a favorite) and many more. Ask your child what kind of hug they want.] Cute book.
Gossie & Friends Board Book Gift Set [Take a romp around the barnyard with Gossie and her friends. This charming set includes five unabridged board books and two double-sided puzzle tiles that are just right for the littlest gosling fans. It’s all packaged in a beautiful lidded gift box]
Jazzy in the Jungle [a lovable lemur loves to hide - in a big, lush picture book with die-cut surprises] Bright and fun. Kids will love this.
Peck, Peck, Peck [Today my daddy said to me, "It’s time you learned to peck a tree." Cousins introduces a woodpecker who is learning to peck. See just how he does it and how many holes he pecks. Brilliant color and illustration]

Where's the Cat
Can you Spot the Cat?
Who Are You?
What animals are hiding in this book?
Guess from the clues.
Don't Wake Up the Bear!
BOARD BUDDIES: Kid Tested (2 Up) and Recommended
Don't Wake Up the Bear!
Hippo Goes Bananas
How Do You Sleep? (animals)
Begin Smart: Peek-a-Boo What?
Begin Smart: Peek-a-Boo What? (12-18 months) - After a first birthday, a baby begins to understand that even when something isn’t in his sight, it still exists. He expects that a person or an object will reappear eventually—and when the anticipated finally happens, he’s delighted. This charming book, with flaps to lift and see-through die cuts, will help little ones solidify object permanence.

Amazing Pop-Up Trucks - How are car transporters loaded? Why do cement trucks have to hurry to the building site? What happens to your trash after the truck collects it from your house? Which is the biggest-ever monster truck? Do you know what a truck train is? Buckle up for a 3D, hands-on celebration of five of the most awesome trucks around from master paper engineer Robert Crowther. Each spread features: — A giant pop-up truck with moving parts —A description of what the truck can do —A photo showing the truck in real life —A fact file of cool details —Flaps revealing fascinating truck trivia!

Roadwork by Sally Sutton

Roadwork by Sally Sutton - PreK - Every preschooler who is mad for machines will revel in this bright, boisterous picture book about the exciting process of building a road. Load the dirt. Load the dirt. Scoop and swing and drop. Slam it down into the truck. Bump! Whump! Whop!" Last page has information on each truck. Very well done.
I Get Wet
Know the fastest way to cool off on a hot summer day?
You get wet!
Know what happens when you stay out in the rain?
You get wet!
But do you know how and why you get wet?
You will!
Ages: PreSchool-Grade 2
I Face the Wind
Ever lose your hat in a strong wind?
Ever feel the wind pushing you from side to side?
Know why you can feel the wind, but never see it?
You will!
Ages: PreSchool-Grade 2
I See Myself
Look in a mirror. Who do you see?
Your very own self, that's who!
Now look in a shiny doorknob or in a puddle.
Can you see yourself in them?
How about in the pages of this book?
Ages: PreSchool-Grade 2

I FALL DOWN - Fall 2004

ACTION RHYMES and RYTHMS [Also See Art, Dance, Music!]
My First Action Rhymes
Ages 2 and Up
"If You're Happy and You Know It"
"Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"
"I'm a Little Teapot"
"Five Fat Peas"... and more
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
Ages 1 and Up
"dum ditty, dum ditty, whack whack whack!"


OUT CAME THE SUN: A DAY IN NURSERY RHYMES (2007) 45 much-loved nursery rhymes come giggling and clapping to life through adorable illustrations.
Playtime Rhymes for Little People
by Clare Beaton (Illustrator)
Playtime Rhymes for Little People
40 classic nursery rhymes
sewn collage
Mother Goose Remembers
by Clare Beaton (Illustrator) Mother Goose Remembers
46 Rhymes illustrated with hand-sewn designs
HANDY HARVEY BOOKS - Intelligent, practical, interesting and colorful books for real life.
Harvey the Carpenter Harvey's workshop is messy, so he decides to build a toolbox. It's hard work, but following plans makes it easier. Follow the carpentry process with an easy plan, and list of tools. Great way to introduce math/measurement to kids 4-6.
Harvey the Baker Harvey and his friend decide to bake a cake. They find the ingredients, mix the batter, bake the cake, clean up, and enjoy the creation. Harvey's cake recipe is in the back of the book. Ages 3-6
Will You Carry Me?
One tired toddler + one tired mom = lots of clever fun!
The Whistle on the Train
THE WHISTLE ON THE TRAIN by Margaret McNamara, Richard Egielski, Illustrator
Ages 2-5
Whoo whoo! to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" with cartoon-like multidimensional pop-ups. Something new every time you read the book. Great fun.
Max's Potty - Introduction to Potty Training
Children will laugh aloud as they see a host of animals sit on the potty. Lift the flaps and discover how they learn to sit on their potty too.
My Big Girl Potty
Guides children through the challenges and rewards of potty training-from first steps to the joy of graduating to big boy/girl underpants.
Underwear Do's and Don'ts
A different kind of read-a-long for potty time for when they DO finally get to wear Underwear. The Do's and Don'ts. This humorous, large print primary color book will serve many purposes. ORDER@AMAZON
Caillou-Potty Time
The experiences of potty training
How about these "fun" training books?

EVERYONE POOPS (My Body Science Series)
STANDING UP [This book will work in any country.]
Pirate Potty by Samantha Berger [step-by-step story that introduces boys to the concept of toilet training. Perforated captain's hat and reward stickers included]
Princess Potty by Samantha Berger [step-by-step story that introduces girls to the concept of toilet training. Perforated tiara and reward stickers included]

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A POTTY?: An Important Pop-up Book
Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here!: A Word from Your Baby-in-Waiting

Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here!: A Word from Your Baby-in-Waiting by Barbara Park

“Ma! there’s nothing to do here!” complains the precocious protagonist of this rhyming tale set entirely in utero. It’s not exactly a scintillating experience spending nine months in your mother’s womb. "What's a baby to do in a womb with no view?" "No puppies. No toys./ . . . Not a sandbox or swings . . . / Or those monkey bar things""You're set for me, right?"
This is a perfect baby shower gift!

The Hello, Goodbye WindowThe Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster, Author of The Phantom Tollbooth. This is his first picture book. (2005)
The Hello, Goodbye Window (Illustrated by Chris Raschka)(2005) - This is a love song devoted to that special relationship between grandparents and grandchild. The kitchen window at Nanna and Poppy's house is, for one little girl, a magic gateway. Everything important happens near it, through it, or beyond it. Told in her voice, her story is both a voyage of discovery and a celebration of the commonplace wonders that define childhood, expressed as a joyful fusion of text with evocative and exuberant illustrations.The world for this little girl will soon grow larger and more complex, but never more enchanting or deeply felt. Winner of the 2006 Caldecott Medal
Sylvia Long's Mother Goose
Sylvia Long's Mother Goose is an enchanting collection of over seventy-five classic Mother Goose rhymes. Imbued with the artist's love of nature and overflowing with charming details, this spectacular compilation includes such timeless favorites as "Old Mother Hubbarb," "Mary had a little lamb," and "Rock-a-bye baby." "Sylvia Long's Mother Goose" is a perfect gift that, like the rhymes themselves, will be passed from one generation to the next.

Sylvia Long's Mother Goose Block Books

Don't miss

Sylvia Long's Mother Goose Block Books - 16 Nursery Rhyme Board Books

Sylvia Long's Mother Goose Nesting Blocks

Sylvia Long's Thumbelina (Ages 4+)

Anniversary Collection:  65 years of Little Golden Books Celebrate 65 Years of Little Golden Books!
This Anniversary Collection features six of the most beloved Little Golden Books in one box set:
The Poky Little Puppy
The Saggy Baggy Elephant
Tawny Scrawny Lion
Scuffy the Tugboat
The Shy Little Kitten
In also includes a free blank book inside so you can create your own Little Golden Book!
Barnyard Dance! by Sandra BoyntonThese whimsical and hilarious books, featuring nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters, have been printed on thick board pages, and are sure to educate and entertain children of all ages.

Barnyard Dance! - Everybody sing along because it-s time to do-si-do in the barnyard with a high-spirited animal crew— twirling pigs, fiddle-playing cows, and other unforgettable animals. Extra-big, extra-fat, and extra-fun for ages 1-4.
Moo, Baa, La La La
But Not the Hippopotamus

New for Fall 2006
Your Personal Penguin

For All Things BOYNTON

by Charlene Costanzo

by Alison McGhee
A mother's love leads to a mother's dream -- every mother's dream -- for her child to live life to its fullest.
"One day I counted your fingers and kissed each one."
"Someday I will stand on this porch and watch your arms waving to me until I no longer see you."
A beautiful Mother/Daughter book

ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN [Book and Musical CD]
by Debra Frasier

"the moon smiled with such wonder/ that the stars peeked in to see you/ and the night wind whispered,/ 'Life will never be the same.' "

by Anne Bowen

by Eileen Spinelli

by Dave Ross

by Margaret Wise Brown

By Margaret Wise Brown

by Dorothy Kunhardt

THE BLUE BALLOON 10th Anniversary
by Mick Inkpen

Dear Zoo [lift-the-flap] 20th Anniversary Edition

Purple Hair? I don't Care!

My Monster Mama Loves Me So

It's Snowing [mother introduces baby to the first snow]

Before You Were Born by Nancy White Carlstrom - Before you were born, God wrote your days in a book. A lovely book inspired by Psalm 139.

Collection of Great Rhymes by Iza Trapani

Mother Goose's Little Treasures
by Iona Opie; Rosemary Wells, Illustrator

On the Day You Were Born Retold by Howard Schwartz (2005)

Waiting for Gregory [Each family member has a different answer]

This Little Piggy with CD: Lap Songs, Finger Plays, Clapping Games and Pantomime Rhymes by Jane
Wee Rhymes: Baby's First Poetry Book by Jane Yolen (2013) - 50 original poems to celebrate a baby’s day of meaningful moments: Time for cuddles, time for play, time for games, time for a nap, time for dinner, time for a bath, time for bed…and always, always, time for love.

Baby Talk: A Book of First Words and Phrases (great for toddlers) by Judy Hindley

Fun Reads by Mo Willems (Elephant & Piggie Books—an optimistic (and sometimes reckless) pig and a cautious, pessimistic elephant) - PreSchoolers
There Is a Bird On Your Head!
I Am Invited to a Party!
We Are in a Book! [Gerald and Piggie discover the joy of being read. But what will happen when the book ends?!]

Mama Says: Book Of Love For Mothers And Sons by Rob D. Walker, illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon. [Gentle, but powerful life lessons spoken to a child, delivered with a mother's immutable love.] Gift for new mother, older son.

Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes - A refreshingly beautiful hand-picked collection of classic nursery rhymes, all delicately and painstakingly illustrated by Salley Mavor, who is reknown for her incredibly detailed fabric and cloth scenes.

The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee - From the moment the baby arrived, it was obvious that he was the boss. The boss baby is used to getting his way--drinks made to order 24/7, his private jet plane, and meetings around the clock. But when his demands aren't getting proper responses, he has to go to new lengths to achieve the attention he deserves. This book is cute, funny, and right on the mark (with adorable illustrations that perfectly depict the demands of a new baby). Wonderful shower gift.
There's Going to Be a Baby by John Burningham - the swirl of questions in the mind of a young child anticipating a baby sibling with excitement, curiosity, and just a bit of trepidation.
When the World Is Ready for Bed [As the whole world gets ready for bed, so does an adorable bunny family—talking about the day, brushing teeth, closing curtains, sharing a story, hugs, kisses and saying prayers. Mom and Dad participate. Lovely book and a beautiful routine.]

The House in the Night Board Book (by Caldecott Medal Winner Susan Marie Swanson) “In the house / burns a light. / In that light / rests a bed. On that bed / waits a book.” Susan Marie Swanson’s elegant prose and Beth Krommes’s spectacular illustrations open up a nighttime world where ordinary objects become beautifully illuminated. Images of a key, a toy, a bear, and a book leap from the pages as we’re reminded that even when night arrives, the sun’s warm light never truly leaves us. A spare, patterned text and glowing pictures explore the origins of light that make a house a home in this bedtime book for young children.
Gideon by Olivier Dunrea - Meet Gideon, the newest addition to Olivier Dunrea’s gaggle of adorable goslings! Gideon likes to splash with the ducklings, hop with the frogs, play chase-the-piglets, and scamper all over the farmyard. But one thing busy Gideon does not want to do is take his nap, no matter how many times his mother asks . . . until he gets tired, of course.
Gideon & Otto by Olivier Dunrea - Otto is an octopus, and he’s Gideon’s favorite friend! Gideon has a favorite friend, his toy octopus. He brings Otto with him everywhere. But one day Otto doesn’t stay right where Gideon put him . . . In this second book about Gideon, we learn more about his sidekick, Otto, and their important bond.
Piggies in Pajamas by Michelle Meadows (Pre-K) - After Mama has put her kids to bed, she settles in to make some phone calls. But she keeps hearing things from upstairs. Could her little piggies be jumping on the bed or playing dress-up instead of sleeping? But every time Mama goes up to check on them, they are all tucked in…until the noises begin again!

The Gift of an Angel

Also see:
Guess How Much I Love You Sweetheart Edition (2009)

I Love You As Much...
Board Book 5"x6"
Lap Book 11"x9"

I Already Know I Love You
Grandfather anticipates the arrival of his grandchild

Jan Brett's Little Library
Board Book Collection:
The Hat, The Mitten, Gingerbread Baby
Eric Carle's Very Little Library
Board Book Collection:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Lonely Firefly, The Very Busy Spider
A Box of Animal Crackers - Three Board Books
Board Book Collection:
Animal Friends, Nursery Rhymes, Bedtime Stories
Nursery Rhymes
Bedtime Stories
No Matter What
Ages 3-5
Ages 3-5
Ages 3-5
Will Moses Mother Goose
Ages 3+ Up
60 best-loved nursery rhymes in Where's Waldo-like setting.
365 Days of Baby Einstein
Stimulating learning experiences to enhance verbal acquisition and nurture concept development.
Check out this new book: Baby Einstein: Baby Galileo The World Around Me - Sky
Rocker Babies Wear Jeans
Rocker Babies Wear Jeans
This is so darn cute (and more for the parents).
These urban babies hit the high notes, star in videos, and shake their knit booties.
Only a parent can appreciate "Rocker babies go on the road" (mimic of Abbey Road Album cover).
Ages 1-3
The Sea of Bath
The Sea of Bath by Bob Logan
Ages 2-5

The Captain was asleep at his boat...when the tide came in...

A sleepy old seafarer navigates a mysterious sea! Join him as he explores the curious sites on his voyage...
Ducks that squeak instead of quack...
A school of wind-up goldfish...
An eager whale hoping to play fetch...
And a odd vessel by the name of Soap!
Will the Captain ever learn what sea he sails in?

If I Could Keep You Little
If I Could Keep You Little
by Marianne Richmond
Ages All!
If I could keep you little,
I'd decide on matching clothes.
But then I'd miss you choosing
dots on top and stripes below

If I could keep you little
I'd cut your bread in shapes.
But then I'd miss you finding
"Hey! I like ketchup with my grapes!"


Embracing the Child