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Tales From Shakespeare
Ages 12 Up

by Tina Packer [Scholastic Press 2004]

William Shakespeare was a genius at showing us ourselves and this magnificent collection gloriously shows us Shakespeare!

Author Tina Packer brilliantly retells ten of the Bard's most popular and powerful works, all of which look at this essential question: What does it mean to be alive?

Each of the ten tragedies and comedies is beautifully illustrated by an award winning artist.

Ages 9 and Up

Margie Blumberg and Colleen Aagesen

The great renaissance in Shakespeare’s work – “Shakespeare in Love,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “Romeo and Juliet” sets the perfect stage for SHAKESPEARE FOR KIDS: HIS LIFE AND TIMES. It is an illustrated biography and activity book filled with photographs, documents, illustrations, art, and movie stills. The book is arranged into acts and scenes and highlights some of his best-loved plots and dialogue. Words that he coined and language from his works are intertwined into the story itself, and the hands-on activities bring the art, stagecraft, and Elizabethan times to life. Whether making a quill pen, composing your own sonnet, crafting a hornbook, creating new words, staging a mock sword fight, or designing a coat of arms, there is something for all readers ages 9 and up to enjoy.

This book serves as a stepping stone into the wealth of Shakespeare’s poetry, characterizations, and plots, and the activities allow readers to indulge in some of their own in interests and to discover and develop new ones, as well.

Shakespeare's Verse
Ages 9-12

A Selection by Gina Pollinger

Well-known passages appear alongside less familiar verses, introducing readers to the wealth of Shakespeare’s words in an appealing and accessible form. Thoughtfully compiled chapters contain extracts from plays and poems that reveal Shakespeare’s inimitable perspective on subjects such as childhood, love, war, and nature. Exquisite full-color illustrations by the award-winning artist Emma Chichester Clark are an inspiring aid to interpretation. This beautiful volume is a perfect gift for older children and Shakespeare enthusiasts of all ages.

Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach
Ages 9 and Up
SHAKESPEARE: TO TEACH OR NOT TO TEACH, Teaching Shakespeare Made Fun

By Cass Foster and Lynn G. Johnson

From Elementary to High School by Cass Foster and Lynn G. Johnson. With a clear and simply laid out approach, this book takes the trepidation out of teaching Shakespeare's works. Professor Foster, a professor of Theatre at Central Arizona College, provides background information that includes a discussion of the value of Shakespeare's legacy, what life was like in the Middle Ages, and warm-up activities so studying the Bard's work becomes fun. With consideration to a whole-language based approach, the book includes activities across the curriculum and a journal.

Romeo and Juliet
Ages 9 and Up

Retold by Barbara Kindermann; Illustrated by Christa Unznev

Barbara Kindermann's expert retelling of Romeo and Juliet turns one of Shakespeare's most beloved plays into a fairy tale for children. Weaving actual lines from Shakespeare's play into a narrative text, Kindermann's story serves as a wonderful introduction to this timeless tale.

About the Authors:

Margie Blumberg, J.D

Born in Washington, D.C., on April 6, 1957, I grew up loving words, books, and musical theater. I always knew I wanted to write books when I got older--especially books in rhyme for children. My childhood favorites were "Put Me in the Zoo," "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," and "No Roses for Harry," which, thankfully, my parents agreed to read to me night after night. After I learned to read on my own, I discovered Louisa May Alcott's books and the stories of Rebecca Gratz and Helen Keller, which I adored. The drama and loveliness of Shakespeare's words were introduced to me in my high-school English class, and "Romeo and Juliet" quickly became my favorite. Subsequently, while taking study breaks in law school, I happily
returned to it again and again, never imagining that eleven years later I would write a book about its author. Wanting to introduce readers of all ages to his work‹and to show how beautiful the music of his language is--I decided to sprinkle his words and expressions throughout the book.

Margie Blumberg, J.D., resides in Bethesda, Maryland. This is her first
children’s book, and she has 6 others in development. She is also the
author of IS THERE LIFE AFTER CHOCOLATE?, a desk calendar and recipe collection.

Colleen Aagensen taught Shakespeare in the classroom for 15 years. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Cass Foster, author of The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare series, Shakespeare for Children: The Story of Romeo and Juliet, and the co-author of Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach has been involved in all aspects of theatre for over thirty-five years. He is the director of a theatre program at a small college in central Arizona and often spends his summers as Fight Choreographer with Shakespeare Festivals. Cass directs productions and stages fights for theatres and universities throughout the country. He earned his bachelor's degree in Drama from the University of Washington in Seattle and his Master of Fine Arts in Directing from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Besides his obvious involvement in the field of
Shakespeare, Cass is particularly interested in the development of new plays for young audiences.

Lynn G. Johnson is an Associate Professor of Early and Middle Childhood Education at The Ohio State University at Mansfield. He teaches a variety of Child Development, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary Education courses. Currently his research focuses on creative children and early childhood special education. Lynn earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Elementary Education from Wilkes College, a master's degree in Elementary Counseling from Marywood College, and a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education
and Child Development from Indiana State University.